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  1. Are you wanting a donation or to buy? I have a beautiful Maverick for sale. Less then 150 jumps. She is in excellent shape and the lines still white.
  2. Ok if this is the wrong forum for this question I apologize. But how can a user make a account, but have never logged on? Don't they have to log on to maken a account?
  3. I have a identical email from this buyer as well. Just opened it today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Thanks for the mail. Great, this is exactly what I need and I'd really like to pay you in cash at hand but right now , I want the item but i live in NY. I can overnight the payment to you Perhaps, given my job as a set administrator for a movie. We move from one location to another, so am just very used to buying and would make arrangements for it to be picked up after you must have confirmed payment with your bank. So my means of payment will be Certified Cashier's OR Money Order ,which is more secured and better than any other means of payment. I'm okay with the price $ 500 so that you consider it sold to me including transport logistics fee. The pick up will be effected by my transporter after you have confirmed the payment cleared to your account. If this is ok by you, I will need these information below to enable me send the payment out to you immediately via UPS so that we can proceed. (1) Full Name.... , (2) Address to mail the payment....(not a postbox address). ,(3) Cell Phone number.... I will mail you the payment tracking number as soon as I get the information and let you know when you will receive it.
  4. Well I got them gas cards. BUT I think the Victoria Secret's gift card would have been hilarious. Kind of wish I had thought of that. Would have been very funny. I would have loved to see their faces when the opened the card. Trying to keep a straight face as being thankful while they secretly thought WTF am i going to do with this. But as a female rigger I can see how getting that from a male skydiver would make it creepy. Still think its pretty darn funny idea.
  5. EXCELLENT IDEA. I know they both drive a lot I will get them gas cards. Thank you!
  6. Hold on to your seat here. But they do not drink!! TRUE STORY!!! I have over loaded them with their favorite coffee and such while I jumped there. I was wanting an amount I could send along with the rig. Because I will not be there in person.
  7. I am selling my rig to someone that jumps at the drop zone I used to jump at. The rig is in excellent condition. But I understand why the person buying it wants it inspected by the DZ rigger. I told her I would pay for the inspection. I know the rigger will not charge for the inspection because they are just two of the friendliest people you ever want to meet. BUT I want to send something to help pay for their time. What is the proper amount to send. I was thinking 50 dollars but I do not want to come across as cheap. What do riggers usually charge for inspecting a rig that does not need a reserve repack?
  8. Amyr

    Skydive The Farm

    Immediately was helped and shown the landing area. They showed me their Ariel photo's and they pointed out key things to look for in finding the drop zone. Even reviewed my log book! (Will work on finishing that flare). They actually checked my reserve card! Which showed me they care about safety. Everyone from the manifest girls who were super sweet, to the lady in the canteen the fun jumpers the staff were nothing but friendly helpful and kept upbeat amazing attitudes. The bus ride to the landing area was fun and exciting in it self due to road construction they were forced to take the curviest road I ever rode felt like a roller coaster. They are comical and funny and very genuine they just made me feel like I have always been there. My kind of humor! No cliques no sky gods. I was asked by the jump organizer to join jumps. Even though I prefer to jump solo I felt part of the group like at my home drop zone. They keep the plane running never had a problem getting on a load or waiting for a load. A AMAZING FUN well run drop zone.
  9. SO by insuring the toggle is snapped in place this malfunction wont occur? 2nd Question this malfunction was caused by the packer shoving the toggle past the eyelet or on opening the toggle pulling itself up under the eyelet?
  10. Maverick main and reserve's are 1 size 200 and I have one and SHE IS BEAUTIFUL and I love her and she opens on heading every time They are made by Flight concepts a 7 cell F-111 [url][url]
  11. Other then my home drop zone this is the only other drop zone I have visited where they actually inspect and check your rig and license both. The manifest was friendly and thorough. I immediately felt better about the quality and safety of myself and the facilities and equipment of the drop zone. I was taking a 2 day canopy class while visiting this drop zone and was made to feel welcomed and as part of the crowd right off the bat. The packing area was clean and the packers very friendly and helpful the area around well maintained. This drop zone is owned by Jim Crouch who was training Aff jumpers. I was amazed that not only does he work his butt off the entire time he packs his own rig as well. I was invited with the group to eat at a near by restaurant after jumping for the day. And welcomed back. Although this is not the closest drop zone to me. If something was to happen to my own drop zone I would make VSC my new home drop zone.
  12. WAY TO GO!!!! You should be super pumped>> Now Get That AAAAAAAAAA
  13. I went with a group of friends to Triangle's Thanksgiving Boogie. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome. We were given a tour of the entire place as well as the aircraft. Were told about landing patterns and shown the aerial photo of the area and made to feel comfortable before we jumped. Everyone was extremely helpful. The packers even took time to show us various packing techniques. When a few of us needed a packer they literally RAN to help with a huge smile. Manifest who was extremely busy ran everything with a smile as well and extreme professionalism. This is a well run, clean, friendly, no cliques drop zone. They have plenty of seating a really nice shaded wooden deck and outside picnic tables a indoor viewing area and very clean bathrooms. Will return
  14. Congratulations! Well deserved and hard earned!
  15. Did not know this anyone know the required temperature?
  16. As a new jumper I remember how glad I was to get off radio. BUT I also remember how glad I was to have that radio on my first jump after the canopy opened. I am glad I had that (Band-aid) on my first few jumps. So I didn't learn old school >real skydiver way. After 50 jumps can you tell who learned on radio their first 5 or so jumps to those who learned hard core?
  17. You always seem to set up a poll at the right time! Reading these gives me hope!
  18. I would have to say a natural in all aspects except for packing, Exits, freefall, canopy control, and landings. Might even go so far as to say protege. Now i have mastered? well still working on that I can dress my self!
  19. This is me! But aware of my lack of ability and try to jump solo and away from others until i finally get my flare>> so does that make me half bad?
  20. I keep having the one where my legs straps strip out and I fall straight down out of the harness.
  21. I like the credit card idea too> They are going to take everything you got anyway when they put you in the retirement home going to get me some solid gold dentures on my Master Card.
  22. So seeing the Perfect little family's makes you feel like your lacking or missing out. ? A lot of people as you stated do that early and spend half their life wishing they waited. You are living freedom while you are young there will always be time later when your older to have been there done that. And then you will know if you want to conform to what you believe a normal family man does or continue your life of freedom.