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  1. Well then. Thanks for the pictures. Wow. metal ring and all. Good. Last yr, when the thread was going, it wasn't in existence. I retract my objections. Guess this all occurred last year or so.
  2. Does the housing have to "pop apart"?
  3. Let me see a picture of the setup. I will retract anything that is incorrect. The video I saw showed a housing loop that was pulled up and popped apart while being pulled by a nylon loop as I described. If there is a picture to see...that's all I need.
  4. " ..only difference"...."goes between two sections of housings...". Not that I have seen. I believe you are incorrect. I think you are leaving something out. I have not actually seen a Racer housing setup with the single sided RSL, (I doubt many riggers have), ( would love to have seen one at PIA), but I have seen a staged video of one deploying in their loft, posted by the company, showing the necessity of the housing to be pulled up in a big loop, and then break apart. Also, in the video I saw, the actual pulling on the cable was by a nylon loop, (as distinguished by a nearly frictionless steel ring around the cable. ) The video I saw showed a continuous housing which must first must somehow break apart first. That is the function problem and what distinguishes the Racer RSL from all other rigs, both domestic and foreign. This discussion has been ongoing for years and despite requests to see a picture(s) of this one-sided RSL none have been posted. Not in the manual either. If my assumptions from the staged loft deploy video are incorrect then I will stand corrected. Reflex did it right. They had two sections of housings, which were secured at the ends and separated by a space. In addition, they used a frictionless ring on the end of the lanyard, not a nylon loop. Adopting the Reflex invention, which operates like every other RSL off one riser only, would solve Racer's objectors' criticisms. The necessity of a break apart housing, a nylon loop instead of a steel ring around the cable and the housing not being tacked at both ends distinguishes.
  5. Racer one sided RSL: Careful about characterizing or assuming the Racer one sided RSL as "just an option", as though one would blithely assume the Racer design would be like all of the other one sided RSL's available in the industry. It is not. It has little resemblance to the rest of the industry standard designs of one sided RSL's. The purchaser should look at it carefully and see what has to happen to eventually extract the reserve pin. Then decide.
  6. Well put. In our "activist" age there are: NIMBY'S - CAVES - and BANANAS. NIMBYS "Not in my back yard" CAVES Citizens against virtually everything BANANAS "Don't build anything anywhere near anything" Whenever there is a "cause", no matter how silly, these attention-starved "activists" just love to join with any complainer. Guess it makes them feel wanted. They feel they are noble because they are seeking what they feel is justice for some cause. They join because someone is tooting a horn and they just want to be part of it. The airport we use hired an extermination company to get rid of the gophers. Suddenly the university community became alive with protesters who wrote "save the gophers" letters to the editor, lit up social media, etc. and in general just joined because of this mentality of being part of a group that had a cause. The dumbshit newspaper gave them a boost by floating pictures of one or two of them holding protest signs. I understand the tiny group who protested because they actually believed in the cause but I don't give credit to those who join the bandwagon because they just love a protest party. I doubt many actually gave a shit about these rats that live in underground burrows/rodents, but I think most were self-gratified simply because they had joined a protest group. Coffee shop heroes I guess. I'm guessing a lot of people who are not even affected join the various "Citizens for Quiet Skies" movements for the same reasons.
  7. Agree with Councilman and what's his name. I order "narrower" "smaller" stow bands from Keener. I am not at my loft to say the measurements. I think FFE makes their 357 Magnum pilot chutes. I don't know who is making their H/C's
  8. As I recall, an active military parachute rigger may make the application for the civilian senior rating at any time; however the applicant/military parachute rigger has only a time period of one year from discharge to make that application for the civilian senior parachute rigger rating. There is a special written test in the CATS system for military riggers applicants to take and pass prior to being issued the civilian certificate. It is a 25 q test.
  9. Sounds like someone just made that idea up. Not that it makes much diff but the Cypres loop isn't nylon. It's Dyneema. I'm sure the mfg must be consulted before venturing into unknown territory such as adding a chemical-based substance on their product.
  10. dpreguy

    Adler 98

    I'd listen to Terry on the machine of choice for sewing multiple layers such as toggle tips. Once again, I don't think the Adler 98 short arm pictured is the machine for that. In my experience, it isn't a thick material machine. And yes, my 98 longarm cost about $5500 10 years ago. Plus a hefty shipping fee to get it (900 miles away).
  11. dpreguy

