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  1. So your OK with buying votes? I thought there was some laws against that.
  2. I agree ,But I allways thought humans are animals.
  3. No at 15 they cannot get a marrige lisence. Have to be at least 16 with parent permission. Quick google search reveals that.
  4. But if they want to transition to different gender , we should deviate from that?
  5. The government has no problem sending them off to war before allowing any of those things.
  6. Those 19 were 70 years ago. The birth rate has gone down in the last 70 years. so I doubt those 19made much of a dent.
  7. Yes and he was the saecond youngest born 69 years ago. most of those +18 are allready dead most likely. Why confuse the birth rate of 70 years ago with todays. I admit theres still The effect of how many kids those 19 had. But since he was with his partner Dave for 35 years I doubt he contributed nearly that many more kids to the population.
  8. Hows it going the wrong way? with his passing thats one less person on earth
  9. Gomer Pyles voice "Suprise Suprise Suprise"
  10. I dont know what imaginary fantasy world you are in. i havent tried argueing any of the facts. I wasnt there.
  11. Im glad you were there to observe it all and know exactly what happened. Why didnt you stop her.
  12. Joes the first to point out the dog also killed nieghbors chickens. if i was that neighbor and caught it it might be dead also. As the owner of one that kills neighbors chickens I dont know what I would do because none of mine have ever killed a neighbors chicken that didnt come on my property, yes I had one that killed 3 of my neighbors chickens that got out of his pen and came in my yard. In farm and country standards she was in her rights to do it, not that i agree with it thou. there is better ways to handle it.
  13. Hey I'm not Amish. And your not getting my lanterns.