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  1. total newb struggling with packing a new canopy myself, but did you notice a label on the outside? I know the PD canopies have labels that make finding the first and last cells super easy.
  2. Just for reference, most DZs do not have an on-site gear store. You happen to be at one of the larger, year round DZs that also happens to be in the same town as several major manufacturers, so you do have a very nice gear store. More common is the DZ has some 'stuff' for sale, like goggles, altimeters, audibles, etc, and can order anything else you need. They might also help you find or sell a rig, but in terms of a 'store', not so much. good to know, I guess I totally forgot about that and was taking it for advantage
  3. I don't know how your gear store works, but ours in deland usually will buy your rig from you to resell or they sometimes do consignment where they will be able to help get the right person locally to buy it. You could even talk to them about renting it out and see if they will let you pending their inspection and paperwork or something. Just a thought
  4. Really? That's what you took away from that?
  5. I just found the UPT videos that discuss some of the packing tips and I should be out jumping this weekend. Might just have to give it another try and start saving the $10 each time
  6. I think wind tunnel training should account for something too when looking at qualification requirements. Some one with 200 jumps might not fly NEARLY as good as someone with 100 jumps and 2 hours of wind tunnel time
  7. So I assume your jumping a round with a frap hat? just playin!!!
  8. just saw another one pop up the other day. Not a G3 but still pretty sick. Still love this concept, for the right scenario. [inline chromevisor.jpg]
  9. THIS! It's actually pretty easy. I shut my cypres, viso, and optima off everytime as soon as I get home from the DZ.
  10. for over $100 for ear buds, they BETTER sound amazing!
  11. you should have had plenty of time to unbuckle it and buckle it to your chest strap if it was too foggy to see. been there before. Got a G3 and never looked back. flip up full face for ever!!!!!
  12. I have the XL LED in my cookie G3. works great. its small and bright but doesn't seem nearly as bright as the one in that video. I honestly mostly only see mine when it blinks at 1000ft in the plane. in free fall it kinda catches my eye but doesn't distract me or pull my attention away from the sky and that's what I wanted.
  13. I see a lot more contour +2 cameras popping up around my drop zone. Most the instructors use them because they are low profile and out of the way for aff and coach jumps. and a few locals wear them and play EVERY jump on their laptop after EVERY landing lol. They seem to enjoy the long battery life and ease of file transferring. As for the gopro, I don't jump cameras yet but I do use gopros for motorcycles, dirtbikes, and scuba diving and I am always pretty happy with mine
  14. I just dont understand the logic here ? I mean why not the main bedroom. Didn't want the wife and dog to get jealous.
  15. I had a spare queen mattress in my guest room so I decided to keep my rig nice and comfy and tucked in the blankets resting on the pillow and told the inlaws to get a hotel room! It's been great!
  16. What about a 40-50l hiking bag? Seems large enough to fit everything and made to fit comfortably on shoulders. Plus they are a lot cheaper than MX gear bags. I've got to find something to fit the rig and the gear inside if that can go on my back.
  17. I've also noticed that each packer runs my bridal different. I think I know which way I liked best but should there be more thought put into that before practicing a million times? Thanks for all the support by the way. I love the dropzone.com family!
  18. Crazy how fast this got off topic and turned I to another AAD argue t thread lol. Get yourself a good altimeter. The rest you will figure out as you go through recommendations of the instructors and coaches. That's what I did and it seems to be working great for me
  19. As soon as I get all healed up I'm down!
  20. I love the pd videos. Probably watches them 100 times since I took my packing class several months ago. I just wished he was packing a 150 in that bag. Would be more of the headache I'm dealing with. But I'm down right now from oral surgery so once the pain goes away ill have lots of free time to pack and pack and pack :)
  21. You are very brave to admit that on this forum. Get ready for the shit that is about to be dumped on you. Newer jumpers often make the mistake of buying an ill fitting container in an effort to avoid the need to purchase another rig down the road. Most people average about 100 jumps per year. And since most experienced people will suggest that you make at least 3-500 jumps on a canopy before even considering downsizing means (if you do what is advised by the majority of people) this rig should last you close to five years. The problem seems to be: people who are planning their downsizing of canopies before they've even learned how to fly the brand new one they just got. There is a price we pay for everything we choose to do and that is never more true than in our sport. I truly hope your only price paid is the hassle of shoving that canopy in that too small of a bag and container. Good luck. .Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be. . You got it a little off. I didn't buy anything planning on downsizing later. I bought this used and it already had a 170 in it. I was ordering a container with a 150 when this opportunity came along. Then I decided to keep the 170 in it since it was already there. Not the other way around.
  22. Thanks guys. That makes total sence. I definitely look forward to trying it out. I've been standing over the packers every time the repack for me and just watching and asking some questions. I love the amount of help everyone is willing to put forth in this sport! No one tells me "this is the correct or only way" just what works for them and that makes me feel a lot more comfortable in moving forward with practicing.
  23. Got my USPA card in the mail today! I finally have a license number!!! Super pumped!
  24. yeah, I liked the idea of buying a rig that had a "full fitting" canopy so that I can downsize to the 150 (1:1.1) when I am comfortably ready. the 170 is 1:0.9 so It should be great to learn rears on. and I'm always the last to land lol. I guess I will just continue to practice, (I did get it in the bag once and haven't touched it since) and probably keep paying the pros to pack it at the DZ. Hopefully watching them will click a light bulb on for me