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  1. Borat

    New Saudi Made rig

    these fotos are to smal i like to see biger fotos please thank my place i work
  2. Borat

    heli boogie '07

    o yeah wel i am buyiing v10 and i wil b e femous even wiht oulde fashion helmut (and its red not penk) my place i work
  3. Borat

    bigger then jummy

    keep yuor eie on the danse floor; moove out of way normans klent, i am goin to bust a moove. out of fokus and badly framd is new art form iam goin big, i will be disko king and yuo wil all envy my nose on the side of the screen, my vigneting wiht bad lense and my foot in frame i will be disko king o yes i will be diswko king my place i work
  4. hmmm, it is nice to hav frend tak fotos but next time ask him to shoot you frm the otha side. yuo get mor of a dinamic from left to right also if you ar in top therd of foto we get to see what you are faling into. here we canot see were you are going and it lefts us pendinge. my place i work
  5. Borat

    bigger then jummy

    go here and congregulate otha shelf on slowly bcomiing beter then jummy on holiday i will be disko king o yes i will be disko king my place i work
  6. Borat

    Love BASE

    oulde stuf.... but nice to see again jummy was king my place i work
  7. Borat

    gess whose bak...

    glad yuo got one in i sure hope i can mak it ther one day. my place i work
  8. Borat

    gess whose bak...

    ... for s cople off week. bak from doin war stuf in desert. not muhc to do on weeekli day of eksept skyjump, surf and try mak art wihc is ok bye me. - Michi: sory i coudent mak the jump or teh beeer. hope you like teh place and we wil be able to jump one day. also hope you enjoy jump wiht sellfoneman... - wwarped: hav you decide yet? i live like gypsy now and never kno wen i am home. - naptown: goin to start on draw this week now i must go to base jump. my place i work
  9. Borat

    wwe smakduwn chaleng

    i make jump today, i am hapy now and ready for tihs. pre fite speach: misteeeerr jummyyyyyyyyy on holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i call chanleg for yuo to make beter movie film abuot jumping base than me. 980 run away but sellfoneman is to be helping me in the ring. my freinds i jump with is maybe do funny things but so is your friends. i got steel balls so meet me in the ring if you are a big man and we wil see who will be disko king. deep in my heart i know i wil be disko king one day, it isa my destinationy. my place i work
  10. Borat

    New Forum

    you can also tak sombody else identity who themself is not real. wat deos it make you (me) then? litle pic just for you justadude my place i work
  11. i agrea wit most of wat you write eksept teh "mass murder" part; Ali Abu Kamal killd one dude. 2 if you includ himself. my place i work
  12. no good times here, none whatsoever, never, ever... beware little britain and italy terninal walls; he has plane tiket and is unstabl like this on evry jump. dont let him near cranes and big overhung walls. this was your one warning. my place i work
  13. thank you mr h for to let me jump. i am not from slovenian. slovenian peopl is retard and hav no potassium. for beer, i make urinate in bottle and put lid bak on. i am very glad you do not notice and like my urinate. i had real beer and was real drunk but i hav to say yuo are good make believe. we hav fun in lodaai from big tower, i wish to see you again (i will buy beer again) my place i work
  14. Borat

    no snow in Canada

    we ar in baffin now. we drive up in sam cherokee but lights dont work and he and me is drunk and it take long time to drive in night. ther is no ice becose of global warm project. i explain to 980 what big red thing is he get from an asylum and he is amazed . he still cant jump and he make me scare when i tell him to go 1st so i can see wind. now i must to walk back to khazakhstan for to work tomorrow. fun in baffin sun. my place i work
  15. Borat

    no snow in Canada

    kamera, nylon and canadian BASE association only nvented in AD. BC was only icarus and his dad but icarus want to do to much to fast; that was 1st lesson of BASE. my place i work