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  1. I don't believe that applies to people who are not "fanatical" about jumping I skydive sometimes - not as often as I would like, but then it's not my main hobby.
  2. Yup, at times. But the better question is did it have a battery? Jerry Baumchen Thank you Jerry!!!!! Fortunately I wasn't taking a swig of my 'Cuba' Libre'' at the moment otherwise it would have been all over the screen!!!! Thank God Us Old People are still around to keep every one "Grounded" if I may digress!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  3. Hi Pete!!!!, 'Yuppers!!, You got it!! Somewhere's back down the line I recall an article by an aerospace Engineer-Test Pilot who said something to that effect!! As I recall!!....He said, (I'm sure with a bit of tongue in cheek!!) "A Piper Cub is the 'Safest' Plane in the world.. it can just 'Barely Kill You!!!'" ....same guy also said...."'Never' fly the 'A Model' of 'ANYTHING!!!!!!!'" Geezlouise!!! How many times have us Skydivers jumped on the "Latest new 'HOT SETUP'" thinkin' it was the coolest thing since sliced bread only to be "A Model Test Jumpers!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  4. And it was only tied down at the wing tips. That allows enough slack to let it get a jump on you. His memorial is on 12 Sep 15 at the Willamina, OR Community Center @ 11 AM. Jerry Baumchen Hi Jerry, 'Just got to thinkin', "famous last words!!" When tryin' to "Hand Prop" an airplane and the booger is balking at your efforts, the person doin' the 'Prop Pullin' to the Joker in the cockpit pushin the peddles and workin the handles "says!!,""THROTTLE CRACKED!!!!!"............. Hate ta' say it, "BUT!!" "Been There, Done That 'AND' Got the T-Shirt!" May God Bless Ted!!! Except for the Grace Of Fortune go All Of Us "Aviator's!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  5. And it was only tied down at the wing tips. That allows enough slack to let it get a jump on you. His memorial is on 12 Sep 15 at the Willamina, OR Community Center @ 11 AM. Jerry Baumchen Hi Jerry, Let that be a lesson to "All of US!!!!!!" 'Note my "PR-A School" quote!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
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    At a Truck stop in Terre Haute IN on my first run with my training engineer from Schneider Specialized (Big Glass!!) Trucking!! Everyone was "Glued" to the TV!!! we were watching the first Tower on fire (Live Feed) and then the second plane crashed into the second Tower!!! Since then.... the "Don't Tread On Me" red and white striped "Jack" with the snake on it is Flown on the Bow of "ALL" United States Ships authorized by the CNO!!!! "Got That!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
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    Where were "YOU!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  8. Hi SS, And "More Info" sheds "More light" on the incident.... "Tie downs but "No Chocks!!" And....It's just a Funky little ol' "Air Coupe!!!" What did they have, a 65 or 85hp Continental engine?? Airknocker Champs, Luscombes, Cubs and "Air Coupes!!" As I recall most Aircoupes had electric starters as I don't recall propping one....(Wouldn't need to unless ya' had a dead battery!) Back when....Spring-early summer of 1967 I was in PR-A School (NAVY) at NAS Lakehurst, NJ. I recall one day in some class PR-1 Rose made the statement,"For every Safety Rule we have on the Flight Deck, you can find a 'Dead Man!!'" Well we just got a new one, If you're gonna' "Hand Prop" an Airplane, make sure the Chocks are in place AND....The Tie Downs are "Taught!!!!!" 'Only met Ted once ...we were at the Reno Air Races, some time in the 90's...We were at Clyde Blenco's "Skydive Instead" loft on the airport also there was George Galloway...Watched the races, drank Beer, had a good time.... to think that was somewhere around 20 years ago!! Time flies when yer havin' Fun!