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  1. Hi guys. I would like to thank you all for the great input! At this time, optimum 160 will be the choice. I'll let you know how it rides! ( should the time come) :)
  2. Hello! Could anyone be kind enough to let me know what are the main differences ( other than pack vol.) between these two reserves made by PD. I'm about to get a new one, and I'm not sure which one to choose from. I've been reading a lot of stuff, and still can't decide. Thank you so much. Ike ps: I'll either choose a optimum 160 sqft or a pdr 143 sqft.
  3. Hello Safire2 owners. I'd like to know which packing method you are using on this canopy. The Safire2 long snivel issue is well know. The factory points out that the best way to pack this type of canopy is psycho-packing it. I've tried both, and it seems that the pro-pack reduces the snivel. I Would like to hear from you. Which one of the two packing methods will reduce the snivel? Thanks! Blue skies!
  4. I would like to thank you all. This is a situation that could have been avoided, but sometimes, somehow, people screw thing's up! I've learned my lesson, sharing this with you has been great. I already said that I'm not proud of it, neither can't see the real danger of it. Still, it is really nice to know that some really good skydivers sometimes screw thing's up, learn and most important, live... Maybe this makes me fell a little better! Sorry for the terrible English! Be safe! ike :)
  5. I dont remember exactly... I think I dumped at 2.300 ft. But to be honest, what happend was a total mistake. My normal dep. is at 3.5 k at the lowest... I'll use more caution from now on. I'm not proud of this at all.
  6. I Agree!!! But, I'm not the camera guy! ;) ike
  7. This happend to me last week, in order to avoid a low pull we both didn't track... this is the first time something like this happend to us, and hopefully the last. be safe.
  8. Once again, thanks. I'll be trying that very soon! :)
  9. Thank you all for the input! So, if I got it right, I can Wolmari pack a ZP canopy without any concerns, correct?
  10. At the URL you can see the picks!!! I agree... Pro+Psyco...
  11. Hello all!! about this type of packing, i cant find reliable information still... if you could share your thoughts about it, it would be awesome. Does it really work? Is it safe? http://www.parasale.com/wolmari/
  12. I would like to thank you all for these inputs. I´ll be upsizing for the next 50 or 100 jumps. It should be fun and not stressful. ike
  13. That´s a very wise way to do it... So, the answer is: nope! :) right?
  14. Inspired on the previous post! What do you all think? From pd 210 to Safire 160... 44 jumps! :) ike
  15. Nice input!!! Thank you so much... Anyone else?