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  1. Ok I have only had 6 jumps going for my 7th. 2 of these were Tandem out of 6 I have had one ass plant that hurt bad and landed upside down on my head on one and on one shoulder sliding in on two others. My two tandem landing were perfect. The ground hurts I know I need to learn to land and flare. In the mean time is it possible to wear a motor cross crash suit or some of those football pants to protect me until I learn or is there something I can wear to protect me?
  2. I received a Tandem as a 40 birthday present. As a very independent women YES there are chicks in this sport! I could not get over the fact that I was powerless to save my self during that jump. I was totally drawn to the the ground and how it did not appear to get closer and forgot about everything had I been in charge I would have died. I then thought I will do this long enough to safe my self. Only on my 6th jump coming up now I want to do it all I want to dance in the air.
  3. I mean that is all I can think about and dream about Will the thoughts subside as I progress and allow me to just think about it on the weekends?
  4. Have only had 4 jumps 2 were tandem. I am doing 1 jump a week right now. The first few days I feel great can not wait to go back. The next 2 I tell myself it really is not that fun and because I have already laid the deposit on the next jump will go back one more time. Is this normal?
  5. I have now taken 4 jumps at Carolina Skydiving. I am enrolled in their AFF class. I am amazed at the amount of time they spend with you to make you feel comfortable with what you are learning. John is dedicated to teaching and will go over with you no mater how many times it takes. Andy is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Richard has extreme patience and never seems to get up tight. Billy does not miss a thing in the going on of his DZ. The office staff remember your name and make you feel welcome.