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  1. So i just bought a Tony Supermach and did my first jump on it this past weekend. I was curious of my total flight time after i got down so i went into the info section of my Vigil 2 and its telling me that on the last flight i had 2 seconds of freefall and my vertical speed was 44mph. Does the AAD deactiveate itself after the registered freefall is over? Once i saw that the AAD only registered those two seconds i was curious as to if i had a cutaway above that 1000ft mark would the AAD still fire even though it thinks the freefall ended a few minutes before that? Thanks in advance for the replys! -Adam
  2. It's time to start planning for the 2012 HOG FLOP Boogie! Mark your calendars for Thursday October 25th through Sunday October 28th. The SKYVAN is confirmed for the weekend! We'll have organizers for RW, freeflying and wingsuit flocking, and our annual Hog Flop competition. There will be nightly entertainment, and a Halloween costume party (with prizes, dinner and beer) on Saturday night. Call the DZ on 386 328 0606 to reserve one of our RV slots. As always, camping is free at Skydive Palatka. There's no increase for our boogie fee -- still only $25 ($15 for non-jumpers).
  3. Im bringing this thread back from the dead....but are there still any active members of the club? Im transferring to UGA in January and will be looking for people to jump with!
  4. Is there any sort of transportation between Dayton and Middletown? I plan on flying in that Thursday but am unsure how to get to the DZ without paying for an expensive cab ride.
  5. thanks for the tip! Anyone else have prices on a GTI??????????????
  6. haha yes im a twig. i fall veryyyyy slow
  7. The 170 was my own personal canopy, then i started jumping my friends 150 and i had to give it back. I have made my last 20 jumps on a demo 135 and feel confident i can fly it.The spot on my last jump was way off and i even had to land off DZ and i had to land in a tiny field next to a forest which further assured me that i could fly the canopy. I'll be loading this canopy at 1.2
  8. thats why im only looking for pricing. im not even considering wingsuiting until i reach 200 jumps and can schedule a coaching session
  9. Thanks for the responses everyone! Yes i am a student and although i would love to buy a new suit, its not practical for my budget. Im looking at the GTi because i have heard its a good suit to learn on and pretty reasonably priced. I wont be ready to jump a wingsuit for a few more months but was curious on what price range i should be looking for so if one does pop up on for the right price i can go ahead and pick one up. (PS I love my sabre1. Just sold my sabre1 170 and picked up a sabre1 135
  10. I have tried searching for an average price of a used birdman gti but havent really come up with any answers. I also tried to look up the price of a new one when they were still being manufactured but couldnt find anything either. Lets just say its a suit with no damage and has 50-100 jumps on it. Any input is appreciated!
  11. is there going to be a certain marked out place for tent camping? ill be arriving late friday night so it will already be dark and i dont want to set up a tent where im not supposed to haha
  12. You had me real nervous when i saw that orange canopy come out a good 1000 feet below me haha. Glad you made it out alright.
  13. Any word on velocity rigs? I havent seen anything from them about removing the argus from their rigs.