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  1. It is a well known fact that orange and yellow are known to add more performance to the suit .
  2. Really? I thought the best suit in our flock ...I am the guy flying video. I think that Adrian's red and white (leading edges...v2) suit looks really nice in pics and video. Brian tried my Orange and black V3 last week and I videoed it. The color was running in the video...atleast at 720p with the go pro.
  3. I'll be there for the distance comp. See if I can reach 50 jumps for this year before the comp. It may mean I'll have to be anti-social for a while and do solos . Any possibility of Balloon/Heli jumps? Kris
  4. Formation flying has gotten waaay too serious...changing colors won't work.
  5. Yeah, I saw the puffies build as I was driving away from the DZ...that annoyed me just a my flights(last week of Sep onwards) on Monday morning so I can jump the whole day on Sunday. Kris
  6. Ok, so I was chatting with the local dz wingsuit crowd and the topic of the colors I chose for my on order wingsuits... v4(Navy and Orange--my favourite ones in the Indian flag) and p2(black and orange) came up. Purple Mike immediately pointed out that I need to be consistent with my color choices otherwise people will not recognize me from my pictures. It is not such a big concern to me. Do you care about Brand-you? Are all your wingsuits the same colors?
  7. Yes. Here is a video(yeah its crappy...turn off the sound...I got plenty of excuses ) of Adrian and purple Mike doing the transition. This is the first jump of the weekend and we all saw the Artistic video. Let's just say the video of the artistic comp has got people inspired. I got to try it on looks very much like a scary roll .
  8. Amazing!! Controlled scary roll...and inflight transition to!!
  9. Nice! Did flapping the wings help . Kris
  10. I did email Robi a couple of weeks ago and he came back from one of his base trips a few days later and requested that I send an order form...It took me till today to fill it up. To OP, nice work area, that corner office just needs a window to be perfect!
  11. Nice suit. I finally got the p2 order form filled out. Will email it when I get home.
  12. It says that after a dive, the transient L/D is between 3 and 4. This is not the same thing as saying I am flying 3:1 L/D. If that were the case, what normiss said wouldn't be funny as some of Tony's logs from the wing suit competition show nearly 7:1 transients(posting from I may be off a little) on entry into the competition altitude after the high speed dive. If someone is flying 3:1 L/D, it means the following. If there was a cliff with about 150m vertical followed by a 3:1 slope until deployment altitude when the slope disappears. Jumping from this cliff in completely still air(and when there are no thermals) and deploying at the designated altitude means that the L/D of the people that survive is at least 3:1.
  13. Here is another beautiful video(really liked the music and editing and all the mountains...just a little bit) I just caught on YT. Some angles shot from the Heli are quite unique.
  14. This sec or so altitude gain is as best as Micheal can tell based on his knowledge of the GPS systems. One can choose to use that info to validate your own beliefs or wait for more evidence. I would like to see a video of this wingsuit going up relative to a descending canopy(camera). Should make a popular video. Even if it is possible to climb for 1 sec following a 15 sec dive, or in a short 5 sec segment of a cliff line(where people would have to sacrifice more altitude than they can gain to get to that area of thermals, this isn't a game changer. People will still fly other vehicles if they want to make meaningful use of the various forms of lift available in nature. If people want to jump at sites with super strong thermals and wind concentration due to mountain topography(?), there is a cliff(1224m elevation...over 1000m usable with good wingsuit flight) in India I visited in 07, where at any point during a sunny day(except dawn and dusk), water poured over the edge makes a U-turn in front of our eyes and disappears skyward. There is a video of this online somewhere.
  15. 3) There is no point in that flight line where this camera geek would have been 'relatively safer'.
  16. Very nice to see full flight wingsuit flying around some beautiful cliffs.
  17. Hey Luke, I got myself a Flysight. Is there a SDK that you are doing this programming with? I would love to do some programming/testing. Kris
  18. IMO going up cannot be done in ANY brand of suit. This claim is not new. I read a post from rec.Skydiving from Yuri's early days and they saw some gps data of altitude gain following a dive. They concluded that it was ierror from the instruments. This happens more easily on pressure based gps systems but can also happen on purely Satelite based GPS.
  19. Here are a few pics from this weekend. There are some experienced (and funny and interesting!) people showing up. The guy in the video above is one of them. Come play with us! I am yet to upload a 'flat spin' video from the weekend.
  20. Nice! Shouldn't have to apologise for chasing the big puffy clouds, wing suit pilots should understand. Getting clouds in the correct range is rare. When the opportunity presents itself, take it!
  21. Some wing suit pilots showed up at Spaceland these past weekends. Purple Mike got at least two new pilots join the flock. For one of the jumps we got on the plane after after some serious dirt diving and it took Mike less than a second to say, we are going to plan B(cloud surfing). That is jump 1. Turn off the sound, there is no music. It is just so the new guys that jumped can see themselves in action. Everyone in the video on the last jump other than Mike is a newbie. Cody in the Orange Prodigy(4th jump) got a nice dock. Thanks everyone and specially Purple Mike for the jumps it was lots of fun. I ordered a P2 with back flying inlets. Yeah, I give in, it is too much fun. Hopefully Robi is planning a P3 soon so that I can buy that without back inlets and feel like I have maintained some form of purity.
  22. [Url][/url] Clicky! Edited to Add: It looks like they are customizing the legwing size. That is soooooooo Awesome!!!
  23. I wouldn't argue with any of the above suggestions. If you wake up(has to be early) on a weekend day and suddenly decide to make a jump. SD Headcorn is the easiest to get to using public transport if you are in central London. There may not always be another wing suit pilot there but there be someone there whose arm you may be able to twist to make them join you.