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  1. Hi-5, They serve it Black, traditional, however. Google the site, Cafe' Du Monde FMI. You can order the coffee and also their Beignet mix!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  2. Hi-5, Note my post to Karen for the Cafe' Du Monde. Put it on your list next time you get down here to the lower 48. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  3. I'm a half coffee/half skim milk girl. Coffee flavored milk pretty much describes mine but I can't go without it in the morning! I'll try pretty much any mild to medium roast type (not flavored) that's in a K-Cup. I'm lazy. Hi Karen, Since you like your coffee/milk mix 1/2-1/2, next time you get to New Orleans, stop by the Cafe' Du Monde on Decatur St. down by Jackson Square. Their Cafe' Au Lait (Cafe-O-Lay) is the traditional 1/2 coffee and 1/2 hot milk poured together. 'Gotta' get some Beignets too! (Ben-Yea's) (little square fritter like donuts with powdered sugar). FMI Google Cafe Du Monde. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  4. Hi-5, Glad ya' like it!!! There are several different Louisiana Coffee and Chicory blend makers available, "Lousiane," "CDM," "French Market," (if they still make it?) and "Community." Community makes several different blends and roasts and has ground and whole bean available. FMI and to "order!!" they have a toll free # 800-525-5583!! I fine grind some of Community's dark roast whole bean for my capuccino's!!! Good stuff!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  5. Hi-5, Good coffee is what ya' like. I grew up in SE Louisiana so the local stuff is always "Strong!!" The chicory thing is also local and from New Orleans, Community coffee has a "New Orleans Blend of Coffee and Chicory" that's my favorite. Now for Espresso or Capuccino look out!! Twas a place in Costa mesa Ca., don't thnk it's still there, Diedriches Coffee!! They had a great selection!! Now for a Capuccino, fix up your Krupps machine and get it going. Next get a 12oz. Beer mug and put in a jigger of Irish Cream, Coffee Liquor, Dark rum and some Amaretto or the like. When the steam comes up, froth up the liquor and then pour the whole caraffe of espresso over that. You can add a bit of whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon if you want. I call it a "Cutaway!!" Enjoy!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  6. Hi Wendy, The info is there, it's just up to the individual to look at it. One place for some early history is the "Blast from the past" section on the Air Trash web site. The "Scary stories from the old days" thread here on the H & T Forum will raise a few eye brows! Find a copy of "Masters of the Sky!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  7. Hi Tony, You'll live! You've just encountered one of the hazards of cold weather jumping!! Good gloves are a must, the less porus the better. Among others, tried scuba divers gloves and they worked great!! Good warmth without a lot of bulk. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  8. Hi Bob, So yer gonna' do AFF!! Yup, a couple of cases of Beer ago Pat Swovelin and I took this AFF-I stu. named Dave Gould on his "First Jump" (this was a couple of years before Tandems came on the scene) he related to us in the debrief,"We got in the door and I was scared sh*tless!! I looked at Bill and he was grinning and nodded OK, then Pat and he was grinning too and nodded Ok! Got to thinkin' what am I scared for? these guys have over 1500 jumps apiece so l'm in good hands and let's have some fun!!" Have a good time guy!! First time I jumped at Elsinore was AUG of 1967, lots of divin' been done there over the years!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  9. Hi WS, Welcome!! Good ya' made the leap, but yer' dealin' with 60 yrs. of "Baggage!!" I started when I was 18, am 68 now. Whufs were always on the other side of the fence. Spent my whole life around Parachutes. besides just Fun Jumpin' I worked with aerospace parachutes. Definitely get up with "POPS" and "SOS!!" And remember like the sayin' in POPS is,"'Ya don't quit Skydivin' cuz ya' get old, 'ya get old cuz 'ya quit Skydivin'!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  10. Hi Irish, Funny how that goes, first one like that I saw was at Old Elsoinore, summer of '77. Do the math on how long ago that was. As Charlie Parker usedta' say,"GO, GO, GO!!...Pilot chute in tow!!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  11. Hi Sky and Karen, 'Yup, somewhere between Raeford and Roseboro. If I'm not at "Aviators" at Raeford, ya' can find me at Big Harry's Tavern on Ft. Bragg Rd. in Fayetteville on Tuesday nights!! Great open mic jam!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  12. Hi John, 'Got that issue of SDM in my archives. Gear (Surplus) was cheap back then. 'Got my first harness & container B-4 for $10. and the canopy for another $10. Some jumper had a spare sleeeve I got for $5. That was in 1964 in La. 