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  1. godfrog

    AAD fires

    I watched an AAD fire on a student AFF jump and I also witnessed one from the air while I was under canopy, watched a guy go by in free fall and he pitched his main the same instant the AAD fired. He claimed that he was not low and the AAD malfunctioned. Take it from me he was that low!
  2. godfrog


    I don't know how deep the sawdust was in the pit but it was more like "chips". I know that it was deep enough to take a hit at full flight on a night accuracy jump and I never hit bottom on the first landing, the second landing was somewhere out in the lawn flat on my back, glad they count your first point of contact rather then adding all subsequent landings together! care and maintenence of the sawdust pit was just me or T-Bow racking and smoothing out the divots in the pit, never seemed to rot, I think they may have been cedar chips. The chips have been replaced some years ago with pea gravel, just ain't the same as sitting around in the evening picking the sawdust out of your socks.
  3. I have always packed the same way for terminal or sub terminal even 13,000 ft hop and pop's for cross country. Is there a recomendation for the specific gear you are using, if there is follow it or contact the mfg and ask questions.
  4. godfrog

    Billings MT

    There used to be at Laurel but it isn't there anymore. Get ahold of Jeff at Bozeman and see if the are still some jumpers left around there and maybe you could car pool.
  5. godfrog

    Comet 228 Canopy

    I don't know about a comet 228 but I have a cruiselite 228.
  6. godfrog

    Nervous about second jump

    I think that everyone responds differently. Are you nervous about the jump or maybe the increased tasks or what. Once a long time ago I had a student back out on his #15 jump, He didn't feel good about it and didn't want to jump, never seen him again. Skydiving isn't for everyone, talk to your instructor and express your concerns. Fear is a good thing to a point, it is a natural response, I would be more concerned if you had no fear what so ever. You are doing something that you have probably been told your entire life is crazy and you will die by people that know nothing about the sport, these things remain in the back of your mind.
  7. godfrog

    why no DZO operates a Pilatus PC12?

  8. jump aircraft are runhard! I think that they should be kept on a 100hr maintenance cycle, I think that anyone who did this would find that it's less expensive to maintain this way because components that are wearing or starting to fail get caught sooner before they become a major problem.