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  1. They are the same shell if that's what you mean. Different padding. The XL and XXL is the larger shell The G3 is available in six different helmet sizes through padding installed in two shell sizes creating the most comfortable fitting helmet on the market. Using a tape measure please determine the circumference of head to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. Do this by placing the tape measure around the widest part of your head which will be above the eye brows and ears. Available sizes include: xsmall (51-52 cm or 20-20.5 in), small (52-53 cm or 20.5-20.75 in), medium (53-55 cm or 20.75-21.5 in), large (55-57 cm or 21.5-22.25 in), xlarge (57-59 cm or 22.25-23 in) and xxlarge (59-61 cm or 23-24 in).
  2. Someone who does metalizing. And as for amber or red or yellow, you just dip dye the clear visor to achieve that
  3. Spinners might slow my fall rate down better leave them on my dodge neon hahahaha
  4. Switch to clear and let this collect dust in the closet lol. Just wanted to see it done
  5. Just got this bad boy in and on. Can't wait to jump it tomorrow! I always wanted a chrome visor like my motorcycle helmet so I had it mirrored. Since, I am still doing solo's and no one else needs to see my face right now, I thought it would be a great time to test it out. What do you think?
  6. I have the optima2 with visual port and use the XLled with it. it is very small and easy to use. I don't even have it in my eye, just pointed at my eye from the forhead liner of my cookie G3. works perfect and the led is BRIGHT. Hypeye D has an expansion that allows you to use multiple inputs here's a link I found http://www.gethypoxic.com/manufacturers/get_hypoxic/expansionkit.htm I say just get the LED that is made for the optima2. it's worth the $40-$50
  7. why not just get pivothead glasses and have NO snag points?
  8. so it got caught on the open mount correct? There was no camera mounted to the top plate prior to the entaglement right? Just some open screws and dangling plug from a metal plate? Just checking
  9. I have no idea. works fine for me
  10. The way I lok at it as a noob is buy the gear you want the first time. I have barely any jumps and you'll find me with a shiny G3 helmet, visoii digital alti and a student rental rig lol. Don't care what other people think, I needed to wear a helmet so I bought the one I wanted. AND I LOVE my cookie G3. no goggles to mess with, and pop her open under canopy. good to go. I bought the viso II because one day they ran out of altimeters to rent so it was eigther buy one or wait for one to get turned in. I had 20 till my load so I said "I'm gonna end up buying this one eventually anyways" and bought it right then and there. I love it! as for audible, I just got one for christmas but havn't jumped it yet.
  11. I always wondered why there were 4 pairs hanging from the bacl of the pilots seat. thought they were for him incase he had to bail. Deland must have great jump pilots cause all the planes have spares hanging by the pilot.
  12. My DZ instructors explained it pretty simple to me... "if you don't have 100+ jumps, don't even SAY the word camera." It's simple and to the point. I'm a total newb and barey jumping once a month right now but that put an end to any further questions I had as an anxious aff graduate. I say pay an experienced buddy to film you. No danger for you and you get to be the star of the video! It's a win win!
  13. DeLand, Fl isn't too bad at all. $23 jump tickets ($17 for a hop and pop) Gear rental is 1 jump $35 or $75 for the entire day. Repacks are $7 and if you pack your own you HAVE to pay for the final repack of the day on rental gear. Altimeters are free to use but are limited and first come. Same goes with student helmets and student jumpsuits. Instructor jumps are jump ticket +$50 I think. The entire AFF course with gear and instructors is like $1250 if paid in full. Instructed tunnel time is like $250 for 15 minutes in Orlando through a DeLand instructor. Video guys (and gals) will jump with you for $40 and usually will take HD photos and upsale them for an extra $20 if you choose to get them.
  14. Glad to hear I'm not the only one lol.
  15. got out here Sunday for 1 jump. Oh well better then none right! I talked to Nikki and he put me on the 190 no problem. It was rig "A". Was fun when the left toggle got stuck braked when I pulled them down. went into a nice little left hand corkscrew while I unsnagged the handle from the stow hole in the line. After that, it was smooth sailing, and nice flair to landing. came in a little hot but wasn't bad at all. I liked it. After the new year I plan on hitting the DZ HARD for that A!
  16. should have my A by then so count me in for a fun jump! Deland is the best!
  17. see ya Sunday homie!!!!
  18. Sorry, I've NOT made any agreement to in any way "protect" my student. I'm there to teach, I'm there to try to correct any errors they might make, and I'm there to assist with stability and deployment if I can. I'm not there to protect. I'm not there to save their life. Glad I read his AFTER my aff lol.
  19. if you are goingto ziptie it anyways, why not just zip tie the gopro in the case to the chin, skip the screw and mount part they make the camera stick REALLY far off your chin. I used the curve mount on mine on my motorcycle helmet and it kept it nice and close to the halmet and not sticking down on my neck or up in my eyes. I'm no where near jumping with a camera though so I'm not a great judge, just my personal experience with the mc helmet
  20. learned turns, mantis, and some monkey see monkey do at the end. Had a blast! Can't wait to continue forward and work on some RW! vimeo.com/55472746
  21. awesome progression vid! It was fun to see you morph into a freeflyin banana!