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  1. Rigs have deployment speeds? Every time I think I am getting smarter about this skydiving stuff I learn once again I do not know shit about skydiving
  2. Sorry I am trying to figure this out so bare with me or ignore my repeated uneducated questions. It appears to me on the video he is not on his back until the parachute come out at best he was in a heads down position. So Question if a rig is not freefly friendly all you should do is belly to earth flying?
  3. So still do not understand why him having a camera caused his parachute to rip in half I understand he should not have had a camera at his jump level. I know shit happens In my mind I am thinking SHIT i just spent 1500 on a parachute and it splits in half and I have to pull my reserve. YES i know its your life and it is more important then money for a parachute . IS the belly to earth body position what slows the deployment down or just the most stable means of deploying a parachute or both?
  4. Alright>> SO i state this as a question>> A freefly friendly rig is designed to withstand unusual or unstable deployments? If this is true? How so> Once again i am new in asking. A freefly friendly rig is going to slow the deployment regardless of body position? So a student rig is made to withstand all kinds of body position deployment? You have freefly friendly rigs and non freefly friendly rigs? Is there a third?
  6. OK I am new so if it is obvious by looking why this happened please just tell me anyway. From the comments I do not understand why flying with a camera would have anything to do with a canopy ripping in half. AND my question is about why and how the canopy ripped in half and what he did to cause this not about him stowing his slider on a reserve chute before doing his canopy check. THANK YOU
  7. Thank you for the link i plan on attending
  8. ***Your dropzone is not responsible for your stupidity, (if you do or say something stupid). I never said if >>> I said I will do or say something stupid I am at 40 jumps I have lots of fucking up left to do. BUT DOWNSIZING TO EARLY will not be one of them. AND just as you say your dropzone is not responsible for you doing or saying something stupid>> How many people check the dropzone of the people that screw up>> By NOT posting dropzone I am saying it is all my fault>> Not the training not the dropzones I have made 100% all stupid decisions all by myself and learned from most of them! Dave and obelixtim Just admit your assholes cause you CARE and thats your way of showing it!
  9. ***Solution: Buys loads of stuff at one time. HAHAHAHAH Working on that one! Had to figure out if buying the goggles was worth skipping lunch and dinner without costing me a weekend jump. Of course it is. Donating blood this week to buy the book parachute and its pilot. LIFE IS GOOD!
  10. ***Well he changed a lot in his profile..took down jump numbers (who does that? Me so when i do and say something stupid it will not reflect on my Dropzone. Just my reason
  11. No it said standard UPS shipping Over night was like 29.95. Was just shocked at the price for shipping one pair of flex goggles so i did not order them
  12. In reply to>>We tend to get a bit blunt about it. If you are around long enough, and mess up through stupidity, someone will likely give you a blasting. It happens to everyone sooner or later. You need to be able to handle a bit of blunt, to the point talk. This isn't tiddleywinks we play. You can die, easily and quickly, and it might not even be your fault. Sit back, listen, and learn.... Will do thank you great advice!! Prefer to shut up and listen at 40 jumps I have a lot to learn and i much prefer the blunt advice I have received at my dropzone and on this site on my quest to learn judgement Sticks and stones and the ground hurt >>> Words regardless of how harsh they may sound I hear them and can only help me.
  13. Wendy i saw one your cutaways on true TV the other night it was really neat to see you on TV right after talking to you in messages putting a face to a name!
  14. Wanted to add To the FACT according to USPA its not us new people or A license people dying its the ones with D license Do you think that may be a result of being to COOL to check your altimeter? New and do not know shit about skydiving. Just thought your comment was surprisingly arrogant.
  15. DAVE I am new! And I check my altimeter after getting stable from leaving the plane to see how much altitude it takes me to get stable. Also check it through out my skydive. Glad it gives you the giggles.
  16. Thanks will try that. I like the flex z because I am so damn graceful that anything that can be broke or sat on or stepped on seems to magnetize under my foot. Figured I might actually be able to hold on to those for awhile.
  17. Have tried to get in the Paragear website for 2 days ANYONE have any luck or is their site down?
  18. I went to order a pair of Flex Z mini goggles. They were 16.95. BUT they wanted 12.95 to mail them to me? Is this not a tad high I live in North Carolina. 13.00 dollars to mail a 5oz package in a little envelope from Florida. Seems a tad high so I did not get them. Do not know if that is standard shipping price on all products or not.
  19. Very helpful. Not looking to upsize or downsize but buy my first rig I was asking today at my DZ the upside to staying in a larger canopy. Even at a wing loading of .76 I enjoy the ride not the speed of the canopy.
  20. Airtwardo thanks for making that clickable...... Thanks for everyone's help as per my instructors instructions slow the fuck down and if I buy a piece of shit they will not let me jump it. SO Thank you all cause i was minutes away from buying it. Thanks
  24. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. I really thought what a amazing deal. I will slow it up. SO there is a possibility that I could use my feminine charm to swing a sweet deal on a chute huh?