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  1. xlh883

    Skydive Delmarva closed?

    I emailed them yesterday to get some information about jumping there and I was told it was due to "airport access issues." No other word in the email. Guess I will have to find another new DZ to go to. David
  2. I for one would suggest a little of both. I have about 1.5 hours of tunnel time which I dispersed all throughout my AFF training and subsequent A license trials. It helped a lot. Now that I am no longer nerar a tunnel I find I am missing it and it is a lot harder to progress skills in a 60 second free fall jump. So, do a 5-15 minute block then do a coach jump or two and see how much it helped you. Make sure the coach jump relates somehow, if possible, to the tunnel practice. This is how my coach recommended I do it and I think I benefited from it. Now, if only the midwest had a tunnel. Don't forget, it also saves you money in the long run. Just my .02 worth. David
  3. xlh883


    I have bought small from them several times without any problems. David
  4. I would suggest a pilot shop at an airport or online. David
  5. xlh883

    Back in the air !!!!

    Did it feel kinda strange to do a tandem being licensed? David
  6. xlh883

    Swoop into shark cage

    I saw it a couple weeks ago. I am still not sure whether or not to be impressed. David
  7. xlh883

    I need a round canopy

    I don't have one available to laon you, but they are on Ebay constantly for jsut a little money if you could buy one. David
  8. xlh883

    soft pulls or d handels

    I use a D handle right now because it is what I trained with and feel comfortable with. My new rig has the D handle snug up against my chest. I am careful of it but I don't believe it will snag on something with my body snagging also. Use what you are comfortable with. I may change mine to a pillow some day, but I have no reason to. A lot of people I know jump the D handle. Again, personal preference. David
  9. xlh883

    Skydive Elsinore VS Skydive San Diego

    If you are considering both of them, you may want to consider Skydive Perris also. It is close to elsinore. I just did my entire AFF coures last week with Perris and they are going to get me to my A license by the end of this weekend. David