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  1. AEsco48

    Start Skydiving

    I did my AFF with Start Skydiving Ohio and I could not have been happier. Everyone at the dropzone was really nice and more then happy to answer questions... Unlike some other dropzones I have been to who only care about getting you up in the air as $oon as po$$ible. I am an engineer by education and I like things done the right way, especially when peoples life is in question... I dont think there is a better dropzone out there.
  2. Yup, AAF 1st jump. 2 instructors holding on to you at both your sides, you having your own canopy and being alone under canopy
  3. Several years ago in Florida i started the AFF and did maybe 2 hr of training before the 1st jump ( I had read part of the SIM before hand, but I dont i told the instructor) and the jumped... Now i am reading about an 8hr FJC.... Can some one please clarify... Thx
  4. Start the AFF at Start Skydiving (outside of Cincinnati Ohio) on Sat!
  5. How often do i have to jump to stay current after i have my Lic?
  6. Will be in Sao Paulo for 6 months before moving to Cairo Egypt (no drop zones there).
  7. how much time (weeks/months) can i go with out doing my next AFF jump before th DZ makes me start back at AFF1...reason being i have to go out of the country and when i get back im going to be broke in the "money to burn on adrenalin account" my next jump is suppose to be AFF3... is it a USPA rule or a DZ rule? the case of a DZ rule i would have to call them (but they are closed at 9pm on a friday night)
  8. i see...i just assumed that we had to pay extra for it b\c our DZ has a "Expert gravity pack" that includes the basic gravity pack plus, 16 rental jumps, 3 coach jumps, A lic ground school, packing class and check out jump...
  9. as in some one doing AFF....and also how long do they last on avg? (obviously depends on the student to some extent)
  10. i did like 10 min of wind tunnel in Orlando when i was like 15...maybe i should make another trip up there...
  11. Im currently doing AFF, just passed my AFF2 jump and plan to do AFF3 this coming week end......but i have been think....i have wanted to do skydiving and kite boarding.....and now im thinking maybe i might have more fun kiteboarding then skydiving.... i have a thread going in the general skydiving section....pass by and take a look at it...any and all advice/information/opinions are appreciated....
  12. There is no doubt about it...i love skydiving...if it was up to me i would spend a whole day and do level 1-7 in one day and wake up the next morning and do as many jumps as i can.... i was just thinking that in kiteboarding I might have more fun due to being able to practice the sport for a whole day.... Im definitely going to do aff3...where the instructors actually let go of me and i have to stabilize myself...the two jump masters said i should have no problem stabilizing myself....just need to make sure i reach with my left hand far enough in front of my head (on level 1 and 2, my hand was really close if not touching my helmet) we will see..... but i appreciate any and all info/advice/opinions...
  13. I completely understand that before you can have fun in skydiving you have to learn how to skydive and be safe about in point AFF.... I have always wanted to skydive since i was young...did my 1st tandem 3 months aso...and it was a lot of fun...but to be honest not as fun as i expected it....did my AFF1 last week end, went fine, did AFF2 today also went fine...and i had fun...and i want to continue....but my question is after i get my A License what do you do that makes it that much funner? I have seen videos of formation flying and making all types of shapes/patters and it does not really appeal to me...i really like the idea of Wingsuit...but thats 200 jumps into the sport.... the other sport i have been thinking of starting is KiteBoarding.....cheaper ($300 for lessons that leave you flying, say another $200 for more lessons, you can get your 1st novice board and kite for $1500 on ebay and then sell it a month latter for the same $1500)...*and you can do it all day basically*... other sports i do....snowboard 1 week a year ( i like carving, not terrain park), scuba diving, mountain and road biking, , indoor rock climbing, race car driver education/track events, wake boarding.... talk to much better does it get?