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  1. Our company was hit with ransomware and yes backups were nearly useless. We were able to get some files of information out to help production but could no way get the system back up and running. We were lucky that we were planing a new system all ready. We replaced the whole system with the one they were developing about a year early and strugled.
  2. I don't know why Trump would pull something like this. Oh that's right Trump has nothing to do with this. But blame him any ways
  3. Get your covid micro chip
  4. It was in my head before I got through "parts".
  5. Is there a reason this is in speakers corner?
  6. Congrats, and yes I miss Tom being here. I know you will do a good job.
  7. If you really think it was an accident, I got a bridge to sell you.
  8. The one that's photoshoped?
  9. You don't follow the thread very well do you? He is trying to get listed in the system so he can buy ammunition without having to pay more and wait longer. He wasn't looking to buy a gun in the first place, it just makes playing by California's stupid laws easier. But yea I guess everyone should just move to Texas.
  10. Have you ever bought a gun in Ca? He needs both a ID and a second form of residency. And it will take him longer than 2 days. He may have the paperwork in 2 days than after he goes to the store with all the paperwork that California requires he has to wait another 10 days minimum for the cooling off period. If the DOJ has not came back with an aproval by that time it could be up to 30 days. And then they may say undetermined, then it is up to the gun store rather they release it to him or not. Like I said this state is a joke.
  11. Gun owners in California have to have patience, this state is a joke.
  12. Defiantly not defending Trump, but many think JFK was great. He defiantly had mob ties.
  13. I just wasn't sure if you were being serious or sarcastic.
  14. While I agree it probably wouldn't result in a charge. I could see some DA here in California with an agenda bankrupt somebody in court fighting the charge. All the while knowing it wouldn't pass muster.
  15. They want the micro stamp on the fireing pin and case. not just one.
  16. Well they do want micro stamping in handguns. That will be fun trying to match up the casing to the gun it was fired out of after its been reloaded 20 times and shot out of many different guns.
  17. Reload and don't have to jump thru those hoops, yet.
  18. While I do think we should have voter ID. It would not of made a difference in this case.
  19. Don't count on it. Some use liquid cooling for the battery.
  20. A week shy of five months 80 lbs getting groomed.