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  1. oh yea, and another guy at our dz just got a 98 that he previously had a viper 120 in. fits perfectly in his wings.
  2. not sure about tray size but mine is an 83 and it fits into my container (jav) that was made for a 110-120 perfectly. my buddy has a 93 that fits into his jav that he previously had a 135 in. maybe this helps.
  3. even though it had some pink in it............ haha, they did make some gay colored stock ones didnt they?
  4. 83 xaos 27 with skyworks rds, subterminal no difference in openings at all. at terminal they are a little more brisk, nothing at all bad but a bit faster and "huntier" than the stock slider. take it to terminal on about 10% of my jumps.
  5. we have a bunch of them at the dz. they are such good canopies that no one wants to get rid of them as previously mentioned. we just keep rotating them around. we have my old 120, a 135 and a 150 as well as two alpha 99s and a 94. the 120 and the alphas have hma lines and the h-mod but the other 2 are stock. they all fly great, one guy uses the 94 for his wingsuit canopy. also no one mentioned that they are made out of a packer friendly fabric.
  6. yep have to agree, definitely cool. feels good.
  7. gonna rig this up this weekend, will give a report sunday evening.
  8. was working on airplanes all day, head must have been in a spin.
  9. um, no, thats a roll on the horizontal axis. a loop is on the vertical axis.
  10. are you running joes rds, i have the same one so that would be a plus. however, how do you see the brake lines wearing the slink as most likely the pressure will be away from the slink and on the ring. correct me if im wrong. i guess the way to check is to jump it and look
  11. this actually looks like a great idea. so, as mentioned before the only downside i see is the slider grommet, or rings getting nicked or dented from the stainless rings you run the brake line through. you guys that are running this system, have never had that problem?
  12. maybe ill get banned for 14 days for posting this here
  13. The ban free forum sponsored by nitro rigging llc is up at http://www.egwingsuits.com/forum/index.php nick welcomes everyone smizzo
  14. cha-hos 84 with rds for tarping on pretty much every jump and a viper 135 for when i get sucked into doing a tandem vid or coach jump.