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    All About Naked Skydiving

    Photos by: Jason Warichak, Andy Cilio, and Diana Kruchten.
  2. SansSuit

    USPA dropzones that aren't

    Skydive Long Island - Closed permanently
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  4. SansSuit


    I know that I can look it up, but in announcements of this kind it might be a good idea to state the location. Just sayin'.
  5. SansSuit

    Cobra 150

    The boiling point of Dichlorodifluoromethane is -29.8° C.
  6. SansSuit

    Looking for '95 parachutist

    I only have Nov. and Dec. 1995 (I'm a noobie) and the results are not in either. However, the Dec. issue has an index which shows..... JUNE 5th World Championships of Para-Ski .................35 Chris Needles
  7. SansSuit

    Cinco de Mayo @ Skydive Vancouver

    Yeah, but when is it?
  8. SansSuit

    31st anniversary of my first skydive

    Congrats!! In 13.5 years I'll catch up to you.
  9. Won't be able to make it to the signing. So, I just bought his book via Kindle. Looking forward to reading it as soon as I finish "Come Up and Get Me" by Joe Kittenger.
  10. SansSuit

    A journey in the Riggers "way back" machine.

    Most Excellent !! Where do I sign up?
  11. SansSuit

    Student games

    Contact Karl and Mariah Eakins. They are most excellent with their student olympics. I don't have their contact info handy and I'm too lazy to look right now. Mariah is running for North Central regional director. You should be able to find her that way.
  12. SansSuit

    Saturday's over...

    So next weekend you are getting a new wife ?? You gave the current one her pink slip?
  13. SansSuit

    No fun jumping in Las Vegas???

    Last year I made a few fun jumps at Vegas Extreme in Jean. I did solos, but they did let me on their aircraft.
  14. SansSuit

    DeLand gets new plane

    Has it been jumped nekked yet?
  15. SansSuit

    Skydiving in Winter

    I jump all winter long, in Wisconsin. I haven't missed a calendar month in over 12 years. The whole key is that you aren't in the element for that long. You'll hear all about proper clothing, glove, etc. That is all important, but it is all about managing the cold for a short period of time. Also it is where your head is at. Mind over matter type of thing.
  16. SansSuit

    Bad Exits You Tube Airborne

    Not one of them had a decent arch !
  17. SansSuit

    Pilot chutes

    All I have is a phone number. Hope it helps. Cazer Collapsible Pilot Chute 256-268-9843 He made one for me to match my tattoo. -Jeff.