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  1. i have a ton of pop ups... does anyone know how to stop this in firefox?
  2. i just bought in denver, CO in October... let me know if you need specific info.
  3. that is wonderful news. i still think of robert often.
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    Oh, quit bragging. It's been TWO WEEKS since we had a good snow here in CO. where were you last wednesday??
  5. jump from here:
  6. i would say maybe not, cause it was THE day during the atlanta Halloween 2005 boogie that was really bad... you know what i mean brandy, right?
  7. here's a good one of lee and i, that i love!
  8. add a tiny drizzle of honey to the ones that taste like cardboard, and viola! but the go lean crunch is the way to go for natural and healthy and tastes great :) you can always eat oatmeal too, not the sugary little packets, but the big cylinder of quaker oats. i add vanilla protein powder and cinnamon to mine! hijack over, sorry sunny :)
  9. try kashi go lean... so good!
  10. if you have a mac, hold down apple and repeatedly click submit (with roberta selected) it opens a new tab
  11. How do you vote multiple times? click on polls at the top, then vote again :)
  12. i live in denver. what will you be doing for the dz while you work there?
  13. i guess of all the strange places i've woken up after being wasted the night before... the one that still sticks out in my mind to this day, would have to be during the eloy holiday boogie '03 (i think that was the year anyways).... i was staying at a hotel with a bunch or people for the boogie, but i guess that night i couldn't make it back for one reason or another. so i woke up in the middle of the desert in a tent... by myself. i still have no idea how i got there, or who's tent it was.
  14. so, how did the dinner go? what'd you make?
  15. ingredients: 2-4 bonless skinless chicken breasts 1 package of Herbed Boursin Cheese Spread (or any similar herb cheese spread) 1 small jar of roasted red peppers (chopped up, but not too small), don't use the entire jar... use about half or so... depends on how much you like them! fresh basil (5 leaves or so) olive oil salt & pepper mix the package of cheese spread in a small bowl with basil, red peppers, salt and pepper to taste... and set aside. take the chicken breasts and make a small slit (2 inches) lengthwise down the side of each breast with a sharp knife. then gently glide the knife inside the breast to create as large of a pocket inside as you can without puncturing the surface of the chicken. then take a small spoon and start spooning the cheese mixture into each breast equally. i like a lot of cheese in mine! once they are stuffed, use 3-4 toothpicks to close up the slits so nothing leaks out. coat each breast on both sides with olive oil, salt and pepper. grill about 7 minutes on each side on a hot grill. then remove toothpicks and serve with asparagus and lemon basil couscous! for the couscous, you follow the usual cooking instructions for the kind you buy, but add some lemon juice and basil at the end when its ready to fluff! this is my favorite meal and it takes only minutes to prepare and cook :) good luck! and get some for me on my b-day!!
  16. i have an awesome stuffed chicken breast recipe if you're into that kind of thing... and its super good and also easy!
  17. does something like this exist? i always wonder because people never know they have cancer until they encounter a health problem, that leads to the discovery of their cancer. i would think there should be something like this available by now, but i can't find anything on the web. any ideas?
  18. I agree... crane lake merlot... considerably amazing for it's price! i can't find it in denver though :( must be an ohio thing
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    i live in denver too and i thought it was the coolest thing i've ever seen! i was freaking out! i had no idea what was going on, so we were looking for info on the internet, just as i was reading about thundersnow, the news chimed in on the tv and started talking about it too! did you get the big hail/snow balls/flakes too during the storm? its was awesome!
  20. wow, thanks for the tons of good info! i guess it just sucks to think im not going to be able to exercise until june. im gonna get fat sitting around for 4 months. i have a small house with no stairs, so it will be easy to crutch and hop around. my mom is coming in from ohio to take care of me for the first week, and im gonna try to make it my goal to be able to drive by the time she leaves, cause i have no way to get to work after that... or to my PT appointments for that matter! i guess not skydiving doesnt bother me that much, its exercise and hiking, climbing, backpacking that i hope to be able to do agin by this summer. how long until you were able to jog again? now that you are 100%, can you straighten your leg as much as your good leg? right now, mine is at about 99% straight, but that little difference makes a huge difference in how it feels when im standing up. do you still have pain? can you kneel down on your bad knee? thanks again!
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    thanks for scanning those! they are beautiful! and thanks to whoever designed them, they look great!
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    And you feel the need to point this out for what reason? Well he IS a former moderator and knows the rules, or thinks he's still a moderator, but without all the cool tricks... Perhaps he should realize he is a FORMER moderator and stick to that game plan. Wow, for a newbie you're awfully mouthy. I have been sent here to straighten out the people that need straightening out. And yes - you are on the list. classic!