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  1. Our good friend Dave just passed away this morning from brain cancer. I'll post more later. Blue skies Dave, Fly on. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  2. Rest in Peace Laddie. 'Just rememberin' the "Good Times!" You are now among all of our friends in the Eternal Star. Blue skies to ya' buddy. I'll never forget your "Cowboy Coffee!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  3. Hi Terry, Hahahahahahaahahahahhahah!!!!!!!!hehehehehe,ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! Never mind the "3 Door," show em' a "Beech 18 Door," the round one not the cargo door!!!! and a bunch of jumpers in French Boots, Pioneer double zipper jumpsuits, Bell Helmits, B-4 Backpaks with ParaCommanders and a T-10A Chest reserve all "behind" the door getting ready to do a "10-MAN SPEED STAR!!" Hehehehehe!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  4. Hi airdive, Let's go,"Freak Flyin'!!" 'Seems like yesterday only I don't wanna' do the math an' figger' out how long ago it really was?? Time sure flyz' when yer' havin' fun!! 'Didn't even know till I saw the movie the first time, that's "Sweet Sally" flyin' up an' doin' a side dock on me an' she's geekin' the camera!! How many faces do you recognize in the movie that are no longer with us???? Too many have gone on. Freak Brother 1495 SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  5. Hi Mark, 'Yup, I do!....Now, where is it???? Somewhere in my "Archives" I'll have to do an extensive search but it's there!! The photo is of a bunch of us outside by the pool. Good Times, Craig "Sarge" McDonald got his Air Trash Hat, lots of "No Sh*t stories!" and on. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  6. In Reply to OW6 and a few others, 'Remember, I think it was Yohn Aarvick's '3 from Cal Shitty and Scare-us-Valley, back at the door it had a dozen or more "stickers!!" One I thought fit the spot just right said,"Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The WAY!!!!" I don't want to do the math and figure out how long ago this was, I'd get scared!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  7. Hi JW and all, Funny how that goez!!......'Back in the day....before someone "invented" the Pilotchute assist device (either a velcro strap or breakcord tie between the S/L and Pilotchute) the S/L would just open the pack and hopefully the P/C spring did it's job!! 'Hangin' around the old Southland Skydivers DZ at Hammond Airport, La. one day, R.L. Tycer D-339 (I think??) was tellin' a story 'bout a S/L student hangin' strut on the old Red Howard at DeRidder, La. a while before. Said R.L.,"He froze up on me an' ah' said,'Ah' gotta' do sumthin' 'Bout that!!....So ah' pulled his Static line......'Instant Gone!!'".....I believe that Howard is long gone but the students' fingerprints were still imbedded on that strut!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  8. Propblast, now you know why I told to you post it here, some old fart (said with all due respect & well wishes SkyBill) is bound to know the answer... Hi Strat, "Scare -us-valley aka "Perris Valley" easy enough but what the whatever. kinda goes back when we were fearless and facietious (hope I spelled that right) SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  9. Hi SERE, Do you mean Robert "H.V." Pope of the old Navy Lakehurst Patachute Club back in the mid 60's????????? I was at Rigger's "A" School back then and remember him well, would be fun to drink some beer and tell some lies with the old fart!!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  10. Hi Blast, "Sparrow" RW/PC spinoff by Sandieggo rigger don whilldin back in the early thru late 70's. roger worthington(Corranado Bridge Base Jump #1) and ed locknut still have one in their gear bag!! Showup at scare-us-valley when Airtrash is in force and maybe they will let you see one up close!! Play on Sweet Gypsy's, Play On!!!!!!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  11. Hi Ripper and Lisa, Open rigs in airplanes!! Closed one of my own and 2 others!! Fortunately I'm a Rigger so things like this are just another day at the office. BTW it's a lot easier in big airplanes like Otters and DC-3's. Coupla' times to get the guy on the last load, after we were up, we cleared a path up the center and packed his rig on the way up!! Sometimes ya' gotta' do what ya' gotta' do!! For details, bring beer,...lots of Beer, "COLD BEER!!" I'll explain. BTW ya' can toss in a bottle of Crown too!