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  1. Hey surrealism> I am not sure if this counts but I remember on my category B jump looking at my instructors then down at my feet and thinking WHO THE FUCK ELSE IS OUT HERE WITH ME AND NOT REALIZING THEY WERE MY FEET> ALSO I heard you were having troubles with your exits>> Just keep at it there is no magic to it no simple solution what works one jump might not work the next your tumble might turn into a side step then a back flip exit each time it may be the same or you may develop a different problem then one day you will get it and the next you won't then you will get it again. Fail the jump or pass the jump> The best part was always jumping out of the plane and You get to do that on every jump no matter how you do. KEEP WITH IT!
  2. First lesson learned its a hell of a lot easier to relax When you do not have to worry about passing a level to get your A license!
  3. THANKS DAN!!! Especially for your ear for the past 9 months> Congratulations on your HARD earned and well deserved A license Last week as well
  4. 9 Months 68 Jumps Finally A License. THANKS to my wonderful DZ and to the fantastic folks on the for listening to me bitch, moan, scream, cuss,and quit on a weekly basis . Thank you all for your words of support you all are great I AM FINALLY A SKYDIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. FUNNY AS HELL!!! Actually laughed out loud so the LOL response is a true one
  6. THANK YOU!!!! 3 hour of research saved!!!!
  7. Sorry newbie but what are the additional features that student gear has that sports gear does not?
  8. I liked pretending to be a skydiver. >never felt anything more then a tourist or guest so manifest girl is out of the question. And i like the people on have met people from all levels.
  9. Main problem is its not fun anymore. 6000 in hole and my budget was 4000 for an A license . Even had a budget for a parachute at the end all blown, Each time it was but your so close and you do not want to waste the money you spent I think a break is in order a long break because I am a risk. Cut my loses Your advice comes late Nigel but not too late! I have heard about Wendy So Wendy how did you swing the money end of learning to skydive?????
  10. Jumped from a otter a caravan and a King Air. Except for my first exit out of the King air they all seemed to be ok. But It is the dropzone with the cesena 206 I wanted to call home. But Reading in previous post By now I should have mastered it and am a danger to myself and the other jumpers my not being able to perform it properly. Not going to bowl>> probably take up sitting on the internet talking to skydivers
  11. I had instructors doing nothing but exit jumps with me took a canopy class did hop n pops thought in my mind it was all fixed and was videoed my last jump and i still hop to the side and do not look up at the plane on my hop n pop turned slight as well. SO if you find a fix Namowal please let me know
  12. Sorry to say I am at 58 jumps and can not do a poised exit still Personally at the end of my rope> sorry not the inspiration you wanted was hoping you would give me some.
  13. Hard to hold the arch with the girls ball
  14. I have seen all the AIRPLANE movies and have discussed in great detail to my pilot at my dropzone if he was to eat a bad tuna sandwich that I felt I needed to be properly trained to land the plane. He still wont let me even steer the damn thing!
  15. Keep your head up Joe I am now at 57 Jumps and no I do not have my A license. At around 23 jumps I refused to quit BUT every week was hoping like hell they would tell me your not cut out for this you need to find another sport. STUPID POISED EXITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually graduated AFF 4 times I was promoted and demoted 3 times in 3 days!! I started in October so it was not lack of trying or distance between jumps. I can exit now still can not flare that well and even got in a canopy class at another DZ to improve this did two landing in the peas last weekend and one of those was stand up My First in the peas and yes i bought beer. I suck and my money is drained. MY DZ didn't give up on me even though I WISH THEY HAD!!!!!!!! BUT it sure is a hell of a lot of fun MAN i love jumping from that plane without a doubt my favorite part. And I can not bowl for shit. Throwing heavy balls down slippery alleys is way to dangerous STICK TO SKYDIVING!
  16. Well it has been researched that skydiver flatulence will decrease the time to altitude by as much as 3 minutes!! We actually have guys that can beat that by 5 minutes at our dropzone!
  17. On a side note titles to all books and newspapers are all in caps. I guess my use of caps goes back to a love of reading. You know those big square things you put on your shelf to impress your friends open them up they got words in them. Blue Skies off to the Dropzone!
  18. Yeah caps Going to think about that when i jump today. You know I think you found my shit button thought i had that one hid well. So i guess I found many of>>> YOUR'S
  19. Start eating more fruit right away as far as the moon pic May not be what you had in mind but fits the mood
  20. Sorry did not know that when someone uses caps to point out a sentence break that it was read as someone yelling. Thank you all for your help will work on getting a better education of skydiving equipment and knowledge of the sport. Will work on sentence structure and grammar context as well as spelling and run on sentences. I should have waited to ask someone at my dropzone your right. But I asked educated skydivers on this sight. Will not happen again>>> sticks up middle finger! My instructors are not the cause of my gap in the use of skydiving equipment ! I thought the pilot chute had to purposes to start deployment and to slow deployment . Sticks out both hands gives middle fingers on both hands. Gee what the fuck moons everyone too! Will not be asking any more questions!
  21. GAPS THE MOTHER FUCKERS PARACHUTE RIPS IN HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry we did not learn that in AFF! Thinking back to all the pictures of parachute malfunctions Not one picture was of one over my head split in two Its there! Its in 2 squares But i sure can not fly it Cut away and pull the reserve!
  22. Will do thank you for all your patience. I am at 40 jumps and not a A license I would be scared to fly with me too! Lets just say Natural talent and my name have not been used in the same sentence. I think a lot of jumpers with 100 of jumps take their education of skydiving for granted as common knowledge . I understand that the pilot chute starts the deployment process BUT until now did not know it was actually the lines not the pilot chute that I was feeling that caused the initial drag and decrease of speed before the chute starts opening so thank you And>Remster a little uneducated 40 year old girl scares you to jump with. WELL all i have to say to that is BOO!
  23. If i ever go to another dropzone and have to rent equipment do they tell you this is a non free fly friendly rig? Or am i supposed to be able just by looking at it able to determine what type of rig this is?
  24. Ok go ahead and slap your foreheads now another question i should probably already know. In a premature deployment the entire bag comes out at the same time as the pilot chute not in a initiated deployment sequence? SO the pilot chute is unable to do its job and slow the jumper down? And the parachute comes out without the aid of the pilot chute to slow it down? Is this even close to being right?