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  9. Hi Loumie' Try this!!!!!......Driving down "Hane Stretch," several miles, straight road, pine trees on each side, and "I have to PEEE!!!" So I pull over and stop, put the truck into "PARK!!!" ( or so I thought) got out started to take care of business ....AND>>>>the truck starts to roll!!! I dive in, and "Complete" putting the shifter into Park which I should have done in the "First Place!!!!!" "Tore My Right Deltoid Arm Muscle" "Big Time" 'Had lots of trouble picking stuff up that weighed more than a couple of lbs.!! Ran to Kate Grieser our resident Physical Therapist and she said, "You tore your right deltoid muscle!!" But not all the way!! (That was the GOOD news) Bad news was that if I didn't tear it the rest of the way (surgery) it would take a long time to heal! It Did!!!!!!!! Got out of the Jumping Groove, then My wife got sick , more problems, the deltoid was in Nov. of 2006, finally about 8.5 years later I'm Back In The Air 23MAY2015!! I posted my "I'm Back" post on hist & trivia. You are looking at one "Happy Camper!!!!!!" Muscle grew back, looks a bit "Deformed" but "It Works" still have to "work out " with it but I can still toss a plot chute and hang in the door!!! Have to tell ya' those 8.5 years sucked, but now they are behind me!!! I'm back in the sky where I Belong with all my friends!!! Check this out, 16AUG at me, in the purple, gold and green "Mr. Mardi Gras!!" Pauli, on camera, Sam in Blue and Grey and Aleshia in Grey and Red......The "Chinese 'T'" Dive ..Chinese T>zig-zag>oppos. str. stps.>spinner>open accord> top!! They were all under 200 jump jumpers, Good fun!!! When yoou look down fromm the door when Pauli takes grips on me and sam, that's Gold Coast down there...15'000 feet away Hooooboy!! Type into your browser Anybody out there "remember" this dive???? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  10. Hi pch, When ya' live yer life with yer butt hangin' out in the breeze 24/7/365 like people like Ted, sooner or later the "Reaper" will find his "Sweet Spot" and take it for all the "Misses" that he cussed himself out for being too fast or slo on the "Swing!!!!!!!!!" Got that yet??? Most of us are just "Weekend Warriors!!!" Ted was "Full Time!!" all his Life!! 'Reaper was always there, but "He missed!!!" That's all anyone could ask for!! I think about some of my old "Sky Buds!" "Dirty Ed," "Pat Swoveln," "Kevin Donley," just to name a few "THAT" "Died In Their SLEEP!!" 'Reaper had lots of chances on them......but missed!! I've "Hand Propped" a lot of airplanes in my time going back to before I started Skydiiving when I was in the Civil Air Patrol as a Cadet back in the early 1960's at Hammond Airport Louisiana "Before" the "Skydivers" showed up.....then I got "Rurant!!!!" The rest is "History!!" PS Tie down the tail and/or chocks may have (No an AAD Would NOT have done any Good!!) prevented this fatality!! No an RSL would not have helped either!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  11. Hi 'zulu, ......'Thanks.....for..the memories!!!... 'Have a few faded photos, a pair of raggy cutoff's that somehow survived at the bottom of my dresser drawer and a bunch of "memories!!!" 'Have to dig into the ol' Beer case box of old Log Books and find that "time slot".... 'Ya got me goin'!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  12. Hi Nattie, Now let's see, first off you are a "Girl" "AND" a "Skydiver!!" 100-to-1 odds he's a "Whuffo!!!!" You ought to know the drill by now!!!! You young pup Girl Skydivers should know by now the only "Hook-up" serious or even casual if it's going to have any "Umph!!" is going to have to be with "Another Skydiver!!!!!" 'Been around the sport for 50+ years now and have seen"EVERY EPISODE!!!" of,"As the Prop Turns!!!" Yours is "CLASSIC!!!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  13. Hi "Westy!!," 'Been a couple of years now since my last post to ya'. Time flies!! 'Get yer kneez in da Breeze!! Wuffs will always be wuffs!! Most of the time the negative and caustic comments are because of jealousy derived from "You Doing what their own insecurities keep them from doing!!" They're not happy till you're not happy "Them!" 'Had some major "Down Time" since '06 when I tore my right deltoid. It got better but other issues came up. "Finally!," Got back in the air 23MAY!! after 8.5 yrs on the deck!! That was #3848...'am up to #3852!!...... go to < > Me, "Mr. Mardi Gras in the Purple, Green and Gold, Pauli on camera, Sam in grey and blue and Aleshia in Red and Grey 4-way "Chinese T (exit) 15K over Gold Coast! > zig-zag>oppos. str.stps.