    Adler 98

    I have had a longarm Adler 98 and it for sail repair. Used constantly for 10ears. It is a GREAT machine for doing long runs of zigzag. Not sure it is particularly heavy duty for punching thru heavy stuff. Pretty heavy stuff, but not a barn burner for multiple layers. Doubt it is the machine for toggle tips. I'd go with a programmable short throat machine. Plus side: It is a trouble free and great machine for sail repair. I love mine. If it is a long arm, sell it to Councilman so he can start repairing sails. If it is a long arm, and councilman doesn't want it I might buy it. Can you PM me if you or Urban don't buy it? (only interested in longarm)
  12. I appreciate the picture of the Gopro built in. Yes a step in the right direction. But, what I am envisioning is a helmet without protrusions and bumps and warpy looking top bulges like the one pictured. That the observer couldn't tell any difference between a helmet with or without the camera inside it.
  13. One obvious improvement, sorely needed, is to design a helmet with the camera inside of it. Cameras are small enough now to do that. One guy (saw it on dz.com) took a smartphone apart and put the camera part inside with the lens being just behind a small hole.. Can you do that with a new small camera? (Without taking the camera apart)
  14. Seth is correct. The Plaintiff will simply sue both you and your LLC. Your LLC status does nothing for you in regard to protecting you from liability or getting sued. The LLC (Limited Liability Corp.) is effective if you are in business and making contracts, etc... but it is meaningless in regard to your liabililty in case of personal injury. Really a waste of your time and energy.
  15. Got it rented so no longer available. Thank you for your inquiries.
  16. Indyz Agree about walking foot machines - not so hot- for canopy work. All of my rigger trainees love my Singer 188K for canopy work. I do too. Change stitch length at a touch with a convenient wheel. Remember Rags Raghanti's canopy patching demos at PIA? He used the Singer 188K. He shipped it to the Symposiums. One of the best canopy fabric machines ever made. I am not a fan of the machines that change stitch length by pushing a button down on the bed and rotating the mechanism. My Juki double needle is so equipped. Don't like that feature.
  17. gowlerk Thanks. Did it. Hopefully it works
  18. Mon night, thru Wed night. Feb 12,13,14 and 15 4 nights
  19. Hackish A friend, (in IT), couldn't find anything that enables or disables it. So...plz Email me directly. bailoutpilot@hotmail.com
  20. Hackish Tried to figure out the PM thing. Found nothing to indicate it was off (or on). So...email me directly bailoutpilot@hotmail.com $80 US /night. Cash. Marriot Two queen beds.
  21. Anyone interested in 50-50 sharing Chattanooga hotel fee for PIA 2017? I rent room, you pay me: Cash only. I think only 3 or 4 days for me. Two bed hotel room.
  22. Do I recall correctly - that they were called telemeters?
  23. All the footnote comment said was that staying under, (or exceeding) the FAA 65 db standard cannot be used as the sole standard for a nuisance in all cases. The general noise standard they did note/confirm was, that to be a nuisance the, " ...noise produced by (X) has to be so offensive, annoying or inconvenient to a degree that a normal person would consider it unreasonable." They noted that this is the statutory standard which is here in Colorado. OK so far, as they simply stated what was already contained in the Colorado statute. Importantly however they continued on, stating that since the City had adopted the Airport Master Plan that DID establish a specific 65db threshold, that in this case it was/is the standard; and stated that the trial court was correct in applying it... This affirms the trial court's legal analysis and her ruling. Fun stuff: They did note the Plaintiffs' sensitivities to airplane noise were greater than those of normal citizens. I read this as a cleverly worded insult, stated in a 'tongue in cheek manner' but worded to be politically correct. They could have come right out and said the Plaintiffs' sensitivities were manufactured for this lawsuit, unreasonable and that the complainants were not normal. They chose the 'gentle landing' wording approach. Pretty funny, actually. In my humble opinion, the Ct Appeals did not have to make a remand/reconsideration of the atty fee award on Respondeat Superior, as there was no award made to plaintiffs. Just because the trial court didn't make comments of the merits of it this issue doesn't warrant a remand. I give them no credit for objectivity on that one. So...atty fees, and the issue itself were sent(remanded) back to the trial court for determination or denial of the Respondeat Superior claim and the atty fees resultant. I think they could have-should have left that one alone. Guess they thought the award of the atty fees on that issue was too mean to Plaintiffs? Respondeat Superior = was (owner personally- or his closely held corporation-Mile Hi), liable for the acts of his contractor/pilots? Still my opinion: The Ct Appeals shouldn't even care since Plaintiffs were awarded no fees or damages. Can't figure out why they sent that non-issue down for determination. In all though, Mile Hi was the clear winner and most of the attys fees were affirmed. It looks to me that the Ct Appeals slapped the Plaintiff's firm down over and over again on the allegations of damages and injuries etc. which were alleged and not proven. Pretty much implied that alleging unprovable-frivolous claims amounts to poor decision making. As I recall, Defendant's appeal atty called it a "shotgun approach". And the Ct Appeals pretty much said so too. More fun stuff: One or two sentence affirmations of the trial court's summary judgement on numerous issues are equivalent to intellectual 'slap downs'. Embarrassing to have an appeals court uses terms like, "..no evidence", "..not meritorious", "..no genuine disputed issue", "no error" over and over. It's like the Ct Appeals graded many of plaintiff's pleading and trial decisions and gave out a bunch of F's. Good victory.