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  1. That guy's hilarious - here's another of his works: http://www.27bslash6.com/overdue.html
  2. The pyrotechnics they flew last night were seen all over the Denver area. Confused the hell out of people! It took me a long time to figure out what the flaming balls of fire I was seeing in the sky on my commute home were. News reports said everything from an asteroid to the ISS until they figured it out. Nice work! Slideshow with pics: http://www.thedenverchannel.com/slideshow/news/21568322/detail.html
  3. I have used gkg.net successfully for a number of years. They are cheap and easy to work with. Also, they are local to you in College Station, if that matters to you.
  4. ...not to mention the wear and tear on the bike wheel. Maybe look into a hitch rack for the bike?
  5. Half Fast Subs - Boulder, CO
  6. I've never used those boots, or those particular skis, (although I do like the bandit series), BUT I can tell you the Fritschi AT bindings are great bindings. They really stand up well and are easy to work, even with gloved hands. I was pretty leary of the whole AT system at first - it looked pretty flimsy, but my bindings have really held up.
  7. If anyone is, I need a favor. PM me.
  8. Pushed back to July 17 '09 http://www.reuters.com/article/rbssTechMediaTelecomNews/idUSN1444562120080814
  9. Yup, I beileve that's White Knight Two, the mothership for Spaceship Two. It should be interesting to see the design for spaceship two when it's unveiled.
  10. Utopias is an interesting beer. They actually had to genetically engineer a new strain of yeast to be able to get that strong. I've sampled utopias the last three years at the Great American Beer Festival here in Denver. I try it every time and conclude that I really don't like it. It's sweet...and got a strange flavor and aftertaste. But that doesn't stop me from trying it every year just because I can. Avrey brewing (Boulder, CO) makes some good strong beers if that's what you like. If you are ever in Boulder on a friday afternoon, stop by the Avrey tasting room and check out some of their strong beers...they're in the 15% to 18% range
  11. Yup. I got my pilot's license and didnt join AOPA. Now I get junk email from them almost weekly. Although I had considered joining at one point, I will never join now because I know that a good portion of the money goes toward sending out massive amounts of junk mail.
  12. Why limit yourself to just one? Just like tequila, it all depends on your tastes at the time. My favorites are Islay scotches like Ardbeg or Laphroig, but not a lot of people like it that smoky. I also like Speyside single malts such as Aberlour, and Glen Moray. Talisker is a good Island, Oban is a good Highland, and you can never go wrong with a good Glenkinche as a lowland. Try them all and decide what you like best!
  13. A few years back, we did a ballon jump, landed a field, and were standing around waiting for the van to show up when an old guy drives up in a car. He said that we had scared the hell out of him and he was making sure everything was okay. Apparently he had been sitting around chatting on the phone and watching this balloon floating peacefully along when, "Peope started falling out of the balloon!" Considering we were at about 7k AGL, we took some pretty long delays. So, for about 20 - 25 secs he was sure he was watching someone die. I think we're lucky he didn't have a heart attack before we deployed
  14. A few pics from a raft trip I went on through Lodore Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument. All but one of these are High Dynamic Range (HDR) images stacked from multiple exposures to get a very high depth of tone. I've been playing with this a bit and these are some of the better results I've gotten.
  15. Ok for me: 1. Getting Married next weekend. 2. Going on a 4-day whitewater rafting trip through the Gates of Lodore the following weekend. 3. Going on a 5-day rafting trip on the San Juan River in Utah in June.