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  1. I'm sure somebody is working on something, but a compressed air or Co2 system(valves and doodads) could have large aerodynamic advantages over large 'draggy' air vents. Obviously there will be issues to work out.... Didn't spend much time searching the interwebs so excuse me if there is an elephant in the room I'm not noticing. Anybody? I fly and stuff, its fun!
  2. There are better solvents than wd40 for cleaning cutaway cables. WD40 attracts dirt! It gets inside housings, and traps dirt forever!(causing a need for lube and extra cable cleaning) Alcohol works great to clean it and any telfon or silicone dry lube, free of petroleum distillates, would work good for lube. Not much lube is needed either. Spray some on a rag after cleaning the cable, wipe on the lube, then wipe off the excess THOROUGHLY with a dry portion of rag. For the love of God though, STOP WITH THE WD40!!! I fly and stuff, its fun!
  3. According to the faq the ripcord experience is complimentary. There are no options for tunnel flying on the reservations page. I'm assuming show up and fly ur ass off as long as you wait in line? I fly and stuff, its fun!
  4. I'm about 1/3 of the way through, my friend gave me the book yesterday. Awesome read so far! I fly and stuff, its fun!
  5. Finished my A on Saturday, got a picture with Jeb, and had a fucking blast at the 'Get Lied" party!! I fly and stuff, its fun!
  6. I would suggest putting on a Bloody Beetroots station from Pandora or I fly and stuff, its fun!
  7. For any of you who listen to electronic music, I guess this is a different clip of "Experience Freedom" or maybe just different music but the thing seemed cut up. I fly and stuff, its fun!
  8. Word to that! I know I have a big time crush on one of my AFFI's. Now that Im on a break with my girlfriend of 5 years, I think she may get some extra attention next time Im at the DZ. I fly and stuff, its fun!
  9. As a student with 13 jumps I have to agree that more should be done to prepare students in AFF for the coming HnP required for the A. In my 5 solos my main goal was a stable exit, then flailing around with my mad skillz perfecting freefly. =) I fly and stuff, its fun!
  10. I don't get it. =( I fly and stuff, its fun!
  11. Doesn't this sound like another annoying troll we have on here already? Lets see, new profile, an "engineer", sounds like #2 to me. Just a noob but DAMN YOU BEAT ME TOO IT!! I fly and stuff, its fun!
  12. Video? Russians don't have GoPro's DUH! I fly and stuff, its fun!
  13. Should we start a Hotties doing tandems thread? I fly and stuff, its fun!
  14. THIS! Different and FUN! Edit: Fucking Waterguns! Genius! I fly and stuff, its fun!
  15. 1. Fucking awesome flick. 2. Gnar or Gnarly is still the best term to describe extreme sports. 3. WS Base doesn't cheat by using music. I fly and stuff, its fun!