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  1. mnskydiver688

    Could you ...

    I think it should read: Could you back-fly well? Some may consider the arm chair back flying.
  2. mnskydiver688

    What is wrong with ...

    The page no longer exists.
  3. mnskydiver688

    Flash drives for tandem student video/stills

    I also presented the same idea last year and there was some interest. Do a search, you may find some answers.
  4. mnskydiver688

    What to expect when flying bigger suit.

    The fact that the inflation on the Firebird can not even compare to the inflation of the Mach 1. You will have to work harder to shut down the wings. More than you know. The wing is much more likely to get in the way at pull time when compared to the Firebird. I have flown both a Firebird and a Mach 1. Couldn't be more different... Good luck.
  5. mnskydiver688

    Are all malfunctions human error?

    If you really wanted to go nuts about it, because a parachute system is designed by humans, any error or malfunction could be blamed on human error.
  6. mnskydiver688

    Boogie Guarani Wingsuit Edition video

    I really liked the intro. What camera and editing software are you using?
  7. mnskydiver688

    New photos online: Z-Flock 5.0

    Great pictures Matt! Thanks for the quick posting.
  8. mnskydiver688

    My first video...

    Keep in mind that some of the most meaningful photos to people are ones taken on the ground. So never discount ground shots in skydiving. Half the fun happens on the ground!
  9. mnskydiver688


    I jump with contacts also. Without them though I would be fairly blind. I started jumping with gatorz and all I do is make sure they are tight against my face around the edges and I don't have any problems. However it depends on what kind of contacts you are using as some come out easier than others.
  10. mnskydiver688

    Using Neoprene Boot with CX100

    Anyone, Anyone?
  11. mnskydiver688

    Need Rigger around Rochester MN

    Mark Baur is up at Parachute Magic in Baldwin, WI. It is about 30 miles east of the Twin Cities. Also I think there are a few riggers at the Waseca Club, Minnesota Skydivers.
  12. mnskydiver688

    First time camera-flyer looking for lens advice

    There is a ton of lenses posts in the CX100 thread. Century .55x or the Raynox 3032 -.3x, 5052 - .5x
  13. mnskydiver688

    Editing on iLife 09'

    Use the ducking adjustment for temporarily changing the volume of a track. It is under audio adjustments menu when you click the little gear in the top left corner of a track in the timeline window.
  14. mnskydiver688

    Puerto Rico 2009, from my perspective....

    Sweet pics Scotty! I will be there next year. The fly-by pics are awesome! Hope everything is going well down in FL. See you at Flock and Dock.
  15. mnskydiver688

    how much experience to fly a mach 1 ?

    I would suggest reading the wingsuit FAQ. There are some minimums you might be interested in...