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  1. Hey jou hondgesig , I've just been there (ock - feb) and played in the Hollywood tunnel, peris and elsinore... I need new ground ! I'm looking at something more south. Lodi seems inviting... if the slot rates r true... And if i have to chose between tunnel and velo... tunnel will loose. Regards Arnie
  2. So... what state do you think is the best for skydiving ? I am thinking Florida or Texas just because of the location and weather conditions. I have jumped in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Utah... and still cant decide :) ! I'm comming for 3 months to play and I'm really stuck. Anyone with ideas? Thinking about weather, people and planes which state would you chose and why? Regards Arnie
  3. Anyone need someone to share cost in accomodation? Date 22-27. Please pm me. Regards Arnie
  4. Man, i was there for 2 weeks and no one wanted to help me out... where u been ? Regards Arnie
  5. If Tom A hasn't jumped the bridge in 4 years, then who was I jumping with less than a week ago? You need to think about your harsh accusations... besides who takes someone serious with "Hoes, bitches, sluts, and beer... " as interests ? ps. I had well over a 1000 skydives, bought my own base gear, flew from South Africa and paid for my FJC with Tom A last year. In my opinion he has only done good for our sport. BASE 1157 Regards Arnie
  6. pm me, please Regards Arnie
  7. Definitely not me in that picture... But that bridge is in SA compare the pics. And russian rig ?? WTF... Please can i have what u smoking ? Both B is in Africa. Regards Arnie
  8. hethinkheissoooocool.jpeg looks ALOT like a site in South Africa... I will almost swear it is... Fisrt pic is also SA... When did you do the tard ? Regards Arnie
  9. Few from South Africa... Ocean background in in Plettenberg Beach the rest is over Nylstroom. Regards Arnie
  10. Glad to hear you are sane... got me worried there for a moment... or maybe interested. Regards Arnie
  11. U do CRW with Velocities and HMA lines ? Wow... Regards Arnie
  12. Hehe, sorry bru. No, I lost the left riser ( only thing I could not retrieve). The riser you see in the picture is the one with one line on that was still attached to the canopy. After cut away I pulled the left riser off as it did not release to clear everything. But I chucked it to pull my left handle. Regards Arnie
  13. I though I had video but the opening shock turned it off. How did i find my risers ? D bag, risers and lines are out... So my hands are on my risers at line stretch. On a Velocity after inflation you want to be pretty quick on risers for avoidance/heading control. All of this was at 10000ft so plenty of time to play. Regards Arnie