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  1. On my 25th jump a year ago, I had an unstable opening, in which my foot got caught in the lines of the opening canopy, which pulled my leg at an unnatural angle and tore my MCL. It took until November to heal and I figured I'd be good to go come spring. However, after having all winter to think about it, the fear really grew. If it hadn't taken so long to heal, I would like to think I would have gotten right back to it.
  2. Sure there are pros. Yours beats mine... http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Rochester&state=NH&site=GYX&textField1=43.3044&textField2=-70.9761&e=0 You just gotta see the bright side of things.
  3. UliToo


    The above are all helpful stress relievers, but it depends on what kind of person you are. For some, quiet works wonders, others will benefit more from physical activity. Whatever works for you. I have a lot of stress at work, and feel it washing away the closer I get to home. I leave all stress behind. Having a place to unwind helps tremendously. I'm stealin' some of Twardo's suggestions, particularly the hand grenade and cutaway ones.
  4. Glad you and your drawing arm will be ok. Mostly you though.
  5. All the coaches there are very helpful and will work on anything with you that you need help with. Check for certain Thursday specials. Every couple weeks or so they'll have a 10 minute deal for $99. And yes, there's a group going from SNE every Thursday, for just a little more.
  6. My last jump, about 3 weeks ago. While reaching to pull the PC, I became unstable and tumbled. The lines on the opening canopy caught around my ankle, and pulled my leg straight up. Hurt like hell. Crazy thoughts, like 'If I cut away, will this just cause a big mess?' went through my head. Luckily, I was able to pull the lines off my ankle. Still waiting for the leg to heal completely. But I did land right in the middle of the pea pit on that jump (without meaning to).
  7. It will heal faster if you take a rest and don't keep subjecting it to trauma. And I'm not just saying that cause I have to sit on the sidelines for a couple weeks.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIyxHL2Og3Y I think we all felt similar on our first jump. Just not as vocal.
  9. The three rings are not threaded right.
  10. Very nice. Good luck on your dream; you're off to a good start. "If an instructor points a finger, it means you pull..... you do not look where he has pointed." That was good.
  11. Wow.....I fit right in here! Slowly progressing here too, though getting there. Your duck is helping a lot. It's probably a combination of both, physical and mental. Mental, as in - we're old enough to know we're not invincible anymore, like so many younger peeps tend to think, and therefore a little more cautious. Dunno....
  12. Little wheels move it around easily. Not sure what the core is made of. The top is very cushion-y, surrounded with leather. Very well used and holds up nicely.
  13. When you practice exits from your door step.
  14. Thanks all for your responses.
  15. Woohoooo! That's awesome. Congrats! Seeee? You did it!