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    can anyone please scan them for us non members pretty please?
  2. wow! no one else has had this surgery? i would think hat i'd have more responses by now... all you crazy fucks!
  3. that makes me feel a little bit better that i'm doing a lot prior to surgery to help out with everything in the long run!
  4. ah... yeah! well i had to wait until after my family vacation that's planned for the 1st week of feb. so i already have it scheduled on feb 15th. by then it will have been 2 months... luckily my doc recommends 1 month of pre op therapy to strengthen! i feel like i'm in good hands.
  5. barf, i could never watch what they were doing to me, i think i'd pass out anyways. what do you mean by "Don't wait on it."? thanks for the replies everyone.... i'm still nervous though. it seems like everyone has a different story, but the one commonality is to work very hard in my post op physical therapy, which i fully plan on doing! it unnerves me that they are gonna tear a chunk of my hamstring out to reconstruct the ACL. but like many have said, the doc told me it holds up better and less chance of rejection than cadaver. but, longer healing time, which i don't want... oh well, you win some, you lose some, right?
  6. thanks! i'm basically scared shitless for the surgery. I have PT set up already, starting 3 days post op, for 3x a week for 2 months. the pt said we will see how i am doing closer to the end of 2 months to see if i need it any longer than that. i have been riding the bike for 5-10 minutes a day since the beginning of the year to strengthen my knee before the surgery. my doc also gave me home exercises like steps, squats and straightening/bending to do, that have been a huge help already. now i am walking without my brace and taking the stairs at work again! but i still cant walk more than 5 blocks without pain. i'm most scared about the pain after the surgery and how long until i can be active again. i don't want to sit around and get fat. thought of another question: how long until i can drive after the surgery?
  7. Hey! So, I tore my right knee ACL and medial meniscus back in december. I am scheduled for surgery Feb. 15th (the day after my birthday). My doctor is a sports medicine doctor and he is going to do a hamstring graft to replace my ACL and leave the meniscus alone. He says the meniscus is such a small tear that it will heal itself. So, I'm totally not looking forward to the surgery. I was hoping to get some feedback from people who have had the same surgery and what to expect as far as time off work, therapy, pain, time until i can run, skydive, snowboard, hike again, etc, etc. I'm sure I will think of more questions to post about it as the day progresses. I hope it's really not as bad as I've heard.
  8. im having enchilladas for dinner in 45 minutes :)
  9. duh! i was thinking that the whole time!
  11. i'm not having any luck on that site... can you find that song on there? i'm great! life is good, i bought a home in denver! but i tore my acl and get surgery in a month from today :( how bout you?
  12. i have a data cable for getting my songs from windows media player onto my phone for use of the mp3 feature. but i cant use my songs on my phone as ringtones :(
  13. I decided on the new ringtone I want, but I can't seem to find it anywhere except for a ringback, which I don't want. Any ideas on where I can get it for semi-cheap? I'm no good at this kind of stuff. p.s. talking heads-this must be the place p.p.s i have verizon
  14. happy belated jim!! miss you :)
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    Violation of Parole or Probation
  16. i, as well as a lot of people here, have been in your same spot. when i was in college i worked my ass off mostly during the summers and our 6 week winter breaks, i quit spending money on anything that didn't relate to gear and skydiving. i also did it over time... like i bought my alti first, then helmet, then rig, etc. if there's a will, there's a way.
  17. I know that I will never forget him. He was a great guy with a heart of gold. Here are a few pics I dug up from when he showed me and a friend of mine a good time while visiting London in 2004!
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    i wasn't impressed.
  19. why is the head down jumper on the left missing an arm? or am i just looking at it weird?
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    interview the people before you agree to give your puppy to them!
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    try here i always look at the denver one for a dog :)