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  1. Ok so here's an update. Finished ground school today but due to weather couldn't jump. Very hopeful for next Saturday. Class was fun and everyone was super cool. Lots of help and tips from every/any employee that was with in ear range. Those guys are great. Only me and one other guy jb the class and he was super chill too. We are bith gonna try to knock these aff jumps out and have fun doing it. Great experience all around and can't say enough about all the staff and friends of deland skydive dz.
  2. This shit got heavy lol. So here's one. If I show up tomorrow for ground school and my aff1 jump and walk in With a case of budlight for everyone/anyone, is that a no no? Don't wanna step on toes since I plan on doing this alot
  3. Thanks for that. I've been trying to be a sponge as much as possible and want to just learn learn learn from everyone's experiences. It's funny that really no matter what happened in everyone's stories, the solution is always to arch and relax. Definately cool to hear everyone saying the same things like trust your training and your instructors and you'll be good. I can't freaking wait!
  4. I'm in new Smyrna beach (Venetian bay)
  5. All done and rested from my dive trip down to the keys. Signed up (finally) for aff ground school and jump 1 next Saturday! Let the work week begin!!!
  6. are you using the open back or the closed back plate on the housing. You should be using the open back one, and they make a nice muffle pillow that ataches to it for max sound with minimal wind noise. you could even make one http://www.ioffer.com/i/2-x-foam-windscreens-wind-noise-reducer-for-gopro-hd-508696311
  7. sounds like a self confidence issue. If you ask people a million times "am I pretty?" or walk around like you feel like you don't fit in, then I'd walk the other way from you too. Just relax and worry about jumping and having fun. Don't worry about making friends. That's the easy part when you are all having fun. Get some of your non jumping friends to come hang one day with you at the DZ so people can see you are a sociable person. Just my 2 pennies
  8. Thanks, I'm out in NSB so it's a quick shot to the DZ. Definately excited! Everyone there so far has always seemed so nice and positive.
  9. Yeah there are health factors and altitude pressures ect to consider. I will have plenty of time inbetween these two. But still CAN'T WAIT!!!
  10. What's up everyone. I'm Ryan and I live 25 minutes away from skydive deland. Will be starting my aff Once I get back from the keys on a diving trip in a few weeks. Only got two tandem jumps under my belt and am super excited to take up this new passion. Can't wait to see you all in the sky!