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  1. A poorly flown suit with a lot of fabric can appear to have great glide ratio. GR is a measurable quantity and is equal o the Cl/Cd of the suit as flown by the pilot. Appearance has nothing to do with it. Ha fun in la la land Prof. In the real world design is driven by what appears (competition results) to be better glide. Let us reduce the competition window to a 1000 feet after a 3000 foot dive and claim to fly 8:1. The birds will still shit on us, our cars and our wingsuits. Go grab a paraglider or a hangglider if you want to soar.
  2. A poorly flown suit with a lot of fabric can appear to have great glide ratio.
  3. Backfly Rodeo with twin docks was successfully flown twice. Will add video soon. The smaller pic was taken by a tracker.
  4. YOTRB Fastest Motherfucker in the Valley
  5. Here's some good weather for the weekend wishes! Nice suit. I see you are in OK. Feel free to come fly with us at Spaceland anytime. Looks like the P2s are rolling off the production line. My friend got his this week as well. Thanks again Macca and PF!
  6. What are you basing that on considering he pitched with horrible body position?
  7. I already posted it in the V4 thread. I would consider changing the thread title. This is an isolated incident and does not affect skydivers much. Just saying coz it might be considered flame bait...
  8. Yes i know it is not a V4. It says it right there in the video title . All suits worth their salt have the scoop inlets. I thought these inlets were perfect. Doesn't seem so. Also looks like implementation details can cause inlet failure in certain conditions. Imspartacus--Interesting. I only have the V3 and the V4, have not paid attention to how the inlets are on the X. There is a local bird that flies an X2. Never heard of these from skydivers, the inflation phase on a BASE exit must be very different conditions from the instant 100mph airspeed while skydiving. Darren -- The proBASE race guys posted it on FB and a bunch of people shared it. U coming to FlocknDock? Kris
  9. Looks like these new inlets are also not failure proof.
  10. All those competition results are after picking up speed in a sustained dive and flying downwind. They all normalise to less than 3:1.
  11. Since the S3, wing suit L/Ds have only improved about 15%. There are already integrated rig suits out there, been out there for a year or two but nothing close to 3:1. To double that is a tough ask.
  12. Yup, nicely done guys! Thanks for sharing.
  13. KrisFlyZ


    V4 lead time note from another thread P.S: Hope you are doing well, Paul.
  14. My email went out on July 27, 2011. The V4 came on 18 Nov, 2011. So about 4 months. Kris
  15. Almost all manufacturers offer dynamic is a simple mod to get the corners opened up. I had my Mirage modified before I started wing suiting.
  16. NICE!!! Only seen 4 mins of it so far. This is what I would have liked to be part of. Oh well, there is always the next gathering.
  17. Arriving 27th Dec and leaving Jan 2nd. I hear the Finns are coming. I hope people just come to Z-hills and fly in these legendary flocks instead of arguing on here about how much Glide Ratio while flocking sucks.
  18. Looks like a nice flight in stiff winds against the line of flight (at least close to the ground).
  19. KrisFlyZ

    New V4

    Got my new V4 this week. Yeah, I know not very creative with Campos but that is my boss's office and he took the pic . Also added an overlay pic of the V3 on top of the V4. The other way round is just a pic of the V4. Now, just need to go fly it. Thanks Robi and Macca.
  20. Nice...any video of the suit in flight?
  21. Pressurized's literature talked of a vertical stabilizer between the butt wing and the leg wing on their suit(can't remember the name). I think a few were even made.
  22. If you bring your flysight you will only be allowed to do solos .