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  1. Thanks for the constructive response SqueaK! Hahaha.... Thailand is looking good but I've been to Thailand before so hopefully I"ll be able to go somewhere else! Even if it's a weekend dropzone that would be ok! Maybe Indonesia. I'll be OS for sundowner which I'm spewing about, but it's a free trip to singas so can't complain! I wish I could stop over in perth but Work is pay for my trip to singas so they are deciding on the route! :( I'll make it over at some stage though! I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  2. Wow. Just wow. Ahh thanks... No plans at this stage... I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  3. Hey all! I'm heading to Singapore in October for some tunnel and a work trip. Thinking about hopping on a plane or a bus with my rig and going skydiving for a few days somewhere in Asia (somewhere cheap in Asia). I've looked at the DZ list but still can't decide. Anyone feel passionate about any places in particular? I do love freeflying, in case that sways the suggestions one way or another! :) HELP! Thanks, Lex I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  4. alexafox


  5. YUP! :) It was fun as! I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  6. Ummm... You haven't been to a boogie before, have you? Weird dancing, fires, other "shenanigans"... Sometimes the whuffos disappear. I haven't seen any sacrificed to the weather gods, but I usually go to bed fairly early. Seriously, have fun, but be careful. It's really easy to get tempted into doing stuff beyond your skills and taking extra risks. Hahaha yea there was some crazy shit happening after dark! :P I had a great time! I have so many random bruises that I have no idea where they came from! And that is definitely good advice!.. A few people asked me to come on loads that I thought might be a bit outside my experience level so I was always asking the load organisers (who I'd jumped with before) whether I should come on or not or to give me an easy slot where I wouldn't get in anyones way... Although they kept telling me I was underestimating my flying ability which was kinda nice
  7. So as of tonight I'll be driving to my very first boogie! I'm so excited! That's really all I had to say... I had to tell someone how excited I am! None of my colleagues understand... When I say boogie I'm pretty sure they're picturing some weird voodoo dance around a burning whuffos or something... Anyway, YAY! I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  8. Thanks for your reply... I do disagree on the above though.... Right at the end I think I 'gave in' to the pulling just before i landed to try and get a straighter landing and flare but I was too late with my flare... I was however absolutely being pulled sideways and was doing my best (as a beginner) to turn out of it... I was attempting to turn back into the wind also using harness turns as well as toggle input, so I know I wasn't reaching for the ground until the very last second where you see the canopy turn down wind.. it was so strong at first i thought id had some sort of tension not or something causing it to turn... Anyway, I definitely know what your saying... I think the biggest thing I will take away from this is to pay more attention up higher to what the winds are doing to my canopy and take evasive action before I get too low... And I'll practice some turning flares and some of the other stuff suggested! Thanks for all your help and suggestions... It's good to get a broad perspective on how I could improve my canopy skills!
  9. Yup and and looking at the video it looks like the canopy had toggle input to turn that direction (looking at the tail of the canopy). That was followed by either no flare or a flare so late that it had no effect. So it was a no-flare turning landing running down wind. Yes, that landing probably hurt! 1900ft isn't a low cutaway, it is a cutaway that was probably a little low for you. Even getting in the saddle at 1000ft should be enough time to get setup with your pattern under your reserve. For that to work properly you MUST plan your canopy flight before you get on the plane. You will know what your pattern is, where your opening location should be and where your exit spot should be be. All of that can stay the same under a reserve, except that you may have to make minor deviations from your plan due to circumstances. It is easier and faster to make minor deviations in a plan if you already have one, but if you don't have one to begin with, you will be behind the curve the entire canopy flight. That is how people get hurt and killed. Cross wind and even downwind really doesn't matter too much, as long as you fly your canopy well and have a good flare. So some things to get with your canopy coach would be making a flight plan for your canopy flight on every skydive, neutral canopy flight to flare and refining your flare technique. These are things you may have already worked on or are currently working on, but it may be worth your time to revisit them. Also look into getting a demo of your reserve to jump as a main for a couple of hop-n-pops to get to know it. Thanks Aggie! That's really helpful thanks I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  10. Water can be used as an indicator of wind direction. Ripples are pretty distinctive in their direction. Not much water around there unfortunately but I'll have to remember that for next time! Thanks
  11. Yea it was fairly low.. Chopped about 1950ft. I didn't have any indicators of wind direction so I tried to follow the same landing pattern as on the dz and followed in TJ. Like I said before, its hard to see in the video but I'm actually pointing towards the camera (what I thought was into wind) but was being dragged sideways... You can see at the end of the video where I pretty much get turned directly downwind about 4ft off the ground... The canopy was pulling really strong to my left... I didn't want to add anymore toggle inputs than I already was because i was so low.... The way I landed was almost sideways... I just updated my my profile stuff but yea pretty well up to date... About 130-150 jumps... Just got on a Safire 2 145 (loading it at about 1.0, about 20 jumps on it) and I'm still on the Raven M dash 150 reserve. Thanks! :) I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  12. That was the weird/tricky thing about this landing... I was trying to land the same way as TJ but I was getting dragged sideways... I was actually digging my right toggle almost down to my shoulder to try and get back into wind but it was just dragging me sideways. It's kinda hard to tell in the video but I'm virtually facing the camera and getting dragged complete sideways... I obviously didn't want to do a harder turn that low... And yea it was turbulent as hell! Haha Not only did the winds pick up but it's a solar farm there so a fair bit of heat gets thrown up around that area... The more I talk with people about it, the more it seems that there pobably wasn't much more I could have done in this situation! I refuse to accept a mediocre life...
  13. That's really helpful! Thank you! I refuse to accept a mediocre life...