>spinner>open accord> top! Fun dive!! Fortunately I don't have any "nut Cases' in my immediate surroundings tryin' to drag me down!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  14. Hi "33 zulu!!," That was "C.O.D.'s" team shirt Jerry and Pat Swovelin, Mitch miller and Jim (The Admirel's son)Salzer!!!! Had one in the archive, "think I gave it to the late "Red Beard' before I left Ca some years ago. A classic!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  15. Hi JW, Great way to get an extra $5 outa' your customer's pocketbook!!! "Oh" I've heard the lies!!!! "You're gonna die if I don't replace your loop!!!!!" Yeah, right! After a year or so, maybe.....It takes at while for one to "Stretch" into shape... I have a new one now and I'm going to have to pop the rig and shorten the loop so the PC spring doesn't cock in the pack!! Unless there's frays around the pin it's probably good!! Then again, how's your closing technique?? I've seen some "Ham Fisted" riggers "Pop" 3 closing loops on one rig before they got it "Closed!!!" Go figure??........I have a great idea!!!! Lets go back to "Metal Cones and Grommets!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  16. "Cracker Barrel!!" Jeeeeezus!!!! Like the man said, Crackers usteta' get sold in "Barrels." Just like nails and "RUM!!!!!!" Get Used to it!!!! If you are too young to remember "Back When," then take a "Red!!!" Maybe you are young enough to remember that.......on the other hand.......if you did, ....maybe you 'CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Got RUM!!!!!!!!!.................OUTLAW!!!!!, III%, skybill-out SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  17. Hi Guy!! 'Always thought the "Sport Death" shirt was the doings of "Bullet Bob" from the "Gulch" and "Ghoulidge!!" Also I believe it was yours, the "Takin' it to the Street!!" (I have one!!!) The Crater of a 9-Man with the 10th on wrists imposed over "Old" Route "71" at Elsinore, before the Freeway!!! Anyone remember the 2AM Steak and eggs breakfasts at the "Club Cafe" after doing a "Round Robin" (start at one Bar eg, Dickie and Marilyn's "Rumbleseat" drink a beer, go to the next bar drink a bar and on till ya' got back to where ya' started!!!) SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  18. Hi Lisa, Musta'Been!!!! I believe the FB regs say if 2 or more Freak Brother/sisters have to be on the dive to qualify new Freak Brother/Sisters!! ........... Dug into my "Archives" and found my "Beer Case Box" full of my old log Books!! Log #9 Jump #1539 19hr:52mn:08sec. Night 10-way Me, You, Lizard, Jana, Vic, Dr. Dave, Mike, Dan Peters, Peter Hammond and Geno Johnson. 29MAY1983....'Wonder how many jumpers reading this weren't even born yet??? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  19. Hi Lisa, Yes, mine is "1495" signed off on 29MAY1983 at Scare-Us-Valley. Did a 10 way night dive, have to get my logs out to see who all but I recall right off, Geno Johnson was also a recipient. Jana Logan asked after we did the de-brief who "did not" have a Freak Brother # and we antied up. Turns out we qualed. so it goes. One more coolie rating to add to my collection.......Till........I went to "Freak Brothers 1984" at "Freak Port!!!" What a Blast!!!!! That event is a post in an of itself!! Al Krueger, John Brasher, Mike Allen, Perry Armstrong and a host of other Scare-Us people were there and met countless Freak Brothers and Sisters from all over!! A good time was had by all, oh yes!!! The 24-way "Tea Cup" the "Monster" photo of which is in the Skydive Chicago main room!! I'm at the 6 o'clock position on the outside rim!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  20. Hi "P-5," That's quite a number,"294,840!!!" That means that since USPA, and even before, PCA, finally decided to get everyone's "USPA #" in some chronological order, yours is "That" number, the "Newest" member of the Sport!! "Congrats!" Funny how that goes, 'have to do some diggin' in my "archives" but "back when" PCA just issued numbers yearly or something and after they decided to do this "Get Organized" trip, they took all the current members "way back when" and assigned numbers from who was the longest continuous member on up. Well when the smoke cleared, mine was USPA#...............3-5-6!!! That was back in the late 60's or early 70's?? Yup!, "356!!" Funny how that goes, My buddy Caz Zielewski signed some dude' log with his "4-digit" "D" license # and the dude went to the DZO complaining that Caz didn't use "enough numbers????" As the now late Frank Gallop would say....,"R-E-A-L-L-Y-!!!!!" 