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  1. chuteless

    Skydivers and Risk-Taking Behavior

    Just make it appear that you aren't breaking them. I do agree, rules were made to be bent, broken, and sometimes disregarded in favor of something else. Know your limitations. If you are a beginner, then wait until you have learned what you can break and what you cant. Just don't break bones.
  2. chuteless

    Wingsuit ban

    I don't think they removed it. They just woke up to the fact that wingsuits are a base jumping.
  3. chuteless

    What happens to the raft?

    The raft ( or air mattress) would have to have air let out of it periodically when climbing to altitude. I doubt you would hang ontpo it unless you tied ropes around iot for handles. Once you take it into freefall , the mattress would have very little air in it by the time you opened your chute, and by the time it hit the ground, it would likely have none. You could just let it fall to the would be a mistake to try to hang onto it when you open. Consider the wind direction and try to have it blow awayfrom a highway. That could give you some serious legal problems if it cause an accident. Have fun Bill Cole
  4. chuteless

    Thunderbow - ever jump one?

    I jumped one years ago....similar to a Para Commander. The P.C. is the best chute ever made. Bill Cole D-41
  5. chuteless

    Passed AFF 5 this weekend

    Congrats to you. Keep at it, and you'll soon be doing solo jumps from 13,000 and relative work with your friends. All the best God's sky has to offer you friend. Bill Cole D-41
  6. chuteless

    Risk takers - article

    Right....there is nothing like an overdose of adrenalin its better than sex !!!!!! Bill Cole D-41
  7. chuteless

    roy johnson

    Roy was flying for an airline. He has put on some weight but is still relatively healthy. He showed up at a jump event about two years ago, so Ive been told. I knew Roy when he was at his best, and filmed him with a 16mm GSAP camera, doing style, along with the late Eric Bahor and others. It took a week to get the film developed and printed, so i could screen it the following weekend. Bill Cole D-41