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  1. justi, ive been thinking about you ALL day... i know that your surgery went well... pete called me to let me know... i miss you and love you so much... i cant wait to see you again
  2. count me in for a bit of time:)
  3. wish i could be there i will be next weekend though! i hope you guys have some partying and jumping left in you to share with me!
  4. hey! hook me up with a tube, and i'll make your tube loog good j/k... pm'd u! and chris... yeah, my tube will most likely be there!
  5. yep! i havent held it in freefall yet, but pete put 3 jumps on it whth me there watching! it broke on the 3rd jump cause it got all tangled up on exit.. so pete went ahead and fixed her all brand new and shiney for me! so, yeah... i got the tube still! big and hot yellow/green!
  6. let's make it a memorial day boogie replay!! can't wait to see you all again at SGC spence, you in?
  7. just booked my ticket into orlando... anyone willing to hook me up with a ride/place to stay fri night-sunday afternoon? pretty please i promise not to bite, and beers are on me! i arrive in orlando at 9:50pm friday the 19th and leave orlando at 4:05pm sunday the 21st. if anyone is able/willing to hook me up, please PM me or something
  8. anything being worked on for rantoul this saturday?? i would LOVE to be on a bigway sunset tracking dive in their memory... anyone willing to put this together?
  9. was just about to say that.... if i'm in town, i will definately have a memorial jump or 20 for my friends who have passed.
  10. CONGRATS BOYS!!! way to go!
  11. I CAN JUMP!!!!!! THE DOC OK'd ME TO!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey!!! I have a small favor to ask of everyone that wants to help out.... I am collecting as many different new(ish)... (just not all crinkled) pull up cords as i can. before i had a ton of them with nothing to do with them. now i have a really cool idea that i need a bunch more for. so, if you're coming to skyfest and you have extra pull up cords that you want to donate to me please let me know or just hook me up sometime this weekend when you see me! i guess i'll be hitting up the manufacturers booths too for even more!! THANKS IN ADVANCE to everyone who give me those sweet lil' cords
  13. do we need to have the part filled out about the gear we will be jumping or can we leave it blank?
  14. me and amanda are out... sorry too much with the arm still in a cast in the heat. its starting to stink have a blast everyone and please make a jump for me cause you know i wish i could!
  15. yeah i will! i like it:) i cant wait to ride co-pilot with you steeeeevvvvveeee!!!
  16. looks like i still might be coming!! anyone else grounded? i cant change names on my ticket and i cant afford $300 to change my ticket to another date going to sacramento... so i might just still come.... put me back on the list for now. who knows, if i do my therapy well, i might bring my rig!
  17. i hate to break the news to everyone.... i need to be remooved from the list i broke my fuckin elbow on friday (non skydiving) and would rather not sit in the hot texas sun for 3 days sweating and being jealous maybe next year
  18. not speaking for myself, but what about someone who is B qualified and just hasnt done water training yet?
  19. is it possible to make it a 5 way then? ohio girls plus amanduh balloon jump with rats on video? duh are you comfortable with that?
  20. wooo hoooo! me justi and amanda965 are signed up for a friday AM balloon jump! who wants to video the ohio girls jump???!