'Some of us are that old......and still....."SKYDIVE!!!!!!"...."Like ME!!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  21. Yuppers, that was how it was back in those days. Once you showed people you could pull silver, you were on your own. Ah, those were the days, Jerry Baumchen Hi Jerry!!!! to start off, from one old timer to another, "How the he2xl are ya??" Yup that's the way it was and the "Turbine Baby's" as my buddy Caz callz em', will have no clue!! But truth again is stranger than fiction!! "And!," this is true!! Related to me on the A/C parking apron in front of the old admin bldg at Hammond Airport, La. Back a few cases of beer ago about the year 1965, One Phillip "Cappy" Connors D-1011 told of his first adventures with jumping in La. My getting "cleared" after my JP may sound hairy to most newbies but Cappy has me topped by a bunch!! When Louisiana Skydivers got started back in '61 or there abouts nobody knew how to skydive so someone knew this jumper from Texas named "Dusty" Rhodes who came over and trained some of these first people and put them out on their first static line jump at Hammond Airport!! I was in High School at the time and was an airport bum because me and a bunch of my buddies were in the local "Civil Air Patrol!!" and recall this!! Well Cappy had made 2 static line jumps at Orange Mass.!!!!! So Dusty made him the CSO (Club Safety Officer) because he had the most jumps!! Well as Cappy related here he was in Bob Landry's Cessna 172 at 2500' over Hammond Jump mastering 2 first jump students on their first static line jump then getting out on the step and "Doing his first Static Line Dummy Rip Cord Pull!!!!!!!".........And I remember watching some guy packing a 28' C-9 canopy there on the parking apron with a copy of Bud Sellick's book laying on the concrete next to him for directions!!!! Yes Jerry, as you stated,"Those were the daze!!!!" Thanks for jogging my memory!!! I love it when a plan comes together!!!! Blue Skies, Black Death!!!!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  22. Hi Pat and all, Ft. Hood SPC! Right before I started jumping (Late '63-early '64)a guy got out of the Army and came to Southland Skydivers in Hammond, La., turned out he had more jumps than Ben Seal our head Honcho so Numan M. Gill B-1929 from Ft. Hood SPC became the "Club Instructor!!" "Gil" was my FJC Instructor and subsequent JM .....till I made my "Clear and Pull" then although my jumps were still "supervised" for all practical purposes, I was 'on My Own!!" Him and Herb Golden,from Louisiana Skydivers in Baton Rouge, told stories about Carlos Wallace and other happenings in Texas!! Those were the daze!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  23. Hi CJ, Hell of a way ta' die!!! Funny about procedures and "Safety Rules!" "Back when" I was in Navy Parachute Rigger's "A" School at Lakehurst, NJ, 'was said in one of our classes,"Behind every safety rule ya' have on the Flight Deck ya' can find a 'Dead Man!!!!!'" Nuff said! the sayin' goes across the board. Got Gunz.....OUTLAW??!!!, SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  24. Hi Chuck, Sorry to hear'......It's a tough one. Reminds me of ... my old buds, Pat Swovelin and George "Dirty Ed" Edwards..both who after leading "The Life" met the reaper "while asleep!!" Life still goes on. Blue Skies, SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  25. Hi "Sparky!!" aka Matt McKillowatt, Thanks for the post. Actually I have another jumpsuit besides the "Black One," I just finished it!! It's Purple, Green and Gold for "Justice, Faith and Power!!" The colors symbolize "Mardi Gras" and I thought they'd make a great selection for my suit!! I live here in Louisiana and this is where I grew up. 'Born in New Orleans. Don't worry about the pilot chute!! Next time I'll hand it to you and track off!!! Got Gunz.....OUTLAW??, SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out