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    How long to ride a Spinetto?

    That isn't a black or white question... It would totally be situation dependent. At my Small Cessna DZ I would probably ride it for a bit if I was high enough, it wasn't still spinning up and the revs weren't getting to a point that I felt like like passing out. At a busier DZ where there was more traffic i would be out of there as soon as i realized that i couldn't get it under control.. there are other factors but you see what i mean. Are you having twisties like that lots on yours? It might be time for a reline...
  2. aneblett

    Pull-out jumpers......

    5 feet or less. Voodoo 2.0 RI
  3. aneblett

    Round Reserves

    Based on my experience I wouldn't say that 2 out was very common but i do jump at a small cessna DZ. In the 6 season s that i have been there I think i have only seen one. there is some truth to what they are saying, ie. there is a bigger decision tree for the square square situation, but i don't know if I would go as far as to say that they are common. Any one else? Adrian