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  1. just removed the 3 ohio girls.... plans have changed and we are all too broke i am especially mad about this one.... i REALLY REALLY wanted to make it, but i just cant justify spending that much for a weekend, when i need to save for ELOY! i wish you all the best time and will be thinking about you the whole weekend... im going to go cry now, seriously.
  2. With the brakes stowed many ellipticals will stay in a turn until you apply control input. Harness or riser input is a better way to deal with it than toggle. since that will leave the canopy in braked flight to give you more time to deal with traffic, stowing your slider, loosening your chest strap, etc. This seems to be more likely with ellipticals that are more sensitive to control input like the Stiletto; but is far from unique to that canopy. I think the Stiletto just gets a reputation because it was the first common elliptical. All ellipticals ocassionally try to open into a hard turn which will turn into a spiral. Flying through the opening minimizes this. If you made enough jumps on a Samurai you'd find that it does this too. THANK YOU!
  3. well, as i remember (since i was slightly scared of the stiletto openings), i watched the deployments carefully and it "seemed" to be a normal opening, but instead of flying straight i was spinning! not so, i was 100% aware that i was in good body position to pull. possible, but wouldnt it cause left hand turns on the openings on all jumps then?
  4. i have been wanting to downsize for sometime now. i am currently jumping a sabre 2 150 (i weigh 140 without gear right now, but that's going down as we speak!). i would like to jump a 135 sized canopy. so yesterday i was out at the dz jumping and my friends let me jump their samurai 136 (i put 2 jumps on it and loved it) and also a stiletto 135. i put 3 jumps on the stiletto. but... on the 2nd jump, while very aware to my body position on opening, i opened up and was instantly spiraling to the left. i had a square canopy above my head, no line twists, both brakes still stowed... yet spinning like crazy. so, i released the breakes and made a slight toggle turn to the right to counter the turns and then i was fine and flying straight... but i was low and landed out without incident. the rest of the jumps put on the stiletto that day were fine by me and the owner. so the point of my post is... what the hell could have been causing the spirals? no line twists, no brake fires, no line over. just crazy fast spiraling! thanks in advance if you can help
  5. there are actually fun jumpers there... i was there 2 years ago and rented gear to make a jump there! awesome people and dz... must jump in interlaken
  6. Just get your ass in the car a drive.It's not that far. come get us spence
  7. airtran is like $250... out of dayton.... so NO, because gas to get tehre plus parking would equal what all the other airlines are charging, which is about $350 for everywhere i have checked.
  8. ok so.... amanda and i are NOT finding any cheap airfare for this boogie. looks like the ohio girls might have to back out damnit
  9. what about here?
  10. at least he could have his last jump signed on a piece of paper
  11. OMG!!!!!! that is the dude that stole the golf cart keys from us on the first saturday night!!!! we saw him the next day but he was gone before we realized that was him and then we couldnt find him what a fuckin wierdo, seriously he creeped us all out! he was following us around all ngiht and trailing behind us on his bike while we were all on the golf cart! then somehow he got the golf cart key... luckily we had a spare set somewhere! ew
  12. yeah, like ditto on all of that. Where to stay? (CHEAP) need costume ideas!!! but...still not 100% sure if I am going or not yet. Just trying to plan ahead
  13. where would 2-3 girls from ohio stay while at this boogie??? flying, so can't bring a tent and all that jazz... and wont be able to drive to any hotels after seeing the party pics from last year... is the loft still up for grabs? thats where justi and i stayed in march edit to add: oh yeah... anyone got any costume ideas for me?? i suck at that stuff!
  14. just got word that some more awesome freeflyers will be there this weekend!!!!! i'll be there saturday thru monday... and i cant wait!
  15. no, they aren't "day" shots, but these sre of the flaming footie game that took place saturday night. i didn't have my camera out at all on that trip there were a TON of cameras going thruout the day, so im sure someone will podt those pics!
  16. starting the list! coming: alanab cielodiosa ccowden maybe: blueskyserenity Buried chaoskitty CSpenceFLY kelel01 RastaRicanAir wildcard451
  17. paige is having a kind of tunnel boogie/jftc fundraiser at svo... shes got a few threads on it, check them out and save the boobies!
  18. but i LOVE you, so you should come.. bring fun people like you did last time!!! SGC needs you guys:)
  19. dont you know thats the byron boogie weekend?? come on now!