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  1. How do you support yourself and your skydiving with no job and a love of art? Then maybe I can answer your question?
  2. WILL DO!!! Thanks sometimes the simplest advice is the best!! I here by promise to never do another stupid thing while skydiving or in canopy>> snicker snicker>> NO really
  3. I wish it was the canopy"s fault and a quick fix. When i got her she had less then 20 jumps and i have put about 20 on her She is slick and her lines waxy and white She is beautiful and doing her job her> Its her pilot who is screwing up
  4. Thank you again My landings have been harder and harder to get up from since I got it in my head I have to stand up. Here I am at almost 100 jumps and I let my ego about standing up get in the way. Going to try to get it in my head PLF. Even then when all i did was PLF my stand ups were accidental i didn't stand to many up but they sure as hell didn't hurt as bad. MY PLF's sucked but I was able to distribute the ground around my body. Seeing the posts from the BIG boys and Girls with so many jumps about it not being that important to stand up but work on accuracy really ment a lot to this baby skydiver. To me I always thought the ability to stand up every time was a direct reflection upon total capability as a skydiver Hopefully i can actually get it out of my head that I must stand up( cause i know if i continue with these landings I am going to get hurt )I want to keep me around a lot longer!!!!! You all are great it helps hearing it from people that are good with lots of jumps that you don't look at us clumsy idiots with contempt at the ability not to stand up
  5. At 1000 jumps you still fall down a lot?? YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY
  6. Do you value the friendship more then being right? You could just say i think i was misunderstood and i was having a shitty day and i took it out on the person who means a lot to me and I am sorry friend that was a pretty shitty thing for me to do to you. Regardless of what was said or not said just ending it and taking blame it doesn't matter if you said it>>> That's what he heard
  7. You put into words what i feel. I want to be that too. I want it so bad it hurts both mentally and physically > GOOD LUCK I hope you become what you want YOU CAN DO THIS!
  8. weird huh wondering did i just do that get in that same zone on the plane make yourself jump despite your fear or desire on AFF with two instructors is when you will find out if you can do it >>>YOU CAN good luck
  9. 17,000??? Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! what age did you get started and what age are you now?
  10. Still real new and struggle with everything but at 86 jumps have not found one single thing boring about skydiving. Best part for me is still when the door opens.
  11. Only through AFF NOT the 56 jumps after AFF it took me to get my A license. FOR AFF students only beer offense is leaving your log book >I guess my dropzone just ROCKS!
  12. Ok I have a factory driver full face helmet i bought used without the visor. I bought the visor i feel like my face is smashed up against the frame. I really want to use sunglasses but I cant get the damn thing on with sunglasses on and tighten the strap. I tried jumping without the strap because i was told they would stay on but they are a pair of curves and they keep sliding. Is there a way to get my helmet on with the sunglasses on. OR is there a pair of sunglasses that will fit tighter to my head so they wont slip> OR AM i just doing something wrong?
  13. But as a student we were exempt until we finished AFF. But from solo status to A license I learned to just smile and nod and not say a word. Bought a lot of beer before I learned that.
  14. Sorry You owe beer. Pre buying for expected event that have not occurred. Beer penalty.
  15. ***You say back then info was widely available. How many students where involved in the sport then? Would you be willing to answer the same question 15 times a week every week to each new student with the same level of understanding they are new without coping a" know it all attitude " or "your a dumbass" which would make the student seek information from others? Answering the same question once or twice a week to a newbie > the amount of students being trained WAY BACK WHEN you were going through this. Or now 7 to 10 times a week when the amount of students going through training has increased The general idea of asking many different people is so that the ONE opinion the new student accepts as fact is based on several opinions > In my mind the exact opposite of complacency if able to be based on several opinions Glad they "pussyfied" the sport>
  16. Sounds like a success to me. So you failed level 1 Sounds like a cool story that you remember all of. My first landing was upside down in a briar patch so you had a soft landing in a ditch YOU GOT THIS KEEP IT UP!
  17. I have my A license now I am POSITIVE I will not do anymore stupid stuff
  18. Because instructors actually caring is how the bad news band of troubled students become Skydivers!!
  19. I still am! I keep randomly yelling out oh shit I did it I really did it.
  20. Kind of a two part question. Have you ever had a student that you shook your head in disbelief that they kept returning week after week to repeat jumps?. Were you happy or scared as hell that they received their A license?
  21. Thanks sure plan on jumping more got a real good lead on my own rig. I started in Oct and only had 13 jumps by Jan so i have done 55 jumps since Jan 1 my goal is to do 100 by my 1 year date of Oct 8. If i get my own rig i plan on doing more then 100. I also have to go see POPjumper in August at the farm because he sure was a lot of moral support as well.
  22. Thanks WENDY for posting your log book really helped me keep going.
  23. WITH OUT A DOUBT where you are on the East coast if you want the one on one attention and support Carolina Skydiving in North Carolina
  24. WELL i did not Apply for my B CAUSE I SUCKED BIG TIME> I just now got the Jumps passed off. IT actually took me all of those 68 jumps to be able to perform well enough to pass the levels. I was placed back on AFF 3 times so I I actually graduated twice from AFF in one weekend that has to be some kind of record. How many people graduate AFF 4 times!!! BUT I did take a canopy class and I have the required jumps free fall time and accuracy jumps. SO i just need water training and I CAN SWIM LIKE A FISH!!!!!!!!!