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  1. um, soooo where is everyone staying at? is tenting it cool?
  2. was that jump with erez filming/coaching you?? i noticed the jumpsuit on his deployment! congrats and have fun!!!
  3. alanab

    i wanna tube!!!

    if its a hand held sit tube, you keep it in your left hand stretched out as far as possible, deploy as normal.... as soon as the canopy has you upright, throw your left hand back and down to get the tube out of the way then hook it on your foot for canopy flight and kick it off about 20 feet from the ground and land as normal. edited for speling mistakes
  4. justi and i just bought our tickets!!!!
  5. alanab

    i wanna tube!!!

    how much would you charge?? phree has one i think... but i want my OWN!
  6. alanab

    i wanna tube!!!

    i did a search on here for freeefly tubes and got no relavnet updated info from it. i am looking to buy a freefly tube... can anyone direct me where to go? what can i expect to pay for one? thanks!
  7. damn! 14 birdman jumps this weekend?? you hit the nylon crack HARD!!! way to go TJ
  8. is the PMTS accepting dudes now too??
  9. got some $$ i can borrow so i can buy katie's beautiful suit?? i'll flock with you lots then
  10. apparently there was a pro track found in the hanger from the boogie... if it's yours or know who's it is, contacht the dz at or 937-372-0700
  11. woooo hooooo!!! i had a blast this weekend!
  12. haha! oops... i losst my internets connection while i hit the post button and i figured it didnt go through since i got the "this page cannot be displayed" message
  13. i got a tap!! go vote in the bonfire!!;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  14. i got a tap! go vote in the bonfire!;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  15. ok... heres the low down, i just got off the phone with the distributor and here are your choices that we can afford: molson canadian michael sheas honey brown rolling rock coors light coors original labatts killians if people want to throw in some $$ we could get: heiny $143 harp $161 bass $165 guinness $167 *beer type that gets the most votes wins.... we leave to get it at noon tomorrow!! LET THE VOTING BEGIN!!!! my vote is for labatts or guiness!
  16. here's our quick 24 hour notice period asking your guys' keg beer preference. we are the ones bringing the free keg beer for saturday night and would love to make you all happy. we have about $100 saved up for it but thats got to include cups and ice. so give your suggestions now, and keep in mind that a keg of bud light is about $85 i think! phree, you still bringing a lil keg too?
  17. hey better idea, why dont you personally deliver it!!?? we'd like that MUCH more!
  18. looks like i have to take yours truely off the list... i wasn't able to get the suit maybe one day i'll flock with you all adrock - GTi doublespock j-rock - S1 kansasskydiver - Classic Ollie (from france) - GTi phreezone - S3 & Classic II scottbre - GTi spy38w - GTi tress from VSE wildcard451 - GTi