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  1. Hi, I have jumped a couple of hundred jumps on both A2's and Icarus. I found the Icarus to be better for landing, and the openings always seemed to be soft too. there was the odd snappy opening and the odd line twist but that comes down to the packers mood on the day. The A2's i am jumping are New and the Icarus i were jumping were old and ragged. The A2's have Dacron micro line and the Icarus' had Vectran. The A2 389's are very heavy steering for me but the 350's are easy. I cannot remember having hard steering on the Icarus and the Icarus' we were jumping were configured to have only one toggle each side. I don't really like flare toggles but without them the A2 389's would be too heavy for me. There are many subtle differences, try both and see what you think for yourself. as for stand up landings i found them to be reasonably easy on the Icarus' in no wind but these days i just go for the bum unless there is a reasonable breeze, I can swoop longer that way and not have to worry about my knees. I don't want to be like a few of my friends that have to wear knee braces because the tried to stand up the tandem and shouldn't have.....but that is another discussion. SKYDIVE KILIMANJARO 'Absolute Adrenalin Africa'
  2. Yes I know, the Shackle that was fitted to my rig was large enough to connect the spinnaker to a 200' yacht. I personally tucked it under my reseve risers! I was so emarressed about it at the time, I was even hassled. that was 2800 jumps ago now though and i have learned many things and seen some very stupid things done by people that seem to be oblivious to the repercussions of such actions. Human error should be omitted as much as possible. This mandate is making the likelihood of such errors more likely. That is just my opinion. SKYDIVE KILIMANJARO 'Absolute Adrenalin Africa'
  3. which creates a very real safety issue. I know about this first hand as I had to have an RSL fitted to my container in order to jump with out an AAD ($$$reasons) in Australia earlier in my career. As a camera person I was not required to have the RSL connected due to camera helmet complications. So I had to have a RSL fitted in order to jump but I didn't have to have it connected. So i now have a lanyard with a small spinnaker shaclke free to entangle itself in my 3 ring? Is that not correct? It is said that the RSL must be connected but if people have to have them re fitted in order to jump you can be sure that not all of them will have the thing connected when they jump (especially CRWdogs and Vidiots). I have heard horror stories of people simply clipping the loose shackle to the 3 ring system!!! this is a pretty stupid thing to do but people being people do stupid things! So IMHO this is a true example of how Bureaucracy gets in the way of common sense and safety. If they can amend the paper work to allow the fitting of a skyhook (= major alteration) then why can't a simple thing like this(= no alteration at all) be amended by the company at a paperwork level instead of passing the costly and sometimes impossible, responsibility to the consumers? why are the other companies not forced to do the same thing? Is their paperwork more up to scratch? I don't want to judge at this stage but it all looks as though it could have been handled a little better and I'm sure Sun Path didn't want to do this, or did they? SKYDIVE KILIMANJARO 'Absolute Adrenalin Africa'
  4. Hi, I would be interested to see anyones leader that they have created for their tandem videos. ours is it was created by our 'camera gal' on her I mac. I have seen some wonderful ones and some average ones, what's yous like? SKYDIVE KILIMANJARO 'Absolute Adrenalin Africa'