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    Throat Mics

    scala g4 headset works great for long range on motorcycles. open or closed faced helmets too. I've used the Q2 and the G4 on long street rides with up to 4 other motorcycles intercomed in. They just came out with the G9 not too long ago that is supposed to be even better. [url]http://www.cardosystems.com/scala-rider/scala-rider-g9-powerset
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  3. here is some clips from my two 15 minute blocks. Super helpful coaches and I learned ALOT. http://vimeo.com/72707230
  4. I made the same mistake. Took it into a gear shop and they let me trade it pout for an XL since my L was still brand new. Gotta Love Deland! The XL is the first of the larger shell size. That's what really makes the difference between L and XL. I suggest you sell your L on the classifieds if you can't return it and go bigger. My XL fits loose enough to be comfy but doesn't move in free fall when buckled so I'm happy with it. It's great in the tunnel too!
  5. Try working on dive exits. They will come in handy when you get your A and start RW http://youtu.be/ApIDgkPOGf4
  6. Here's a Psycho Pack Job explained: http://youtu.be/hGyvLfdTH1k
  7. I'm in!!! The last camp was a blast!!!!
  8. Merlin Suits out of Deland, FL makes them.
  9. bought my rig used and it has "plan B" and "part 2" on them. It's ok I guess and a lot of people get a laugh out of it, but not my first choice.
  10. http://zerogapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/zg-slider_0006_hopNpop2.jpg-960x600.jpg Put a plate up there like that guy and you can mount any camera(s) you want! Even run a contour AND 4 gopros or a cx150 and Nikon. Endless.
  11. I've noticed that I have sinus issues and sometimes it effects my ears while skydiving. I take a nasal decongestion pill every morning before I head to the drop zone and it seems to do the trick. Half the time I don't even remember to wear my ear plugs since there was no pain on the previous jump. Little red pill. Generic nasal decongestion pill. works like a charm for me! No more headache or earache
  12. Deland does it. I have scored like 5 or 6 free jumps so far. But they only do it if you bring them a first timer. They have to have never jumped before. Working on all my land loving friends one at a time
  13. I grabbed a G3 the next day after AFF graduation. Have done every jump since with it. Love it! Full un obscured vision for me and for my coaches. It's great because I could focus on my dive at all times. Never had to mess with goggles, or fogging up goggles. I hated those lol. To each their own, but having one helmet to always wear whether its in the sky or in the tunnel when starting out is nice because it is never a distraction. And I love the quite G3. Helped me relax a bit
  14. hell yes! I'm down gonna see if I can get a buddy to share an hour with me then I'll be booking my slot!
  15. wow. pouring tea, back handed, now that's a sick trick! That guy rules!
  16. that's my home DZ. I gotta keep an eye out for that jumpsuit lol. Stay away from him for a while
  17. The biggest part is to keep blotting it with a towel as you air dry it. You want that bad boy to be 100% dry after washing. I put mine in the sunlight but inside. If you air it out outside, it could end up stinking like the great outdoors forever. Especially here in FL where the humidity is so high
  18. also I am the same weight as you and I am 6'0". They said I fall like a leaf and when I am on 2 ways I am always floating on the first dock until I slam my pelvis down to catch up. You'll get there, just keep your chin up. (No seriously, keep your chin up, it helps lol) Also when you are in the tunnel, make sure they know what you want to correct. If they are just looking at your body position but you are on the net and they didn't know you had a spin problem then they may not know to help you correct it?
  19. I failed level three twice. Did 10 minutes in the tunnel and it fixed everything. Biggest thing was I was too stiff. My arch was perfect they said but I was so stiff that I flopped around and "potato chipped" back and forth. Once I hit the tunnel and was able to relax and focus only on instruction and not all the crazy adrenaline around me, everything clicked. Next jump was 4 and 5 in one jump and 6 and 7 on the next. Good luck and hang in there, I know exactly how ya feel
  20. it works great too. I even pop the visor off so I can dry it out faster. still looks good as new and once dry, I always store it with a dryer sheet in there to keep it fresh
  21. Might want to think through that advice a little bit more. Personally, I'd never attach something to my chest strap (like a helmet) that could potentially interfere with my ability to see and reach my handles. Even if I open at my normal altitude (3Kish) and decide my main is happy and landable, there are scenarios that could cause me to need to cutaway and/or fire my reserve later on (canopy collision in traffic, self-induced malfunction to name but two). it wasn't advice It was an opinion. I was simply stating what I would do in that situation. Not what someone else should do. Your life, your decision. No one else.
  22. okie dokie, I have now officially jumped my own pack job twice in a row. Getting more help from Amanda in her pack class was exactly what I needed to get the job done. Watching her throw the main in the bag like it was nothing with out ever straining was enough of a kick in the ass to realize it's just me. Now I get it in the bag everytime and so far had two excellent on heading openings. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  23. It helped me taking a "refresher" pack class and bringing my own gear. I have the largest canopy that can fit in my rig too but now that I've practiced a billion times and had lots of help from the pack class on my own personal gear, I saw a pro make it look so easy and that helped get any doubt out of my head. Now I'm jumping my own pack jobs and I love the way they open. Beautiful, soft, on heading! Hang in there and keep practicing over and over again. When a pro watches you and tells you it's correct and great job, its very reassuring and helps you become more confidant in your own ability. That's usually the real problem anyways is just doubt and frustration. Good luck!