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  1. he's so tiny and adorable! congrats! samson is a great name too :)
  2. graphic designer/studio & production artist for a marketing agency. also back in school to get into nursing!
  4. peanut butter and salami sammich... SO GOOD!
  5. you must not have read this one then!
  6. alanab


    my long lost lover! what are you doing here! justi and i reunited this july at my lake house for the first time in 2 years! she's still the BEST! what up!?
  7. gotta love it!
  8. where's the house? i'll go stink bomb it :)
  9. i realized something yesterday at work... so i had to make this...
  10. maybe a target gift card so they can buy her something she needs down the road a bit?
  11. hey girl! i was in the same boat 1.5 years ago. we ended up having to move out because of the foreclosure. nothing we could do about it. if you like the place enough, maybe look into buying it? let me know if you have specific questions.
  12. september will be 2 years my ex almost died in a BASE accident 2 yrs ago, then i bought a house and tore my ACL, i am cleared to jump at the end of august... i am planning on getting current again this fall if finances allow.... anyone care to donate to my "get alana current fund"?
  13. it takes more than a boozie boobie squeeze to offend this girl :) are you gonna be there? i'll be with a big group rolling up in a limo!
  14. i just plan on filling it with liquor or some sort. no neet to keep that cold :) that company cannot get it to me by friday... i am pursuing this!
  15. thanks for the link! i was planning on getting something like this for the mile-hi festival this weekend! wonder if i'd get it in time?
  16. google gave me this:
  17. its not the point matt's trying to make. this person likely took his coworkers purse too, and who knows what else. thieves dont just steal gum.
  18. happy birthday to my long lost lover ;) love you girl, have a great day!
  19. as if this wasn't enough for people to see yesterday during bike to work day:
  20. yum always love me some south african hotness! what is it with you guys?
  21. or you could do it any day!?