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  1. Thank you Obelixtim got caught up in the auction was ending and thought it looked like a amazing deal
  2. Ok just found this rig on ebay looks like a real steal can anyone tell me what they mean by this A: No the rig is not "free fly friendly" it has velcro on the riser covers instead of tuck tabs WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
  3. WOW 18,000 FEET YOU ARE SO LUCKY! HAVE FUN It does get better!
  4. Actually what stressed me out the most was the thought of screwing up again and looking like the big LOSER with everyone trying to help me. AND the money of course. It was fear of fucking up not fear of falling, skydiving, plane, lost of awareness, hitting bird shit or anything else i have read in these forums I just could not stand the fact Every time i left the step of that plane I wasted 2000 feet getting stable and knew there was no way I was doing a hop n pop with those exits Some of the help was like are you afraid of hitting the step cause i did that once hurt like hell but i was ok. I thought well come to think of it I never thought about hitting the step with my face UNTIL NOW. OR do not worry about hitting the tail hardly ever happens WELL never thought about that until NOW. BUT Everyone was so helpful in so many different ways and I was given some things to think about that i never thought of before! But I hope i got it no jumping last week due to weather hope i can do the same thing this weekend that I did two weeks ago.It made skydiving fun again not like a job i had to complete because honestly it was still a rush but I was not having fun on the jumps 16-21. I used to enjoy even the ride to the DZ then I got to hating it I could no longer dream about skydiving or even think of skydiving or even practice arching and body position or exits without hating it and it was like a light switch what I loved ONE DAY over night I hated everything about it I just wanted to end this shit get my A license and be done. Well Jump 23-29 I remembered everything I loved about it AND remembered the human body does not have to eat everyday I can skip 2 days food for one jump and Goodwill sales great stuff. DO NOT QUIT YOU WILL LOVE it again!
  5. Also get a little giggle watching these big guys wiggle their wrist in the true relax hand signal not the one they use at the tunnel >call me immature but its funny.
  6. Ok relax First i thought look around act tired I could actually do it mentally or thought i looked pretty cool. Had no idea that it ment get your shoulders down below your ears and that stick out of your a**. So yes make your body responsive to the air if your not thinking about where your body has to be every second its not forced you do not have to tell your body to reach out now turn handle open door when you are at home it just does it. See the difference in your arm when you think about every step you take and the difference in when you just walk. At least that's what is working for me right now> GOOD LUCK DO NOT QUIT!!!!
  7. Oh i went to the tunnel too twice only thing it taught me was I look like a damn wood board when I thought i was relaxed> telling someone to relax who thinks they are doing a damn good job of faking looking relaxed would piss the shit out of me I was like look her buddy I am relaxed see me looking relaxed now leave me alone. The wind tunnel showed me that just cause you think you faking it really good looking relaxed the video shows how up tight you really are. I actually get a little giggle now when they say relax or give the hand signal cause i know my bluff aint working.
  8. OK i am still really new. I do not feel every drop zone is about making money from level repeats although i did spend a hell of a lot. I really feel some want you to love the sport as much as they do. That being said I repeated many levels I think everyone at the entire drop zone had a hand in my teaching. I did finish AFF then totally lost all my shit and went to hell EVERYONE TRIED to help me and at 29 jumps i am now finally ready to start my coach jumps. Performance anxiety over thinking. The only thing i could do was pull stable and maintain altitude awareness. I got it had it then I lost it. I screwed everything else up from jump 13 to 29 but they stayed with me a entire drop zone of REAL skydivers and instructors to help me and it was not about money for the REAL skydivers at my drop zone they gave me what they could give me knowledge and time and patience. KEY thing believe it or not what they teach you on CATEGORY A is RELAX quit thinking teach your body to do its thing and enjoy it. WELL sounds good see how my first coach jump goes GOOD LUCK I love jumping out of that airplane. I love it so much.
  9. I hope that all Cessna 206 or built relatively the same by asking this question Can someone tell me please the distance from the outside step to strut from the outer edge in height and distance in width? I am trying to practice exiting at home but I do not know how far away to stand on my fake step from my fake strut or how high up the strut is from the step i am practicing getting lower away from the door with a poised backwards exit from the step. I should have taken measurements while at the DZ but did not and would really like to get some practice time in before a jump this weekend
  10. Dan with all our talks about everything from skydiving to gravy making at 3am in the morning I feel I made a true friend good luck in Florida tell your wife she has married a skydiver you can do it!!!!!
  11. Yeah nifty do not know where my language filter was sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO YOU SKY DIVERS ROCK!!!
  12. I have had 9 jumps 2 tandem 7 AFF jumps repeated category C 4 times my family thinks I should post the story I told them about my jump to help let the old timers remember what it was like reading it back it may sound dorky or nerdy but I hope to have other stories to follow just as good BUT here is the low down on my last jump OK Left plane unstable actually hollared for the first time something like AGGG. Got stable not sure if on my own or with help from the ONE instructor not TWO instructors BUT ONE did my 3 practice pulls with one instructor beside me. Did 2 sets of toe taps MISSED my feet on 2nd but got it on the third. Then I looked right and dipped my shoulder and turned in the air AND FLYING NOT TOUCHING ME OUT IN THE WIND WAS A SKY DIVER!!!!!! Holly crap I was flying out there stable with no help and I know the instructors have always been out there but IT was like the coolest thing I ever saw a real live sky diver it felt like looking in a mirror except of course he was a guy with a beard but it was like I finally sky dived I did not just have AIR BODY guards holding me in the air I then turned did a 180 left was supposed to be a 90 but was not sure if going back to heading counted as 90 but again after grinning like hell for the first time I could see and I was happy and I was bad ass. I know does not sound like much but this was REAL BAD ASS SHIT and it was 6000 feet time to lock on and pull and I pulled stable and chute I always worry here but perfect parachute it goes out did all my turns in canopy came in for my final got off heading for a bit but NAILED A STAND UP LANDING at least I think I stood it up cause the wind pulled me back on my ass after my feet touched down and I had trouble collapsing my canopy! WAs told I was supposed to PLF but passed to category D-2 SO not perfect but was HOLLY crap so cool fucking amazing watching that instructor flying out there like that and knowing I was doing the same shit as him although in my mind just as good but probably not it did not matter cause IT WAS UNREAL WOW COOL AMAZING WICKED BAD ASS also pretty nifty!!!
