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  1. So, what will USPA do with this situation, given that the DZO/pilot did not have the proper licensing to fly jumpers, and his medical was out of date and this was a USPA member? Just wondering.
  2. You know, I'm about 25 years younger than you, OP, and I can't arch properly either. I've done 3 jumps towards AFF, I'm stuck on the second jump (cat B) because of that problem (and because the DZ has gotten weathered out, I've had other things to do that have kept me away from DZ for a while). So I'm not so certain that age is a valid reason for your instructors to tell you to consider quitting. All in all, I think you're getting good advice here, and I am going to take advantage of it, too! I just want to wish you the best of luck--I hope you get that A license and eventually jump with your son. I want that A license to prove to myself that I CAN do this (I never, ever in my life considered learning to skydive until last fall sometime) as well as to be able to jump with the love of my life. Age is a question of mind over matter... if you don't mind, it doesnt' matter! Hang in there!!!
  3. Mine are: 1. Saying adiós to my 6th hour class next Wednesday when they will walk out my door, never to darken it again! Whoo hoo! 2. Watching the love of my life and 2 others jump flags Saturday and helping as ground crew. I saw them practicing at DZ recently, it was way cool, will be even cooler at the actual event 3. THURSDAY, MAY 22, THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
  4. Dang, if I could just get an A license by doing hop n' pops I'd be all set!
  5. Those are great words, croc, thank you! And thanks to everybody who's been answering. I've only done 3 jumps in AFF, and one of my hang ups is that I keep dropping my knees during free fall. I can't get my arch correct because of dropped knees. I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but I'm probably the only person ever to get stuck on the category B jump. I know, however, that I am not ready to continue on to C until I can arch properly. My other hang up is that free fall scares the bejeebers outta me! I don't have door issues, I don't have problems getting out of the plane, it's just the actual free fall itself terrifies me! It's such a relief when I hit 5,500 and it's time to wave off then deploy. Under canopy so far has been fine. Jump 1 went great, jump 2 I totally busted I got so freaked out, to the point of losing my altitude awareness... I suddenly realized one of my instructors was making the "pull" signal right in front of me, that was when I looked at my altimeter and went "oh, crap, I'm already at 5,000!". Jump 3 went much better than jump 2, yet I can't make my legs do what I want them to. Fortunately, my instructors tell me that the knee dropping IS a fixable problem... and they haven't handed me a bowling ball... yet...
  6. Skydiving and Scuba pretty much have the same basic concern . . . running out of air. Hope you're enjoying your jumps. That's a good one!
  7. I wouldn't say that the AFF program in general is hard, it's just hard for ME. My instructors are top-notch. They're patient, encouraging, thorough, and honest. I know that I won't pass a jump just for the heck of it; if I can't do the skill required, then I won't pass. Fortunately, they haven't handed me the bowling ball... yet...
  8. Spanish: extráñame cuando me haya ido amor verdadero
  9. I've done 3 jumps towards AFF, and each time free fall feels different... I wouldn't really say it's a feeling, it's more about noise and speed... free fall goes SO FAST that 5,500 comes quickly, it's LOUD and at least here in Indiana, at 11,000 feet up it's also a bit chilly this time of year. Hehe... why don't you do your AFF1, then YOU tell US how it feels? Answering this question is like trying to explain skydiving to a whuffo! Good luck with AFF1, BTW!
  10. I LOVE Mexico City!! I've been there scads of times so I can try to help you. Send me a PM and let me know more info about the AIDS conference, as in what part of the city it will be held, how much time for sightseeing you will have, etc. Anything you want to know, if it's in my realm of experience or knowledge, I'm your girl!
  11. According to my AFF instructors, almost everybody who jumps ran into some kind of hang up or difficulty they had to overcome somewhere along the line while learning... what was your "hang up" and how did you overcome it?
  12. Isn't being scared normal? Especially after only 2 jumps? What's weird for me is that I wasn't totally scared Sunday when I did AFF1, but last night as I was falling asleep it suddenly hit me... I did THAT?? I got scared in retrospect! But it's not enough to keep me from continuing! I have a feeling, though, that when I get to having NO instructor holding me in free fall that I'm going to be a little more (ok, a lot more!) nervous. From what I've been reading on here, you will get over it. Hang in there, fellow student/newbie!!
  13. Yippee!!! It's been about 15 hours since I got back on the ground, and I can't get the grin off my face for longer than 5 seconds! It was GREAT! I went to the DZ yesterday not sure if I would actually do it, I didn't feel ready, not really scared, just not ready. It wasn't a very nice day being chilly and gray. But then we went out to the plane, and practiced the dive flow bunches and bunches until it was burned into my brain. My two instructors are more than patient, they answered any question I had, right down to the most trivial or silly. Then it was time to board the plane. I didn't feel really nervous, I'd been in that plane before on my 2 tandems, I knew what 11,000 feet was going to look like, so I just tried to enjoy the ride up while going over everything mentally. I also remember praying "God, if I'm going to bounce, please don't let it hurt too much!" I had forgotten how the wind rushes by--when I got my right foot out on the step and grabbed the strut while getting my other leg out I really had to hang on! I vaguely recall thinking "I can't believe I'm doing this". I did my hotel check, then off we went! I was so amazed to find myself belly flying--the arch really does work!! Yes, you skydive veterans can laugh at that comment. It's all just so amazing to me still! My instructors gave me hand signals, I tried to do them, they had to whack my legs because I didn't have them positioned properly, as AFFI 2 wrote in my log "dropped knees a little low, tapped legs, she pulled them up some, I would like to see them a little higher". Got my 3 practice pulls done, although the first time I couldn't find the handle--it moved! 6,000 ft came super-quick; I did my wave off at 5,500, then pulled the handle. The pilot chute came out... and the bag didn't. AFFI 1 had to pull my bridle to get it out since we were in a burble... lucky me... both instructors told me that as a solo jumper burbles don't happen like that, but with the 3 of us together they sometimes appeared. Then, as the main came out, I was jerked upward, thinking at the time "Okay, now I'm on my own". When I looked up at the main, it was all in one big twist, however, as I started to separate my risers, as if by magic it untwisted, righted itself, and as soon as that happened, down came the slider. Then I heard one of the coaches on the ground talking to me, telling me to finish my opening checks, and if I could hear him, make a right turn. By then AFFI 1 was back on the ground, and he then took over the radio. AFFI 2, who had been on the reserve side, ended up off the airport in a field (hehe, two times in row, both with students!) It was incredible!!! The canopy ride seemed to last forever, it was a bit frightening under canopy when I realized "hey, I am the person flying this thing!" yet everything went smoothly. AFFI 1 on the ground gave me good instructions, and I had a nice,soft stand-up landing. One of the regular jumpers was there to meet me, he had my camera, took some pictures, and helped me corral the parachute--after I landed it, it was like I got overwhelmed and when I was told to pick one toggle and pull it, it sort of didn't register and I almost got bowled over by the chute. I hope to do the next jump this coming weekend; it depends on what's on the DZ schedule, as well as the weather. Indiana is more than temperamental this time of year. All in all, #1 was a blast!!! I still have a long way to go to that A license, but I've taken the first step!!
  14. Double whoo hoo and congrats!! You got the first one in! Yay!!!
  15. GRRRRRR!!! Looks like we're going to get weathered out again this weekend here in Indiana. Holy cow! Hope you get yours in, npgraphic!