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  1. I appreciate the replies! Keep em coming! .. I feel good as of the 4 month mark .. I'm working out etc .. Still my left leg/hip isn't 100 percent but I walk almost fine and can jog lightly .. As far as the metal coming out I think it's permanent as far as my knowledge goes.. What's the biggest fear? Opening shock? or a botched landing??
  2. Hey guys, Quick question for you... In October I shattered my pelvis in a motorcycle accident and in the midst of recovering .. Just looking to see if anyone has had a similar injury whether skydiving or not and still been able to jump after recovery?.. Doctors opinions only go so far and would like to hear from someone who has gone through the same thing I have and still continued jumping. How long did you wait? etc Thanks P.s heres the X-ray to compare [img][/img]
  3. Not on a cruiser, A supermotard lol!, You didn't post what you use though?
  4. This summer I'll be riding my bike to the DZ I want to wear my rig and wa wondering if anyone has made a cover to protect the rig? I don't want a bulky rig bag just something maybe made of ripstop nylon that covers the BOC and Main/reserve tray. Seems pretty easy to make just seeing if anyone has done it already??
  5. When will you guys learn, Kotchsa sucks .. Theres a bunch of threads about his suits sucking, his stuff not fitting, him lying about where it's made, and delivery dates .. Unless the threads were moved theres several you can search on here .. Stop funding him. Edit :;#4553476;#4630888
  6. I've warned people about these suits/company .. Horrible .. Constant lies about everything ... Search more about freefall skydiving on here you'll see other threads about this crap and more unhappy people
  7. The latest buzz on Free Fall Skydiving Suits Just a Heads up folks .. Regarding a suit of his being sold on Facebook
  8. Jeb Corliss is a narcissist who loves himself .. Fuck him
  9. Katana is a lot more ground hungry than the Saber, so if you're doing anything with it, initiate a lot higher .. Sounds like a good plan not downsizing but switching to elliptical of the same size .. My Canopy coach went from a Saber to Katana as a stepping stone as well and recommended it instead of downsizing etc .. If you can get your hands on a Katana 150 try flying it a few times get used to the difference in characteristics as opposed to the Saber.. Ultimately noone can tell you what to do without knowing your skill level .. SKydiving is a lot about judgement and dealing with consequences of bad judgement.. I went from a stilletto to a Katana and probably should have been jumping a saber or something equivalent prior to hitting the katana but again it's on a case by case basis
  10. WHat I would do before anything (What I did do) Which by any means isn't the best way of doing it but it worked for me .. I did a few jumps on the 260 ( I was 210 out the door) Jumped down to a 220 (my biggest downsize that I could feel) Did about 15 jumps on that and tried a friends pd 190 he wasn't using (F-111) Super docile really crappy flare.. From there I tested out a friends spectre 170 (Fairly docile 7 cell 170) I wanted to see how I could handle that size under a docile canopy... If you're testing out on downsizing be very conservative and don't get too far ahead of yourself.. It's better to have been glad you didn't do it then wish you did.. No harm in taking your time besides what you see at the DZ with sub 100 canopies ... Anyways do what you're comfortable with but my suggestion is to test out (not buy) in smaller incrememnts if you have the option to do so ... from a spectre I went up to a 9 cell stilleto 170 much different characteristics and flew that for about 40 jumps or so .. and from there I moved on .. Try things out in small increments because noone likes the asshole that pounds in on the runway with borrowed gear ...
  11. This guy is another Gerardo Flores .. You're an idiot and another bad name for the sport . Go take up tennis you clown. On top of that go watch some more conspiracy youtube videos and brainwash yourself ... Or tell the voices that are in your head telling you everyones out to get you to pipe down
  12. It was pretty much the soulflyers montage cut into diff pieces .. Awesome flying but needs more then just Fred and Vince
  13. Well you sure talk the talk .. Lets see some footage ;)