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  1. Yes he did Jerry...great competitor in style and accuracy...Vietnam Vet...
  2. Zeke Johnson D 1964 was killed Tuesday near Charleston, SC when the Cessna he was in and his Son was flying was hit by an F16...Blue Skies Zeke...
  3. Knew Dave back in the 60's and 70's..we competed against each other many times..his was a great guy and loved the sport...Blue Skies Dave...Quote
  4. 1965 was meet I went to in May, 14-15-16... placed 2nd overall and 1st in Team..Bob Branch broke his leg...
  5. Been jumping in South Carolina since '62 and been to many meets that had sawdust pits, we even had one in Barnwell when Bobby Frierson and I started the Drop Zone..never heard of one catching fire and the ones I landed on were thick enough to break your fall unless it doubled your legs up into your reserve enough to just about knock the wind out of U...was at 3 or 4 of the Citadel meets..
  6. Have fond memories of Dolf..he had the Wings and Wheels here in Santee, SC in the late 60's and we jumped there every weekend with him footing the TAC time..let us get out of a Tri Motor several times..Quote..
  7. Sorry 'bout that Bernie..it's not as easy as it looks..I had tried the year before and had someone cooking for me but realized on the 50th jump that I was going o be sick if I kept eating..got rained out after 8 hours and 101 jumps..decided next time when tried I'd eat lightly or not at all...worked OK..
  8. Barnwell, S.C...packers were members of our dropzone, Raeford,GoldenKnights ,Green Beret, XVIII Corps and Charlotte..assortment of harness and containers which did not fit very well..PC's and a few Pap's..at 2000 ft..temps 20-30 degrees..harnesses started rubbing me raw at 150 and had to stop every 10 jumps to spray my butt with novacane
  9. 40 years ago this month Bobby Frierson D 911 flew and Woody Binnicker D624 jumped 201 times in 17 1/2 hours to set The first World Endurance record..recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records(1974) and recorded in the Senate Section of the Congressional Record(February 2) by Senator Strom Thurman..record has been broken many times since then but I haven't heard of a pilot who flew the entire time..
  10. Sorry to read about your Friend Jerry..the sixty's were the greatest..Blue Skies Lannie..
  11. To quote an old friend whose been there.."at this point and time you need to protect your well being"..Feb. '12 I rode to the airport, got out and looked around, got back in the car and rode of into the sunset..it had been 50 years since I made my first but there are too many other things I want to do..
  12. Gonna hit 75 this week and that seems appropriate to post. Although I hung it up awhile back('74) still think about it alot and look up every time I hear a Cessna going over..
  13. Checking to see if there are any old jumpers out there that jumped in Orangeburg, Fairfax or Barnwell in the 60's and early 70's?...Woody Binnicker D624
  14. I had this one sewn on my jump suit..
  15. 1962...Orangeburg. S.C....Mace Coleman D96 says "you want to skydive?....this is how you exit, you're exairborne so you know PLF and emergency proceedures so get in the plane"...economy plan..$0..
  16. The Easter Meets they had were great...always injoyed going to the Zhill bars and watching the locals..
  17. If that's the same place I'm thinking about, we had to get approach control in Savannah to guide us in..seems like it was out in the boonies..
  18. I remember Suzy and her husband froQuotem the Nationals in '65..he only had the use of one arm and jumped a Crossbow..I was impressed..
  19. Remembering my good friend Bobby Frierson D 911 who died 5 years ago 9-11-05..fly on Bubba..
  20. Have any details of the service been released yet?
  21. Was this the same Pete that use to jump up around Emporia, Va.? I knew him but he signed his name Pete Luter D763 in my log book seveal times...Sorry to hear..I remember him from 45 years ago..
  22. Couldn't help looking in my logbook to see which aircraft I went into the Inn out of....it was the Norseman...made 20 jumps when I was there for the '65 Nationals...all from a Norseman...saw my first MOON and placed 8th overall..
  23. Paul, I'll be there. Look me up. Woody Binnicker D 624