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  12. Hi Shay, Once upon a time I had an old Dajango Dragonfly with about 1500 jumps on it. On its last jump it ripped a center cell bottom skin from the B to the D line attach point. Flew fine, turned OK and flying along with others in the air with me I could tell my rate of desent wasn't out of hand. On the safe side I landed in the peas (at Scare-Us-Valley) and although a bit brisk if i was in the hard pan i'd still be OK. One thing, as far as rips are concerned, unless you try doing some hard spirals or the like to increase the load, the rip isn't going to continue unless you have some really rotten fabric. Cut away if you want, personally if the canopy is flying fine, rips, bullet holes and or whatever, I'd land it. Someone may have swapped out your reserve with a bunch of old Chicago newspapers when you wern't looking. Oh well at least you'd have something to read on the way down SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  13. Freaking awesome! And for anybody who's wondering, that's 288 hours of freefall time. Hi Bill, 288 hoursx60minutes per hour=17280. If every dive was a 60SD from 12,500'. So go figure?? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  14. Hi bry, Because they are afraid of what is on the other side of the door, because they are afraid of...letting go. If you've been around the sport for awhile you read,"A Moment of Immortality" I won't say who wrote it, those that have read it will know, those that havn't, ....will. 'Says it all. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  15. Hi Jim, Thanks for posting about Gene Paul. 'Known him since I started jumping. Fly on Gene Paul, fly on. That "Star" up there just grew one bigger. 'Not much else for me to say right now, just fly on Gene Paul, Fly on. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  16. Hi Mike, Different place, same album. Funny you should mention Brubeck's take 5 and Blue Rondo......Gene Paul and skydivin'.........'Was out at the old Hammond Airport yesterday.....'Hangin' out in front of the "old Terminal Building," our old hangout back in the late 60's. Nice hot Blue sky Louisiana day....just right for skydivin'....Was rememberin' when right above the Saturday sky would be filled with Parachutes. One jumper saw a spectator by the fence line with a camera,"Hey, take my picture when I'm commin' down!" "Sure, what color is your 'chute??" The jumper said,"Orange and White!!" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  17. Hi r-v, What Scratch and Sparky said. We all want "Skydiving" to be 100% safe........that's why we use "Parachutes" when we jump!!! Leave your Parachute on the ground the next time you jump and give me a full report when you land. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  18. 'Don't know what to say. 'Known Ed for a long, long time, well over 30 years. Lotsa good times. That Eternal Star up there just got a great man. Blue skies to ya' Ed. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  19. Hi 77', Obviously the guy stuck his head too far up his as* and his sphincter muscle has clamped down on his esophagus and cut off the air flow to his brain causing serious O2 starvation causing this delusional behavior!! 'Can be easily "RECTAfied" by him pulling his head out of his ass!! Do I have to say anything else?? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  20. Hi Tim, The negative is backwards, note all the reserve R/C handles,"Unless all the guys are 'LEFT HANDED??'" SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  21. Hi Spark, "DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Still tryn' to adjust to losin' Pat a couple of daze ago and now this!! Mongo was a good friend!! 'Had lots of fun dives together. Go over into the "Blast" from the past on Air Trash and check out the 20 year survivors load photo and Mongo is in the back row (I think!!) Mongo is one more in the line up that's gone many more can you pick out that have left us....are still with us????? SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  22. Blue skyz Pat, don't know what else to say. I remember when....the otter was a relatively new beast at Perris and we were going to chuck an 8way donut flake from the door. Pat was a flaker inside at the back of the door and I was the flaker at the front.....Oh my! will this work??....ready set GO! and we're off! We're worked!... I'm thinkin',..."WE BAD!!" and I'm hearing it at the same time!....Pat's grinning from ear to ear and yelling,"WE BAD!!"......Fly on Pat, you're probably docking on that Big Star between Gary and Kevin.....look for Dirty Ed smilin at ya'.....Blue skyz Brother. SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  23. You mean like this dude? No idea who he is , but someone should get the FAA on him for jumping over cloud. " Hey Chappy!! The photo......Joe Kittinger!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  24. Hi "Leg!!" Good move!! I'm sure after all this discussion, ya' finally went to the source!! 'Shoulda just done this first!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out
  25. Hi JC and all, Read the news on the memorial page headline and .....don't know what to say. Like when my wife Peggy died,....'took me a couple of daze till I could muster up the words to come here and say something. 'Only met Howard once, at the old farts get togetrher at Raeford. 'Chatted about jumpin' a lot here on and now he's gone from us. Shoz' to go ya', live life like every day is your last, ....because it might be??!! Fly on Howard, 'gonna miss ya' buddy!! SCR-2034, SCS-680 III%, Deli-out