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  1. nice work! glad to see other bike commuters on here! i've been riding in to work lately as well and since today is denver's bike to work day, i organized my company's team! too bad only 5 of 35 decided to do it :) better than none, i suppose! looking forward to the downhill ride home :)
  2. Did anyone else commute on their bike today?
  3. good luck lisa and mary! i am so jealous of you guys! i can't wait to hear how things went and see lots of pics!
  4. do not wait any longer to get the surgery! get it asap!! you are only doing more damage, the longer you wait. especially since you injured it 4 months ago already. that being said, i tore my acl (complete), and medial meniscus (partial) back in december. i had to wait until february to get my surgery. after my surgery, i was told it would be about 6 months to a year before i was back at 100%. well, i did my physical therapy sessions 3x a week for the first 2 months, then down to 2x, then 1x, now i'm still going, but only 1x every other week. basically my pt says i'm way ahead of schedule in my recovery. also, make sure you get a CPM machine, it greatly reduces the scar tissue buildup. oh, and get one of those cooler pump things too... very addicting! most importantly... do your home exercises that the doc and pt give you... the more you do them, the better and faster your recovery will be. let me know if you have any more questions! so now, its 4 months post op for me, and starting at 8 weeks, i was cleared to start running again (usually at 3 months they let you start running). since then, i have gone on a 7 mile hike, a few 25 mile bike rides, trained for and ran a 10k, did a 10 mile backpacking trip and started working out again! my doctor says i can jump again at 6 months, but i'll have to wear a brace, same goes for snowboarding this upcoming season. the brace is supposed to be worn until 1 year post op. * edited to say: holy shit, that was my longest post ever on here!
  5. goose creek trail in the lost creek wilderness... here in beautiful CO!
  6. i need it cause i don't have one... that is the BEST answer!
  7. yes. life happens. my ex boyfriend almost died in a BASE accident in Oct 2006, then I bought a house, then I tore my ACL and had surgery. September will be 2 years off for me, but I plan to start jumping again this September as long as I am cleared by my surgeon and I have all my damn bills paid off. moral of the story... the sky will always be there
  8. HA! I had to share a hotel room with 7 others... needless to say I didn't get more than 1 hour of sleep. All things considered, I think I did very well :) I finished in 1 hour! My only goal was to finish... since I had ACL reconstruction surgery 3 months ago. It was such a great experience, and I plan on running it every year now! Onto my half marathon next!!
  9. alanab

    Wii Fit

    you should reconsider... what you eat is 80% of your body make up, the other 20% is 10% genetics and 10% exercise.
  10. alanab

    Crock Pot Day

    i make a really delicious AND really healthy white bean chili in the crock pot... let me know if anyone wants it!
  11. a lot of not-so-great things have happened to me in the 2 years i've lived here... but i love it SOOOO much in CO, that i wouldn't even think about leaving!
  12. i've got a friend living over there, has been for about 4 years i think. let me know if you want me to put you in touch with him!
  13. billy, we already talked about doing some together :) but i need to find good weekend pack trips for this summer as well! lisa, do you have mary's email or number?
  14. anyone have any good backpacking resources, as far as where to go, etc?
  15. see here:,,id=180250,00.html
  16. anyone on here actually live IN boulder? i need a favor
  17. happy birthday paige! from one ohio girl to another :)
  18. am i missing something?
  19. can i play too, even if i can't jump?
  20. woo hoo! maybe we can do a few 14ers together!
  21. i'll be there next weekend for robert randolph.... i was just in copper until a few hours ago :)
  22. 80% of your weight and body fat is what you eat, 10% is genetics and 10% gym time.