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  1. My only reason for typing saber often is due to the damn auto correct on my phone. I type sabre and it switches it most the time and I don't notice until it is too late.
  2. thanks Chris, I just might do all of the above!
  3. I have a saber 2 170 in my new rig (vector3 v348) I am REALLY struggling to put the canopy in the dbag. it is so tight of a fit and I end up slipping around and making a mess and just starting over. Any tips for a full fitting canpopy sliding into a dbag easier? Total newb.
  4. and now for my next update.....>GEAR!!!! I just picked up a beautiful Vetor3 yesterday at the DZ. Talk about right place at right time, I was in the office getting ready to order one and wait 12months when I guy came in and had exactly what I wanted in his hands. It was awesome and I can't wait to jump this bad boy! I took her to lunch, then drove her home. SO HAPPY! [inline Vector3lunch.jpg] [inline Vector3safe.jpg]
  5. sent you a PM, just waiting for it in the mail! But I am ready to start some fun jumps and 2 ways!
  6. sounds fun! I JUST picked up my A in DeLand.
  7. just an update: did jumps 23,24 & 25 on Sunday. Last jump was a dive and dock for my A license!!!!! Happy Happy Happy
  8. Hey Ryan I just started following you on Instagram. Congrats and keep it up! Hope to jump with you sometime!
  9. Gear in backpack. Rig strapped to gas tank. Can't see your gauges well but who cares right?
  10. I was gonna try this afternoon but I heard the wind will be worse. I'm hoping to get out there early tomorrow morning and atleast get my feet off the ground once before the wind starts up again!
  11. He and Trevor are top notch! Very easy to work with, supportive, and incouraging. Makes the tunnel time seem like all play even when I am learning new things.
  12. the next session! https://vimeo.com/59820097
  13. saw these from Nasser. His looks like a gold mirrored tint. Pretty cool I think [inline g3visor.jpg] [inline g3visorgold.jpg]
  14. you get a new addiction and the cool title "skydiver" when you go to the bar.
  15. RyanFYF


    THIS! I have had my G3 on every solo jump since my aff grad. And I have used it for an hour of tunnel so far. LOVE IT!
  16. I saw them on ebay also with the same pictures. Weird looking old lady lol
  17. When I went to the wind tunnel after failing my level 3 twice for similar reasons, my coach made it super simple. breathe, keep your legs shoulder width apart (too wide makes it very hard to arch), and most importantly "stick your dick in the ground" They clicked very easily for me and all the frustration I had was gone. I don't worry about anything other then sticking my dick in the ground and it made me have a very nice arch while keeping me relaxed. After awhile it just becomes natural.
  18. It was metalized. Similar to sunglass lenses or ski goggles.
  19. I'm a rep for rockstar energy drink co. ;) And as for durability, it was coated on the inside of the lens so the outside could be abused. Decided not to jump it yet until I run it through some fog tests to be sure it's safe to jump. Low jump numbers doesn't mean I can't have a personality, and safety is always first priority. How ever, trying new things isn't a bad thing, other wise I'd be doing static lines on a round
  20. Lol this is fun! I love the keyboard ninjas!