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    iFLY Orlando Overnight Skydiver Camp

    11-12 can't wait! My wife is jumping in for the first time too. Gonna be a blast as always! See ya tomorrow night
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    flying with friends

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  4. RyanFYF

    iFLY Orlando Overnight Skydiver Camp

    I'm in!!! The last camp was a blast!!!!
  5. RyanFYF

    Florida newbies

    sounds fun! I JUST picked up my A in DeLand.
  6. RyanFYF

    My wife's first tandem

  7. RyanFYF

    Optima2 with Hypeye

    I have the optima2 with visual port and use the XLled with it. it is very small and easy to use. I don't even have it in my eye, just pointed at my eye from the forhead liner of my cookie G3. works perfect and the led is BRIGHT. Hypeye D has an expansion that allows you to use multiple inputs here's a link I found http://www.gethypoxic.com/manufacturers/get_hypoxic/expansionkit.htm I say just get the LED that is made for the optima2. it's worth the $40-$50
  8. RyanFYF

    AFF 7 out of the plane

  9. RyanFYF

    PD 240 first landing