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  1. Thanks skymama, I was starting to from the deluge of replies lol. Yeah, I heard about the wednesday locals thing last time I was there. I'll try to check it out soon. Maybe someone will take pity on me
  2. Hi guys. I just moved to Orlando from up north so I don't really know any folks around here. I took my AFF at DeLand and it's my home DZ as it just sort of feels like home :) I'm looking for some jump buddies that are around my level for some fun. I'm only on my 18th jump and working towards my A license. If that sounds cool, hit me up! Cheers! Justin
  3. You guys are really awesome and I appreciate the replies/info. This forum definitely needs a "like" button I guess the reason why I'm a little trepidatious is because I'm from Massachusetts where people tend to be a little more gruff than nice. I also heard DeLand (where I'm doing most of my jumping) can be a little cliquey. Hopefully I can get some of you guys to sign my logbook one day!
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, this was helpful
  5. Thanks for the replies. I guess I should have seen the obvious replies coming but I didn't mean to ask literally "what words do I use to get someone to sign my logbook." What I meant was, is it okay to continually ask folks to sign my book or is that considered annoying? I take it from the computer person perspective. If you ask me once or twice to fix your computer... okay, no problem! The 4th or 5th time you ask? Get lost, you're annoying me... ya know?
  6. Hi guys, My instructor told me to keep good logbook records and to get a signature from someone (that has an A license) after every single jump. Here's the thing. I'm new to the dropzone (and to skydiving!) so aside from bugging the instructors every jump (who may or may not have jumped on the last run) I don't have anyone to ask. Oh... and I'm shy Is there any etiquette to asking folks for a signature? I don't want to annoy people or purpetrate a social fopaux or anything. Thanks! Justin
  7. Thanks! Yeah I saved myself, but really I give the credit to Trevor for being a really good instructor ;) When he first went over emergency procedures and we put on those silly vests, he literally grabbed me from behind and started throwing me around in circles... basically exactly what happened to me in the sky, so I was well prepared. You bet I bought beer! Heh, the guys wouldn't even let me buy it the next day... got them two cases just to be sure! I'm based in Massachusetts right now, but I'm thinking of moving to Orlando, so I should be down there quite a bit in the coming months. Hopefully we can take a few jumps together!
  8. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say hello. I'm excited about entering the sport! I just finished AFF last week down in Deland, FL and on my graduation jump I even got a line over and had my first cut-away. I was the talk of the DZ all day :) Cheers, and I'll see you in the skies! -Justin