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  1. I enjoyed it. Definitely looking forward to the documentary.
  2. It's fine. Whatever he's comfortable with doing I guess. What I am I doing in this thread....oh that's right I roamed outvof 4g and cannot watch the video.
  3. I think ze professor is talking about wearing lead while doing RW.
  4. That's as silly as only having one car or one woman. Some of us can be happy with one woman but not with one suit
  5. That definitely makes sense. But it is our job to ask anyway .
  6. What about a size and class of suit between Phantom 2 and V4? There was at least one other request for something bigger than P2, same style of suit but more surface just at our DZ.
  7. Although it maybe isn't a cave, still some big balls of steel to fly -towards- a stone face, vs alongside it. Impressive. I am very impressed with finding the jumpsite and actually making the jump happen. The arch at its worst part(90 wide...360 high...270 long...all in ft) is less than 1:1. Based on some of the pics of the mountain I am wondering if an exit is possible from a platform above the arch and a flight line along the mountain and through the hole is possible.
  8. S-series? Guess that is the bird-man S series. So V1, V2, V3 and V4 are open class? V1 and V2 are not that much bigger than s3.
  9. well he did train a lot by first grinding the crack
  10. Good advertising yeah...I am stalling(or popping ) the suit at that point to try and swoop Matt after opening, the guy in the phantom on my left. He opened with an off heading opening and I did not want to approach from behind and the SM2 in my view distracted me as well. Oh cool!! Flysight is an awesome GPS. Have fun with it. Just for contrasting flight modes. A small clip of break off in the V3 when I break early and fly away.
  11. Turn the sound off. leading up to @1:35ish I am setting up to fly past Matt and see Brian zip across my FOV. Jump 2 is a nice cloud surf...with the jump going to plan B right outside the door. Brian is flying the light brown(beige?) and green SM2. You gotta love the Texas clouds
  12. Very nice! I am uploading the video and it is taking forever....about 3 hours left. I should learn a little about video compression. I don't think that file should be nearly 500mb. It should be online tomorrow morning.
  13. What? A review without pics . Yeah I believe the S-bird ( what used to be the super Mach 2 I believe) is very easy to fly. I expect this reaction you posted above...A-W-E-S-O-M-E and the last sentence. I saw this first hand at our DZ. When I get a few mins I have a some video to post.
  14. Don't land on the "high wear" areas . I did on some forbidden landings on no wind days...and there are some dust stains in the "high wear" areas....
  15. Flame......that looked like too much fun...who cares about experience...I bet everyone that jumped has a big grin and more experience now.
  16. Great pic! I count 15 V suits or suits bigger than Phantom
  17. KrisFlyZ

    Apache X

    Congrats to Dave B and Tony Suits!
  18. Yup, first you post a pic at work then you scotch guard and then you jump it . yes, Scott Bland used to swear by it. Scotch Guarding that is. I have done it. Just forgot about it....will do it for the new ones when they get here.
  19. Blue and silver ...maybe with a little black is PD wingsuit colors. Not sure about F16 XL though
  20. What size GTI? If you can't find one in the classifieds, your best chance is if someone reading this thread offers to sell their old one. If you post what size suit you are looking for there may be a chance of that happening.
  21. Hey Luke, How much effort is it to change flyblind to allow the user to follow a preset heading? Thisbwill be useful for competition as following the wind at the smallest angle will give the greatest advantage. Kris