  13. Thanks for the advice on the hips instead of the chest to arch out of plane. I noticed after you posted that even in practicing at home I was arching with my chest after the hop. As far as a plane stalking me no way would it be my imagination I tell you they are following me every where. Even the big commercial ones they all live right down the road at their hideout they call it I think a airport. They even fly over my house at night waiting for me they are signalling to the Cessna 206 waiting for me at the DZ. Now tell me its all in my head after those hard facts!
  14. Are you sure it is not the aircraft? Cause I think it has something against me. I see the way it looks at me the way it laughs at me. I am sure it flipped me in the air though I do not have the video evidence of this jump. My instructors are trying to blame it on my stability. I know its the airplanes fault! NO way could it be me. Just got back from the outdoor tunnel kicked one poor guy in the face hard and Was unable to relax at all two instructors could not get me to bend my legs even though they tried with pressure like hell. But I did get this one on video and you know. I see a plane flying over in the background my plane sent his friend to mock me!
  15. Not blaming the plane for my lack of stability. I just wondered if I will be able to go straight from the Cessna 206 to any plane after finally getting it right hoping that the differences will be less then more difficult. Do they allow for hanging exits anymore? I read in the Dan Poynter Skydiving Handbook about this type of exit it looks like I would come off in the arch. BUT I have only had 7 jumps and do not know squat.
  16. Any commercial airliner, the cabin crew gets really cranky when you try to open the door. I love it LOL
  17. sit by then door then climb out on the step with both hands on the strut with right leg out. then check in and out then up down and kick then I flail about a bit and then get into the arch
  18. I am having a time getting stable right after I leave the plane I am jumping out of a Cessna 206 I am using the up down back leave with 2 instructors I am at a 3 time repeat for category C. I was just wanting to know am I learning on the hardest one. Does this mean if I can get off this plane I would be good for any others? WHICH IS THE HARDEST PLANE TO LEAVE FROM FOR AFF or for regular jumps?
  19. You see in all my landings. The only time my feet have touched the ground was to pick my ass up off the ground. I am getting a video done today of at least my landing if not the whole jump. Its hard to PLF when my feet have never touched down first I actually think they maybe last to 10 meters up or higher or lower depending on which landing I had I have the memory of looking straight down.( I am working on looking out today ) and then slam ground. First non tandem I was going to end up in the briar patch I remember looking down seeing a hole thinking oh no and then slam head down on my left shoulder and head (I love my crash helmet). I got right up. Next landing I remember looking down and then on this one i know i lifted my legs out like a tandem and a whole body drag landing. Next one was the worst I was up Instructor said he yelled flair I had a working radio and I never heard it all i remember was slam right on my tailbone I actually felt my tail bone hit the top of my crash helmet I rolled and thought I am not going to lay here like a hurt animal and rolled again and jumped up thinking oh I never want to land like that again. My last i came in thinking only of not landing on my ass I did not wait for any commands at 25 feet I flared thinking I like walking much better then eating and would like to land on any body part other them my butt. On this one I landed on my shoulder in a real nice soft patch of dirt on my right shoulder not hitting my head on the ground this time. SO I have to listen get over my fear of landing on my butt that over rides my ability to be patient and wait for the flair but I still can not figure out why my feet have not touched the ground in order to PLF hope the video helps or maybe I will get it today That's the movie I got going in my head so hope it ends how I plan it to.
  20. I usually keep my mouth shut waiting for a answer to a question will come up instead of firing hundreds of questions I have asked questions but I should by now already know how to PLF Its like asking someone how do you dance on their 6th day of dance class. And as far as asking strangers for advice everyone has different views and ways of doing things and I hope by asking I will find the one that works best for me. I do trust my instructors but I can not help but hear others that may or may not know more then I will ever learn. THank you for your help you all are great
  21. OK signed up for video If they will let me have it on my third attempt at class c jump. I am going to buy impact shorts today for Sundays jump. Am working the hell out of my PLF"S. ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO HURT? Or do you practice until they do not?
  22. I also want to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH I APPRECIATE your all help to someone with so few jumps I promise your words will not be wasted I am here to stay Thank you again
  23. Thank you I think I may get a video. I am now wondering if my problem may be from me closing my eyes. The thing that always kept me from ever trying this skydiving was always fear of the landing. I do not remember shutting my eyes in fear but every landing the time from about 15 meters up to hitting the ground is a total blank I do not remember any of my landings just hitting dirt jumping right up and wondering what the hell just happened do they all happen that quick or could I be shutting my eyes not knowing it? And would a vidoe show this?
  24. My feet have yet to touch the ground to even try to PLF. I can trip i can break things I can run into things but I just can not seem to fall on purpose I really LOVE sky diving and am willing to do what ever it takes to stay in this sport. DOES NOT MEAN SEXUAL FAVORS GUYS
  25. I did not know I was going to smack the earth Yes they have told me a lot to learn my PLF better. But how can you PLF when you hite the damn ground before you know your going to I thought PLF was when you know your going to hite I did not know just did and Yeas my instructors have me on radio I have me on radio I just heard my ass yell flare before they did HELP ME!!!!!