'Gotta remember Gas was .29 cents a gallon and ya' could get a Volkswagen Bug for $1995!! A good job paid $4.00/hr!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  13. Hi rifleman, Good job!! I put the smokes down a long time ago, like when LPH-5 pulled into port back from 'Nam in DEC68. I had made up my mind that when we got back to the States I was going to quit smoking. Last smoke I had was on the ship before I walked off the gangplank onto the dock. That was "The dividing line!" From here onward you have to see smoking as part of your past, not your future!! Carry on! PS, The tough part is putting up with all the "second hand smoke" ya' run into!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  14. Home-made Vanilla!! If ya' throw in some fresh picked strawberries that's even better!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  15. Hi-5, What Jerry said and remember the scene in Apocalypse Now in the Helo on the gun run to the beach?? The riverboat guy says to the army dudes,"Why are you'll sitting on your helmets?" The army dude says,"So we don,t get our balls shot off!" As for your ??, With "Split saddle" harnesses as have been common for ages now, each leg strap wraps around your upper thigh. Now the old "Swing seat" as on old mil-surp like the B-4 rigs, ya' had to be more careful!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  16. Hi Cloudy, "Koch" fittings!! Yup that's them. The "Rocket Jets" are a different animal. Check out Poynters' for fotos. 'Seen rigs using both. Joe Morgan had a really light weight rig way back when, around 68' or so. T/VIII harness, Rocket Jets!! Neat. Rocket Jets had a propensity to separate at the most inopportune times, usually on opening!! They were cute though. Trying to work the Kochs though would usually trap the leather fingers of your gloves which added to the excitement of trying to get your reserve out after you tried to cut away!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  17. skybill

    Miss Kansas

    Yeah, since they won't let her shoot her bow. "She's also an expert M16 marksman, a bow hunter, a skydiver, a boxer and a mechanic." Damn, she is my kind of girl. Kinda reminds my of my wife. Hi JM, Yeah but one more thing,"She needs to own a 'BAR'!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  18. Hi Demi, 'Just the "Reaper" takin' a couple of "Practice swings!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  19. Hi Lucky, Yup, Grown men playing with toy airplanes!!! That's pretty rad for a chopper!! 'Been flyin' model aircraft since I was a kid. Even those little ol' Cox .049 engines with a 5" prop can crank up 15,000rpm easy!! Apply one of those to some exposed flesh and instant hamburger!! That's why I use a "Chicken stick" (a 10" piece of wooden broom handle) to flip start my engines instead of my fingers! 'Still have all my fingers. Sorry to hear about that dude. Still when it comes to model aircraft flyin', "There isn't a Model Plane Crash I've been involved in that I havn't walked away from!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  20. Hi Larry, "Apple Valley" Up in "Roy Rogers" Country. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  21. Hi Wendy and all, Of all the booze mentioned, nobody said a word about Gallo "Sweet Lucy!!" ...AND...Do what you can to save our Planet Earth!!!! It's the only one, as far as we know, in the Universe that has "BEER!!!!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
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    Hi bry, Beware of thje Law of unintended consequences!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
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    I only wear mine once and throw them away ...... or are you talking about something else ? ... probably :-P Hi Shroppie, Note the above post from Jerry. Got $240.00???? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
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    Hi Jerry, $240.00 That's a long haul from $29.95!! Those pictured were the "Lighter weight" version for doing "Style!!" yet giving the jumper the option to have the ankle support for an accuracy approach on the same jump. Later they were advertised as "Relative Work" Boots!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
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    I only wear mine once and throw them away ...... or are you talking about something else ? ... probably :-PHi Shroppie, 'Last pair I had I donated to Jim McDonald's DZ at Otay back when I got my StratoStar!! I'm guessin' yer a "Turbine Baby" in the Sport. Do a little diggin' thru some old Scare-a-chutist or LC's Skydiver Mag and maybe you'll find out......... Maybe I shoulda' had em' "Bronzed" and put them on top of the TV set next to the "Rabbit Ears" with the aluminum foil wrapped around them. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out