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  1. rnicks

    AFF student got sick after first jump

    He's right in that skydiving is not for everybody. Based on just what you said though, it's too hard to tell. I also threw up after my tandem and was sick the entire day. (I too am prone to motion sickness.) Didn't stop me for signing up for AFF, and now I have over 1000 jumps. It's different when you are the one flying the canopy. I still struggle with the plane ride up on bumpy days though, so be prepared for that never to go away. Good luck with your decision and possible training.
  2. rnicks

    Florida for the next 10 days

    Eeeeek!! Ever since you posted a pic of yourself a few years ago, I've wanted to meet ya! Seriously though, I'd love to jump with you. Wsing is a bit slow at zhills lately though. I've been doiong a ton of solos.
  3. rnicks

    Wisconsin Wingsuit Record

    Maybe this time there might be somebody on it from Wisconsin?
  4. Seriously Simon?? You come to Michigan and I'll be in Zhills that weekend! Lame!! Wish I could come.
  5. Very nice jumps!! That is excellent for jump 6 & 7. At my dropzone some people don't fly that well with 100 jumps! Good luck!