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  1. the blood drive starts today! i donated this morning and dont plan on boozing tonight... but they tell everyone to have a big meal before you drink alcohol within 24 hours... if you are going to! there has already been a great turn out by my efforts alone in this blood drive! he's still hanging in there... so keep all the prayers and vibes coming... he can fight it!
  2. this info is from his mom, please donate if you are eligible: Well we finally have the details for any of you that are interested in Donating Blood/Plasma. We know that so many people have expressed their love and concern for Zachary and want to help in anyway they can. So here is the way to help. A replenishment drive has been set up for Zach. As i mentioned before Zach is Blood type A- and can receive A-or O- blood. We are asking that everyone regardless of blood type please donate in Zach's honor. Zach will eventually receive units of blood and everyone donation will help replenish our nations supply. Here are the details: Please visit there are 8 locations to donate. In addition review the 9 pre-screening questions...things that might eliminate you from being a donor at this time. Then head to your nearest Bonfils and donate away. When you go in mention Group # 6947 Or Zach Ficco Replenishment Drive. This group # 6947 will take effect on 11/21. Please support Zach and our blood bank supplies even if you are not his blood type. We are working on having the Local news stations broadcast this drive on Zachary's behalf. So you may see his name and the effort on the news. So put on your Rally Caps we are going to make baby-steps back up the mountain!!!
  3. i know that 1 isn't great, but... it was at zero... so 1 is better! keep the prayers coming everyone please!!!!
  4. thanks everyone! he has 1 WBC according to his mom' blog.. not sure what that means medically, but it sounds good!
  5. thanks everyone... we really appreciate it
  6. that's what i hear, but it's worth a shot... and anyone can donate blood in his name... the place is only open M, W and F... i am going first thing tomorrow morning.
  7. he's got t-cell lymphoma and leukemia and EBV... i would be by his side in a heartbeat if visitors were allowed. i want to donate bone marrow if i am a match, and blood too. anything. im so upset and sad. i know he can fight through this, it will be a long road to recovery, but hes got a strong support network to help him get through it.
  8. this is enlightening info... i don't really know anything about his disease, i hope he can pull through and god and the doctors can help him get there.
  9. thanks so much spence, it really helps and means a lot to everyone in his life, especially him. keep the prayers coming... he can make it!
  10. i just found out yesterday that a good friend of mine, zach, has a rare form of T-cell Lymphoma vs. Leukemia exacerbated by the Epstin-Barr Virus... needless to say he is in critical condition and on life support. there is nothing anyone can do to help at this point besides pray. i know none of you know him, but he deserves all the help he can get right now. he's strong and young (23) and a fighter. we know he can make it through this. he has made 1 skydive and is interested in more, so he's part of our family. his mom is updating a blog about him here:, if anyone is interested. does anyone have any experience with this nasty disease? i am so upset and need support for my friend.
  11. i did my mail in ballot about 3 weeks ago! i heard yesterday on the radio that half of CO had voted early :)
  12. nope, 2001 honda civic. this is the first time i've had a problem with it. i thought it might have something to do with turning the key while i was pumping. i also pulled over 2 times to stop/start as well as driving around more before i went to work and it stayed the same. i'm not device dependent, i'm just wondering wtf happened.
  13. so i was on half a tank today and saw cheap gas, so i decided to fill up the rest of the way. as the gas was pumping i got back in my car and turned the key half way so i could listen to my music. well, once the tank was full, i made sure it was full (like i always do), by pumping the last few cents into the tank. anyways, so i get back in my car and drove away and the gas gauge stayed at 3/4 tank, where it had moved to when i turned my key to listen to music. it is not reading a full tank, but i am sure it's full. what the hell? any ideas?
  14. geez. maybe i should just invent what i'm looking for! it doesn't seem like it's that difficult to make, does it? and oh yeah... it's COL-O-RAD-HO
  15. i have an old clunky ipod, so using a waist clip is out of the question! still trying to figure this out!
  16. these are huge and expensive! i am not interested in all the bluetooth stuff either. hopefully someone can help us!
  17. is there a such thing as wireless ear buds or sports headphones? i hate getting slapped in the face with the wire from my ipod!
  18. can't wait to have you here :) what are your internships for? i'm a volunteer in the er at denver health!
  19. i had this one at work for a newsletter we just did w/ our baby pics in it!
  20. wow! i remember reading this in 3rd grade (1990-ish)... we used to get these science articles that we would have to read and discuss as a class. i distinctly remember an article we read about there being flying cars in the future! i don't know why that always stuck with me, but it's surprising to see this now! random
  21. alanab

    Dublin '05

    fun! i just found my pics here: pages 2-7
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    Dublin '05

    one of the ohio (now colorado) girls here... checking in! that was one of my favorite boogies spence! so many great memories :) thanks for everything you do!!