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  1. What are the pros and cons of packing an up tucking main pin flap container like the attached drawing? the pin placement seems pretty solid to with a more fluid pin extraction and less gear wear and tear. if you slide up against something the pin seems to go horizontal and stay in place and with the pin flap open sliding down a wall seemed to seat the pin more....I kinda want to do this now... any ideas? comments? thoughts...?
  2. the owner of the truck described it as a 27/28 model A because so many of the parts where miss matched. it isn't the prettiest truck, and is certainly just a functional vehicle (tin roof added, converted over to vegetable oil, pitted body). the ignition advance and mixture/ choke control were fun as well as the floor push button starter. perhaps he wasn't sure of it's origin, he's just the head aircraft curator for the Owls Head Transportation Museum and isn't as much of a car buff as an airplane buff. Thanks for the history lesson though.
  3. awesome pics of the PC:) I've been called an "old soul" before because the most fun I'd had driving was in a 1927 ford model A. I am one of those people who enjoys swooping, free fling, RW and CRW. it's all interesting and fun and different, why limit yourself to one discipline? I wonder if there would be interest in getting another world free fall convention going?
  4. many a persons have jumped my 140, and they didn't even have to prop it;)
  5. I can hand prop, my 1946 cessna 120 doesn't have a starter :) I desire to jump a round, but few places are excited about the idea.
  6. people like octave chanute and otto linienthal (sp?) were making successfull non powered flights in the late 1800's, supposedly a man by the name of gustave whitehead out of new england flew early 1900's before the wright brothers. the wright brothers were, i fully believe, the first to create sustained powered CONTROLLED flight. but they also weren't very creative, they used otto's airfoil research, and for nearly a decade after their "flyer" were still building planes that looked pretty much the same. Glen Curtis (who later joined forces with the wrights and formed the "Curtis Wright Corporation") was much more ingenious than the brothers from Ohio, he came up with ailerons (which the wrights sued him for, claiming that it was an infringement on their "wing warping" patent) and conventional tailplane surfaces and built much more stable aircraft. I would believe that if people did in fact beat the wright brothers to powered flight that they would be the people we think about when we hear "first in flight". when the wright brothers first flew, they didn't sensationalize their achievement but instead worked diligently to get patents to protect their creation. they did however get jus the right people to witness the first flight as to make a credible claim. there are many people who claimed to beat them, but there is little substantial evidence to prove it. the brothers had evidence and therefore that are considered the first in flight, because they are the only ones to prove it.
  7. so, after sitting around many a bonefire and listening to many different skydivers I've come to this conclusion: Most new skydivers (which includes myself) are a bunch of babies that cut away things like toggle fires and worry about landing on rears. Most older skydivers are hardcore and in general more bad ass than the rest of us, which much more interesting stories. From stories I've heard I wish I had a time machine to go back and be a jumper in the mid 90's when skydiving was booming, when gear was questionable, when the parties were more wild. like they say "when skydiving was dangerous and sex was safe" any new jumpers share my same sentiments? it seems like the sport is full of a bunch of complacent babies that take their gear reliability for granted and never actually accept that they could die doing this? I used to work with a tandem master that told me of the days of "blue skies black death" and how it was more hardcore, you didn't see many computer technitians getting into the sport in the 80's, lets just put it that way. it's be pretty awesome to have another World free fall convention that over 5,000 skydivers showed up to. perhaps the "glory days" are over sensationalized, but it defiantely seemed like it would have been a good time to be jumping.
  8. Need a ride from Z-hills to skydive tampa bay in mulberry (about 40 minutes south) this thursday evening will pay gas, have a small well behaved dog and some luggage. any help very appreciated
  9. I've got an infinity and love the design, I've had a mirage, dolphin, talon, and jumped vector 3's and javelins and wings. my favorite was the mirage and vector. my current rig is an infinity as stated and I bought it used, the MLW's could be a little longer for a perfect fit, but it's otherwise a great, bomb proof free fly rig. customer service is impeccable. I'm a rigger, the reserve design of the infinity is great, Rigging innovations make a really nice reserve system too (talons, voodoo) I don't like exposed reserve pilot chute caps (Javelins, wings, dolpins) becasue their a bitch to pack neatly and if the loop stretches the caps tend to pop up (causing a snag hazard), requiring a new loop and repack. anyways, opinions are like assholes, all rigs are TSO'd so they're all "safe". If you get a good buy, get it. look at things like "free fly friendliness" (if that's you thing), comfort, customer service, and of course, the most important thing, looks (camera awareness then safety :)
  10. I got my ticket, but still don't know anything:( oh well, lots of people to talk to and reading material to pick up I guess:)
  11. I'm curious if anyone knows what type of metal the PD boys are using for their removable slider rings? 440A ? 304? is it the same as the other RS designs? I'm one of those cheap bastards that can't afford to buy the set, but have a friend with a CNC and a rigging loft at my disposal (already made the slider, whopping $20 in material). Any help is appreciated. I'd love to support the larger industries, but am a jump pilot who refuses to get a real job, so I'm doomed to a life of poverty (it sure is fun though:) again, thanks in advance and blue skies!
  12. I never gave thought to it being illegal, but just called the state police, and what do you know? it is. but if I have huge boards sticking out of my trunk, as long as they have a red flag on them, I'm okay? I'm thinking I'm going to have to be bike less for a while. so are these Illegal then? and if not, I don't see much difference between that and putting the rear wheel in my trunk.
  13. so I'm driving to Sebastian from Maine, leaving on march second, and I've got a 2001 madzda protege and a motorcycle. I tried to trade my car for an old truck, but only had a week to try and do it. needless to say no one wanted to trade, and now I don't feel so comfortable getting some truck and then the next day driving 1,500 miles with it. So, here's my plan, put the front tire of the bike in the trunk of my mazda, and tie the shit out of it, and let the rear bike wheel trail behind. I've seen a picture of this online, and I know they make special front tire racks that attach to trailer hitches, but I'm poor, out of time and would need to buy a trailer hitch. anyone seeing anything Severely wrong with this idea? any better ideas that don't take money?
  14. think I could get a good deal on those engines? :)
  15. Community and friends are nice, but isn't it about the actual skydiving? If the club has nice people to jump with, and it's more affordable then fuck the other people. If they treat you like shit for going to another DZ then are they people you want to be with anyways? I started at a small cessna DZ and have been a bit of a DZ slut (jumping wherevers most convenient) for the past few years. I even flew for the DZ I started jumping at competition and they still welcome me back with open arms whenever I jump there.