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  1. Shit weather Monday made for no jumps :( sorry I missed you Chris. I was there for a little working on my proficiency card. Did learn mantis in the tunnel last night though and had a lot if fun with that! Should be jumping this weekend or next!
  2. What's up Brian! I met him last night at ifly Orlando. Good people's! Can't wait to jump with ya!
  3. Ill be out there most of the day tomorrow if anyone wants to come jump! Gonna meet up with Chris d in the morning and hope to get a few fun jumps in before I go to the tunnel tomorrow night!
  4. as a noob myself, I know what you mean. The idea is to keep yourself trying new stuff during those solos and be safe while doing it. Every solo jump I do, I try to check something off my A license sheet. Now I am just starting to play with the front risers up at 4000ft and trying to build confidence in canopy control. Then at 2000 I stop and focus only on a good targeted landing and smooth flare. I also am hitting the tunnel up for some mantis and grip trainging for future use. Just remember, there is a reason so many skydivers have thousands of jumps, because it is an "always learning" sport if you make it that and no matter if there is noone in the air with me or even if I am the only one on the plane who speaks english, I am still jumping out of a freaking airplane and thats pretty cool
  5. Ya the 190 rentals they have are fun. Are you on a student rig 200 navigator? The silhouette 190 they have isn't a huge difference, it's a pretty tame canopy but still fun to fly when you get off the navigator. Once you get used to that they have a few sabre2 190 rentals. Those are a fun step up from the navigator and silhouette. First time I let that sabre2 into full flight it felt weird how fast I was flying and how much more responsive it was. Lots of flare though so it's not hard at all to land. Lots of fun to fly I'll have to talk to them because honestly I have no idea when I can start renting normal rigs and stop jumping the student rigs. I just always go grab a stundent rig as soon as I get there
  6. Awesome! Hope to jump with ya! Good luck on your AFF they are fun stuff!
  7. Sounds real good. Got to jump a 200 main today and it was great. A couple more in that and then ill definitely look into some rigs with 190 mains
  8. I'm up for eigther. I havn't really a clue on gear honestly. Just that cheap is better What ya got?
  9. That sounds so fun! It was really nice today (I saw from the window at work.) I work Friday and Saturday but will be out there Sunday. I'm still renting a student rig so I'm grounded at 16mph winds I believe.
  10. I was thinking of the gap between the fixed horizontal tail surface and the movable elevator. I used to worry about this a long time ago at a loose drop zone where some jumpers would drink a beer on the way to altitude and then chuck the empty can out the door. I could just see the can wedging itself in there and disabling the pilots controls... Not to worry though, 'cause drinking beer on the way to alititude is cool! I don't want you to ever see my videos on a motorcycle lol. You would pass out!
  11. LOL thi is good stuff. He's a pilot, not a moron. He was always aware of the plane and traffic more so then the tp. I was the spotter for the TP, he was the PILOT of the airplane. I figured it was about as fun/dangerous as headdown with a tennis ball. Anyone could argue the dangers of focusing on a tennis ball in freefall but that is the fun of it and their experience level is up to the task. He wouldn't reck a plane or drive it into another plane just to get at a piece of TP! LOL plus my editing does not show you the long, slow process of turning around to have another go at it. He is very aware of the airspeed, altitude, horizon, ground, and surroundings. My job was to film and watch the toilet paper. IT WAS FREAKING FUN!
  12. Would they need 200 hours PIC or just 200 take offs and landings?
  13. We made sure to do it over the muddin' pits so the rednecks could use the tp out there in the woods with their trucks and four wheelers. Just giving back to the community
  14. It's funny because we had so much fun and he even told me, "wait till you see what kind of stuff people will say if you put that online!" And I laughed and thought "not in dropzone. Those guys are all about good clean fun" doesn't matter to me either way though. What matters is nothing bad happened and I'm alive to talk about it. good stuff
  15. Just a quick video I made after having some fun with my buddy John in his Cessna. It was a beatiful day and I have never really rode in a plane without jumping from it so I just thought I'd share with my dropzone family! :) http://vimeo.com/54337319
  16. yeah weather was iffy. I will be out there sunday morning (Dec. 2nd) if anyone wants to do some 2 ways with me I could use the experience
  17. I got kne for an AFF graduation gift to myself. Don't care who sees it or if its inside or outside of my shirt, or if ya on my back or centered on my chest. It's on my necklace and I like it there. I tell chicks it is the silver sperm award charm given to the second place sperm shooter. They usually laugh and then ask who got gold. Then I wait and they laugh again and realize I'm full of shit while my wife shakes her head behind me.
  18. I got out there today around 11:30 and got 2 jumps in. It was super busy with everyone getting ready for the weekend's 100-ways. First load I jumped in with a student and carol and that was a nice transition into solo since Carl was there for a pin check and to make sure I knew when to jump. The second load was all 4 ways and I was the only solo. No students, no tandems. It was definitely different being the last one on the plane all alone lol. But the jumps were great and the skies were blue so I cant complain. I am usually never out on Mondays before 11 or noon. But if you ever do some two ways, let me know Chuck. I'll try to get up early for that!
  19. I'm finding that most of my jump days are going to be on Mondays. But it always is lonely getting to the DZ and noticing everyone is paired up in their RW teams or more experienced free flyers are together kinda talking about their jumps or practicing their exits. Any newbies out there that jump on Mondays? I work most Saturdays and the AFF kids I was in ground school with all jump on the weekends. just weird sitting in the plane quietly with no one to talk to lol. And now that I don't have AFF instructors I'm not so motivated to go on Mondays and don't want to get stale so soon in the sport!
  20. They used radios on my aff jumps but I only got talked to on my second jump. I was actually suprised that no one said anything on my first jump, the second jump all I got was "doing good, watch your altitude, ok good turn, there ya go!, flare! PERFECT!" then jumps 3-7 never heard anything. A few times the instructor would even ask if someone told me to turn or to flare and when I said no, he just nodded and said "oh, cool. good job" That was just my personal experience but I never found the radio destracting or a crutch I guess because they barely used it on me. But if I was doing something wrong on the first jumps I would hope someone would scream at me to turn lol
  21. my DZ made it simple to me when I did my first tandem last year and asked to bring a gopro. They said "you can bring it, film all around the drop zone, but you cannot bring it on the plane. We sell videos and hire trained jumpers to film it from a 3rd person perspective as well as their 1st person perspective after your chute opens." Enough said. They were very polite about it and as a newbie knowing NOTHING about the sport or its dangers, It made perfect sense to me. As tourists, I'm sure there are lots of things that annoy the TI but they don't know that. They have limited know how about the sport and just want to do something "crazy" to tell their friends and family about. Naturally in todays world, everyone wants to put it on youtube. Again, I have no experience and only 7 aff jumps, so I am just stating my side and telling all the TI instructors out there that we are sorry it annoys you and are grateful for your expertise in the sport and that is why we put our lives in your hands within seconds of meeting you.